Samsung consistently shows dedication to its mobile phones, recently setting a Guinness world record for the simultaneous unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Now there are a ton of rumors surrounding the upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy S23.

What can fans of Samsung expect from this next generation? An easy way to get an idea of what's coming is to take a look at the rumor roundups.

The Samsung S23 rumors show that there are a ton of changes that might make the series worth taking a look at. Keep reading for some Samsung rumors that seem to set realistic expectations for what's coming.

New Samsung S23 Design

The Ultimate Samsung S23 Rumor Roundup

The Samsung S23 series will include the S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra. The first two are smaller models, with the S23 Ultra standing out as the larger option. According to Samsung S23 rumors, the smaller models will be taking a few pointers from the S22 Ultra, maintaining a more sleek and minimal design.

It seems that the camera bump is out, and is set to be replaced by protruding lenses in a similar fashion to the S22 Ultra. It seems that Samsung wants to keep design similarities across the three models in the S23 series this time around. It's worth noting that the S23 Ultra will most likely have a slightly different body design from the smaller S23 models, one more akin to the S22 Ultra.


Some accessory rumors indicate what colors to expect from the S23 series. One example is a fast-charging power bank donning a fresh beige instead of a classic white. So, the S23 should come in the well-known green, light pink, and black options, and most likely, the fresh beige used for the power bank accessory.

The S23 Ultra Pen colors include green, rose, green, black, and beige.

Front and Rear Camera Placement

It seems that the S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra will all share camera placements with their predecessors. The only difference involves the removal of the Samsung elevated bump that surrounded the three sensors on the S22 and S22+. This applies to both the rear and front camera lenses.

Without the bump on the back of the S23 and S23+, you should get ready for a new style of phone case for each one. These will likely be just as comfortable as the S22 case lineup.

Speaker Placement

It's worth noting that none of the S23 series models will come with a 3.5 headphone jack. They will come with a primary loudspeaker at the bottom of each device, along with a secondary helper speaker sitting at the top of each model in the earpiece. This means the dual stereo setup lives on, even though many held gripes regarding the quality of the sound. It's possible that the quality may improve.


Samsung's upcoming S23 series follows a similar size and design to the S22 series. Each phone now has flatter sides, similar to the iPhone 13, but with edges that are more curved. Here's a quick look at the Samsung S23 series dimensions and display information:

  • • Galaxy S23: 146.3 mm x 70.9 mm x 7.6 mm; 6.1-inch 1080x2340 display
  • • Galaxy S23 Plus: 157.8 mm x 76.2 mm x 7.6 mm; 6.6-inch 1080x2340 display
  • • Galaxy S23 Ultra: 163.4 mm x 78.1 mm x 8.9 mm; 6.8-inch 1440x3088 display

The notable difference with the Galaxy S23 series is that all the models are slightly taller and wider than the S22 series. However, the display size and resolution remain the same. 


The bezels for the Galaxy S23 series are larger, apparently for increased durability. This makes sense, as the display sizes haven't changed, while the overall size of the phones has. But, it's still a good idea to grab a durable phone case, regardless of which phone brand or model you have, to be safe.

New Fingerprint Reader

According to rumors, all three devices in the S23 series will also get an upgrade to the Qualcomm 3D Sonic Max fingerprint scanner. It's multiple times larger than the standard in-display reader currently used by Samsung. It's still unknown what benefits will come with this new reader, except that it has a larger surface area that's easier for users to access.

S23 Cameras

samsung s23 cameras

Image credit: CNET

Cameras are one of the most essential components to consider when purchasing a new phone nowadays. Interestingly enough, the Samsung S23 lineup is set to receive an update. The S23 Ultra, precisely, is jumping onto the scene with four lenses. These are a 200MP primary lens, a 12MP 3x telephoto camera, a 12MP ultra-wide shooter, and a 12MP telephoto with up to 10x optical zoom.

A 200MP primary lens is a significant upgrade from the 108MP lens on the S22 Ultra. According to rumors, this allows video capture at 8K resolution at 30fps. It's a powerful framerate upgrade from the last series. All models will have a 12MP selfie camera in the form of a hole punch.

The S23 and S23+ aren't getting as much love, apparently. Besides the expectation that they'll both receive a 10MP telephoto camera, it seems everything else will stay the same. Many claim the primary sensor will be bumped up to the S22 Ultra's 108MP sensor.

Software and Machine Learning

Hardware updates are important, so knowing that at least one of the S23 models is getting new lenses is great. At the same time, it's also worth noting that Samsung is going to continue updating its camera software and machine learning for its capture footage. The latter is most likely more significant to the picture and video quality than the new potential hardware updates.

Continuous Zoom: A Potential Feature

A common issue with telephoto lenses is that users can either use full optical zoom or have to deal with digital, an option that fills in gaps and can ruin captures. Apparently, Samsung might include continuous zoom for the Samsung S23 Ultra, meaning zooming in and out between 1x and 10x would be seamless.

Samsung S23 Performance Rumors

Rumors say that Samsung is sticking with Qualcomm's silicon. This means the S23 series would be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, unveiled by the company just recently. There's a large focus on advancing the AI engine and an interesting image signal processor for more powerful camera shots.

Samsung seems to be working on an Exynos chip, even though they'll be using Qualcomm's silicon for the S23 series. This opens up questions regarding whether the first models to hit shelves will have Qualcomm while later releases might include the Exynos. As things stand, models worldwide will ship with Qualcomm.

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 benchmarks are impressive, to say the least. They close in on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Max with a 1,500 Geekbench 5 single-core score against the iPhone's 1,882. It also reached an impressive 5,249 on the Geekbench 5 multicore score, almost matching the iPhone 14 Pro Max's 5,333.

S23 Storage and Memory

S23 Storage and Memory

Storage and RAM slowly increase with each flagship release, seemingly. Samsung pushed the brakes on RAM for the S23 series, but is a bit more generous with storage.


The S23 and S23+ are rumored to come with three options. The base model for both would come with 128GB. The second and third options would be 256GB and 512GB. These are standard numbers, overall.

The S23 Ultra base model will supposedly come with 256GB of storage. The Ultra will likely come with two other storage options, these being 512GB and 1TB of storage.


The Samsung Galaxy S23 series is rumored to have a relatively low amount of RAM. The standard S23 and S23+ are set to release with 8GB of RAM. The S23 Ultra will ship both 8GB and 12GB options. This is surprisingly low for a flagship series.

Multitasking is put in question, given these low numbers for RAM. It's surprising, given that some mid-range devices, like the Moto Edge 20 Pro, start with 12GB of RAM that can expand using on-system storage to 15GB. One of the reasons behind this decision might have something to do with the new cooling system that Samsung is adding to the S23 series.

Satellite Communication

The iPhone 14 shipped with the ability to use satellite communication. Samsung is apparently integrating the same feature for the S23 series. The rumor alleges that S23 users would be able to use satellite communication when they don't have a traditional cell signal. It's perfect for emergency messaging and calls.

While the iPhone 14 is limited regarding satellite communication, it seems Samsung wants to offer more to its users. So, instead of just emergency text messages and location sharing, the S23 will also be able to send SMS and small image files. The image files are supposedly useful for better sharing location information.

S23 Battery

S23 Battery

Over time, the increase in battery size in the mobile phone market has slowed down. It seems companies are more eager to find ways to adjust operating systems and apps to preserve battery life. So, it comes as no surprise that the S23 Ultra is rumored to come with the same 5,000mAh battery as the S22 Ultra.

The S23 and S23+ are apparently getting a boost in their batteries. The S23 might come with a 3,900mAh battery, and the S23+ might ship with a battery sitting at a healthy 4,700mAh. Given that the new batteries won't have a drastic impact on the size of the phones, you can expect Samsung phone cases to maintain a comfortable size.

In terms of charging, it looks like the S23 series will have industry-standard charging speeds. That means you can expect the S23 to sit at 25W, and the S23+ and S23 Ultra to charge at 45W. The wireless charging on all three models is expected to sit at 15W.

New Technology

There are rumors that Samsung will implement a new kind of tech for the batteries in the S23 series. Some have called it "stacking technology." Apparently, the batteries will be stacked in layers, similar to a staircase, making it easier to expand small pouch battery capacity.

A New Wireless Charging Hub

There are also rumors that Samsung is set to release a new wireless charging hub. What makes it stand out is that it would be able to charge multiple Galaxy devices at the same time, in similar fashion to traditional wired power banks. This means you might be able to charge two phones and a smartwatch simultaneously, and the price tag is rumored to be around $100.

S23 Cooling Systems

S23 Cooling Systems

All models in the S23 series will get thermal paste and graphite tape for heat diffusion. Along with the phone's metal frame, this is already quite efficient for keeping the devices cool. But, there are a few other changes worth noting, especially for the S23 Plus and S23 Ultra. As you might expect, the more powerful the device the more extensive the cooling system will be.

At one point, users caught Samsung throttling apps to maintain system performance. It was also meant to reduce the heat generated by the devices. The S23 models will have three different cooling systems to deal with the potential heat from the supposedly higher performance they offer.

The previous Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip would get extremely hot. So Samsung took some measures to prevent overheating in their new lineup. The S23 Ultra will apparently have the most impressive cooling system. This would involve a vapor chamber. This is a flat copper structure that uses liquid to more easily dissipate and transfer heat more.

The S23 Plus is rumored to come with a copper heat pipe but no vapor element. However, the standard S23 won't have either option. Rumors say the other options aren't necessary for the base S23 model, given the available information on its internals.

Samsung S23 Release Date

Samsung typically launches its Galaxy S series devices in the early part of every year. In most cases, releases take place in February. It's highly likely that the S23 lineup will hit shelves around mid to late February 2023.

A rumor that backs this up is that preorders are set to start this January 2023. And, given that the Samsung Unpacked 2023 event takes place in February, between the 1st and 7th of the month, it's likely that they'd release the series alongside the event.

It's currently known that the Samsung Unpacked 2023 event will showcase the upcoming Galaxy Z foldables, along with the Flip 5 and Fold 5. The upgraded Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Pro are also set to be announced there. 

Samsung Galaxy S23 Screen

Samsung Galaxy S23 Screen

According to rumors, the S23 series is set to come with the brightest screen for a mobile phone to date. The Ultra, specifically, could get a maximum brightness of up to 2200 nits. This is a breakthrough for Android smartphones, far surpassing the S21 Ultra which had a maximum of 1,750 nits, a number that's more common across multiple devices.

For context, the iPhone 14 Pro Max has a maximum brightness of 2,000 nits. While that's an impressive number, the S23 Ultra would far surpass it.

S23 Potential Prices

Samsung Galaxy S23 Price

Samsung's Galaxy lineup is their flagship offering. That is, Galaxy phones are the best of the best from Samsung. Of course, this means they have the highest price tag of all of the company's devices.

It's highly likely Samsung will follow its previous Galaxy device pricing model. Buyers should expect to spend at least $800 on the base S23 model. It's an acceptable starting point but it might quickly jump to $1200 for the S23 Ultra. And, if you consider that there are multiple options for each device in the lineup, a Samsung S23 Ultra with the extra RAM and 1TB of storage space has the potential to reach more than $1,600.

  • • Samsung Galaxy S23: $799.99
  • • Samsung Galaxy S23+: $999.99
  • • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: $1,199.99

Given the S23 specifications and Samsung's continued support regarding updates and software tweaks, the price range for this series is reasonable. The S22 had great features, and the Plus and Ultra were strong competitors at the time, and are still considered powerhouses in the current mobile phone market. So, more than likely, buyers can expect that any of the S23 options will offer a ton of power that lasts.

S23 Lower Power Mode

Samsung Galaxy devices have had the power saving mode for quite some time now. But the S23 series is set to release with a new light mode, which is slightly different from power saving mode. To use power saving mode, users can open device settings, tap battery and device care, and activate the power saving toggle.

Currently, power saving mode disables the always-on display, limits CPU speed to 70%, decreases overall brightness by 10%, limits apps and the home screen, and turns off 5G. While it's an efficient way to maintain battery life, it greatly impacts a user's experience.

Light mode looks to maintain a comfortable user experience while conserving battery life and prioritizing cooling efficiency. This is the kind of software optimization you'd expect from a new lineup of flagship devices from Samsung. So, how does it work?

Well, the S23 light mode feature would still reduce performance to reduce power consumption. However, it would maintain the phone's refresh rate. That way, battery consumption would be slow but be much less noticeable than power saving mode. Rumors say Samsung might also add the feature to previous Galaxy devices at some point in the future.

Information that Supports Claims and Rumors

Most of the information on Samsung S23 rumors comes from individuals that have proven their predictions in the past. That is, they've compiled and shared information on previous Samsung Galaxy S series devices that was accurate and proven true once those devices reached the market.

Some of the information is backed up by publicly available patents between different manufacturers. There are also leaks from companies that build the phone cases for upcoming devices, providing crucial details on the build and design of said devices. And, for the Samsung S23 series, there are also renders where you can view the phones in 360°.

It's also hard for Samsung to hide certain details, like the chipset, when larger companies start sharing details on next-generation chips for mobile devices. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 hype is easy to connect to the S23, given Samsung's history of choosing those chips while building their own Exynos.

Samsung S23 Rumor Roundup: That's a Wrap

The Ultimate Samsung S23 Rumor Roundup

Image credit: Future

Samsung's choice to keep the S23 design similar to its predecessor makes sense. And, while there are only a few noticeable changes to the design, there are plenty of differences when it comes to the internals and features. Satellite communication is one major change, and the introduction of a new approach to photo and video capture might be a game-changer set to make Apple a bit nervous.

Of course, a lot of the available information on this new lineup is based strictly on rumors. However, the claims come from reputable sources that have correctly predicted information on Samsung Galaxy releases in the past. Signs point to these Samsung S23 rumors to be true.

No matter what turns out to be true, consider grabbing a phone case to keep that S23, S23 Plus, or S23 Ultra safe. It's better to be safe than sorry, and the price range for Samsung's new lineup makes an investment in a case absolutely worth it. Make sure to check out our wide selection of phone cases and accessories.

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