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Apple Pencil 1

Do you have an Apple Pencil 1 to make your life easier? An Apple Pencil sets the standard for taking notes, drawing, or marking up documents on your iPad. This smart pencil feels intuitive, seamless, and magical when responding to your commands. With this nifty device, you can write or sketch with precision.

High-Quality Material

And since this clever Apple accessory costs a pretty penny, it is necessary to protect it with an Apple pencil 1 case from SUPCASE. This is no ordinary shell for your smart pencil because it is finely crafted out of shock-absorbing TPU and easy-to-grip silicone. You can count on a remarkable Apple pencil 1 grip that doesn’t slip when you invest in a SUPCASE case for iPad.

This cutting-edge silicone pen cover also comes with a reinforced pocket clip made of PC. Thanks to this addition, you can clip your pencil easily to your breast pocket, iPad flap cover, or even bag. This handy clip makes it convenient to carry the smart pen and easy to find.

Compatibility Concerns

If you’re looking for a case for your device, check out the Apple Pencil 1 from us here at SUPCASE. Take note of the specs because Apple pencil 1 compatibility is of utmost importance. There’s a big difference between Apple Pencil 1 and 2 cases.

For starters, Apple pencil 1 charging is different. The Apple Pencil 1 case has a top flap that opens. This paves the way for easy access to the lightning connector for charging. In contrast, the Apple Pencil 2 is wireless charging compatible. So don’t make a mistake when you’re buying your SUPCASE pencil protector. Read the fine print to ensure you get the right cover for your precious Apple Pencil 1.

After-Sales Guarantee

The SUPCASE Apple Pencil cases are a true dream because they all come with a one-year warranty. This exemplifies how the manufacturer stands behind their products and will offer repairs, replacements, or even refunds if the case fails to satisfy you within the given terms. This gesture of goodwill is a true gem that not all brands offer.

Moreover, the SUPCASE Apple Pencil cases come with three replacement tips. When the tip of your smart pencil is faulty, your iPad’s screen will have trouble sensing the pen. As a result, you’ll have to tap more or press down harder. And even with these extra efforts, your iPad may not give you the response you want. With frequently missed inputs, the only solution is to replace the tip. If you get a SUPCASE Apple Pencil case, you’re saving yourself money because it comes with freebie tips. How cool is that?

If you’re wondering if the Apple Pencil is worth it if you’re not an artist, the answer is a yes! Anyone with an iPad will find value for money with an Apple Pencil because it takes accurate notes and makes precise selections. Anyone with an Apple Pencil needs a protective cover to protect their new accessory. Get maximum protection for your new Apple Pencil 1 here at SUPCASE.

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