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Apple Pencil 2

The Apple Pencil 2 is specifically designed and expertly made to work with your iPad. This smart pencil is a dream come true for artists, businessmen, and even students. This nifty stylus allows you to draw, write notes, highlight documents, and even sign contracts with precision. Thus, it’s important to protect your pricey Apple accessory with a SUPCASE Apple Pencil 2 case. This protective covering grants peace of mind because you won’t destroy your pencil in case anything untoward happens. And we all know just how frequently we accidentally drop off electronic devices, right?

Compatibility With iPad Models

When it comes to Apple Pencil 2 compatibility, this clever stylus will only work on any of these newer iPad models: the Pro 12.9 (3rd generation and older) iPad Air (4th generation and older), and iPad mini (6th generation). If your device doesn’t belong to any of these aforementioned categories, you have to make do with the Apple Pencil first generation, which is equally precise, accurate, and useful.

This newer 2nd generation pencil model was released three years ago compared to the first variant, the Apple Pencil 1, which debuted six years ago. Again, these innovative pencils are only compatible with iPads and do not work with iPhones. The screen of the bigger device was built differently to accommodate and respond to the tip of the Apple pencil.

Comfort & Convenience

Some hardcore Apple fans say that the Apple Pencil 2 is better looking because it exudes the same vibe and feels like a real wooden pencil. As a result, this pencil version feels more pleasant to use. For starters, the Apple Pencil 2 charging capability is way more enhanced than the first gen. This newer pencil can last longer and provide Bluetooth wireless charging for utter comfort and convenience.

Furthermore, you can count on a better Apple pencil 2 grip with its matte finish compared to the original glossy surface of the first gen. Because of this surface quality, the pen is more resistant to fingerprints and grease or debris from your hands. Of course, you can level up and enjoy this experience even more by purchasing a SUPCASE Apple Pencil 2 for your accessory. It’s available in several colors so you can pick one that reflects your personality.

Premium Materials

But what makes this protective pencil holder even better is that the SUPCASE features high-quality shock-absorbing TPU. This is known to prevent dents, cracks, or internal damage in case you drop the stylus. The easy-to-grip silicone fits well into your hands, so writing or drawing will be a breeze. With the right stylus at your disposal, you can count on pixel-perfect precision. You’ll also enjoy top-notch low latency, resulting in a seamless process. With an Apple Pencil 2 and case, you can create amazing drawings, sketches, notes, text highlights, and more.

On top of that, the SUPCASE Apple Pencil 2 protector comes with a reinforced pocket clip made of PC. The clip can help prevent the loss of your accessory because you can readily affix the stylus to your pant pocket, breast pocket, the flap of your iPad cover, or even purse pocket. With a handy clip, you have more control over where to put your device.

If you order a SUPCASE for your Apple Pencil, you can accept a one-year warranty. This exemplifies how the manufacturers stand by their products. They also provide three tip replacements, so you can readily change your Apple Pencil if it’s lagging or doesn’t respond. For the best results get maximum protection for your new Apple Pencil 2 here at SUPCASE.

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