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Unicorn Beetle

The Unicorn Beetle PRO name is apt because it’s very difficult to find a good quality phone case in the market that’s durable, and value-for-money. Yet the Unicorn Beetle phone case meets all these positive qualities and more. It’s a definite must-have to protect your gadgets.

Get Maximum Protection

The Unicorn Beetle case provides peace of mind because it is built to protect your gadgets from damage. It’s finely crafted out of shock-absorbent TPU and unbending PC material, so you don’t have to worry about accidental drops.

SUPCASE is the winner of CNET’s annual drop test with the highest total feet. So even if you drop your device as you reach for it in your pocket or accidentally knock it off the table, you don’t have to worry about messing up the internal components or breaking the exterior.

Moreover, the Unicorn Beetle phone case has a built-in screen protector, so you don’t have to pay extra to install a separate tempered glass. You can count on your gadget’s screen to stay smooth and safe against potential scratches. For instance, even if you put your device inside your bag, the screen won’t get cracked despite being jostled against keys, coins, and other objects.

Comfort and Convenience Combined

Looking at the UB Pro Case, you’ll notice the fine attention to detail. We made it a point to have port covers to keep out dirt, dust, and moisture. All of these elements have the potential to damage and degrade your device over time. These ports are often taken for granted, so the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle gives extra consideration to all these attributes with convenient port covers. These covers are easy to take on and off. If you use the ports, there’s also no need to worry about removing or putting back the covers. They’re conveniently attached so that you won’t misplace them.

The Unicorn Beetle phone case is equipped with a free belt clip holster and pop-out kickstand. The latter doubles as a ring holder. If you love taking selfies, you can use them as a mini-tripod. Similarly, this stand makes watching movies a breeze because it provides stable support for your device. At the same time, having it double as a ring holder is highly convenient. This makes it very easy to use the phone with one hand. You can browse your social media apps, send SMS messages, or take selfies with a solid grip.

The SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle PRO comes in many colors, so you’re bound to find one that matches your aesthetic preferences. More importantly, this case comes with a one-year warranty protection, so you can rest assured that everything is secure. There’s simply no excuse to leave your device vulnerable. Get maximum protection for your gadgets using the Unicorn Beetle collection here at SUPCASE.