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Nintendo Switch Lite

With its lightweight build, portability, and budget-friendly price range, your Nintendo Switch Lite console smashes all of what gaming experience should have across the board. We can ask for its specifications in a handheld gaming console, with its storage expandable to 2 terabytes, an NVIDIA Custom Tegra processor, and up to 7-hour battery life. As convenient as it seems, your Switch Lite is no Superman, as it is still prone to hazards and damage from our environment. You got nothing to worry about, as SUPCASE introduces its new Nintendo Switch Lite case collection. Get the maximum protection for your Nintendo Switch Lite by offering features that enhance not only the overall look of your Switch but also protective features and add-on accessories that enhance your gaming experience.

Superior Drop Protection for your Switch Lite

With its more than half-a-pound weight, a case for Nintendo Switch Lite might not be an option, but with all the hazards caused by slips and falls, a Switch Lite cover from SUPCASE is an edge. Fully compatible with the 2021 edition of Nintendo Switch OLED, the Unicorn Beetle PRO FORMA case offers ergonomically friendly and complete 360° protection against fall-causing shock and instances of scratches. Its ability to be functional after an accidental drop is beyond validated by the MIL-SPEC drop test standards, which means that even by dropping your Switch’s 5.5-inch LED screen, edges, and corners over 20 times, it is still up for adventure without any damage that hinders its functionality.

The easy-snap Switch Lite cover also has a non-slip bump texture that prevents sliding with any texture from happening while you are on the go with your console. Talking about portability, you will no longer need a compartment with your game slots as this PRO FORMA case has a protective front case with built-in slots carrying up to 5 gaming cards with you. With gaming card slots embedded in your very console, you will not forget to bring the awesomeness of your games wherever adventure takes you.

With PRO FORMA’s precise cutouts, your gaming experience will not be as different as before, as you get complete protection and easy access to all ports, buttons, and sensors that are important in the 3D motion experience of almost all Nintendo Switch games.

Nintendo Switch Lite Accessories

Available in different specs such as colors, price range, and many more options, SUPCASE Nintendo Switch Lite cases also come with a one-year warranty as its commitment to providing the ultimate protection for your Nintendo Switch Lite cases. With more case designs to come, your need for Nintendo Switch Lite cases will surely be an hour-long find, as SUPCASE lets you find the best protection and aesthetics. All you need to do is add your SUPCASE Switch Lite case and wait until it comes to your door, ready to set on a new adventure in fully protecting your beloved console.