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iPhone MagSafe Cases

What iPhone model do you have? The iPhone 12, 13, and 14 are the latest releases for this big brand, and each one is a guaranteed upgrade over the next. At first look, there doesn’t seem to be any difference between these three models since each one measures 146.7mm by 71.5mm. There’s a slight variance in the thickness and the overall weight, but each iPhone model is built to fit perfectly in your hands.

Made for Durability

All these models are made with aluminum frames with a little notch at the top of the display. The color is straightforward with the gloss glass rear, and don’t forget the frosted dual rear camera. Apple made a point of making all these models IP68 water-resistant, which means they can survive for thirty minutes at a 6-meter depth or less. Despite the durability of the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14, you’d still want to ensure this expensive piece of technology gets all the protection it needs for daily activities. From day-to-day shopping to going to the gym – you want to give your phone a fighting chance with all the exposure it gets daily.

Best of Both Worlds with Protection and Wireless Charging

New phones come with new tech; the latest wireless charging development is MagSafe for iPhone. The problem is that some cases make it impossible for the phone to charge wirelessly.

SUPCASE offers Apple MagSafe case products built to perfectly fit with the iPhone 12, 13, and 14 models. Unlike other iPhone cases, the SUPCASE MagSafe clear case provides 360 degrees casing, so both the front AND the back get shock absorption protection. The material is made of unbending polycarbonate with shock-absorbing TPU that covers the whole iPhone, even from dust and dirt.

This MagSafe-compatible case from SUPCASE won CNET’s Annual Drop Test for the highest total feet for dropping. This means you can run or do any other activity with this phone in your pocket without worrying about damage if it drops. Since the protection is 360 degrees, the cover ensures you won’t get a cracked line on the front.

The additional SUPCASE MagSafe phone case features also help sell this product. For example, the port plug is designed to keep the dirt, dust, and moisture out of the slot, so you can always rely on fast charging. If you like to use an S-Pen with your phone, there’s also an open cutout for this accessory, so it always sits side by side with the phone. Online meetings? You can use the built-in kickstand that doubles as a ring holder.

Stylish Functionality

The Magsafe clear case keeps the phone's identity with the full colors displayed through the transparent design while still getting the fast-charging, wireless convenience. These case models also have a free rotating clip holster, and you can pick between framed and frameless screen protection.

So, choose your favorite iPhone color without worrying about covering it up with a protective case. Or you can choose to get a case that reflects your personality. Either way, you’re getting enough protection for even the most extreme activities.

Find the best Magsafe cases for your Apple iPhone here at SUPCASE.

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