[Full Guide] Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Review: Is It Worth the Hype?

Samsung has a nearly $300 billion market cap today. In addition to making TV, tablets, and other consumer electronics, the company has emerged as one of the best smartphone producers in the world. They operate on the Android operating system (OS) platform, and continuously release phones with excellent features and specifications. 

The new Z Flip4 mixes older cellphone sensibilities and design and matches it with brand-new technology. How's the quality of this phone? What should you know about the specs? We're happy to explain.  

These tips can help you when you're interested in buying a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 smartphone. 

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Specs

z flip4 comprehensive guide

When looking into purchasing a smartphone of any kind, you have to look into the specs. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 can stand head to head with any smartphone in its class when you consider these sorts of details. 

The company manufactured nearly 300 million smartphones in 2021. Here's how the specs of the newest Samsung flip phone measure up: 

Dimensions and Weight

The Galaxy Z Flip series is an attractive option for people that are looking into smaller, more lightweight options. This smartphone features unfolded dimensions of 165.2 x 71.9 x 6.9 mm. This is slightly smaller than the previous version of the phone, the Z Flip3. 

When folded, the phone features dimensions of 84.9 x 71.9 x 15.9-17.1 mm. Samsung was able to make this smartphone model slightly heavier than the previous release. The Z Flip3 weighed in at 183 grams, while the newest version weighs in at 187 grams. 

It's a negligible difference, though you might notice it if you've been carrying the Z Flip4 around in your pocket for the past several years. 

Screen Size and Resolution

When you're in the market for a clamshell flip phone, the screen size and resolution are among the most important specs that you have to get to know. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 features a flexible display, along with a screen size that can serve you any needs that you're looking into. 

It has a 6.7-inch screen, with a roughly 85 percent screen-to-body ratio. Like its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 has an AMOLED 2x screen, with 1080 x 2460 pixel resolution. 

Also, like the previous version of the flip phone, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 features a 22:9 screen, with 1-120 Hz. This is powerful when compared to even the best flip phones on the market, and packs enough of a punch for whatever you're looking for. 

Battery Specs and Charging Capability

samsung galaxy z flip 4 battery life

Image credit: Phone Arena

Of course, when you're buying any smartphone in this day and age, you have to make sure that the battery will last long enough to carry you through any applications or processes that you're trying to complete. 

Taking a glimpse at the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 will let you do the math and determine whether or not you'll have enough juice. This year's model has a 3,700 mAh battery size, which has more capacity when compared to the 3,300 mAh size of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 model. 

It has a Li-Polymer battery, which brings about the following advantages:

  • • The ability to build the battery thin, while retaining hardness and durability
  • • Potential for a longer cycle life
  • • These batteries are customizable and can be made into any shape
  • • Internal resistance for these batteries is low
  • • Charging metrics and capabilities for these batteries is high and optimal
  • • They are lightweight and won't weigh the phone down
  • • It features a simple and straightforward Pulse-code modulation (PCM) design

Like many smartphones today, the Z Flip4 battery is soldered into the phone's hardware and is non-removable. Samsung advertises that this phone will get to 50 percent charge in a half hour. The phone features a total battery charging speed of approximately 86 minutes. 

You can choose between a lightning-fast 15-watt wireless charge or 4.5-watt reverse wireless charging. The result of the bigger battery size is that the Z Flip4 gets more juice than its predecessor, sometimes as much as 3 hours of increased use depending on what you're doing with it. 

Make sure to stock up on the charging cords and adapters that you need to get the most from this phone. 

The Processing System

When purchasing the Z Flip4, it's also important to take a hard look at the processing system. This year's smartphone operates on the Snapdragon processing system, which is one of the best chips in the industry. 

The Z Flip4 is an upgrade to the previous year's Snapdragon 888, which is the Snapdragon 8+ Generation 1 offering. So, what are the advantages of this upgraded processing system in practical terms:

  • • It delivers a 10 percent increase in graphics processing unit (GPU) clock speed
  • • The GPU uses 30 percent less power
  • • It allows the phone 30 percent improvements in power efficiency
  • • This processor is ideal for improvements in gameplay and other applications that use a lot of resources
  • • The processing system delivers a 64-bit central processing unit (CPU) architecture
  • • The CPU clock speed reaches upward of 3.2 Hz
  • • 5G capability reaches full throttle connectivity

Snapdragon is made possible due to a sophisticated chipset that packs a punch and delivers high-quality performance. It's the performance that makes a phone worthwhile, and you're not sacrificing a bit of quality with this year's processor. 

Samsung is also investing $15 billion in chip research for future phones and other forms of tech. 

Android Operating System (OS)

samsung galaxy z flip 4 android os

When making the upgrade to the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, you're also making an upgrade to the newest and latest Android Operating System (OS) – Android 12. With Android 12, you can count on the best software engineering and development made possible by Google. 

The Smartphone comes equipped with Android 12 out of the box, which is a stark improvement over the previous Android 11 release. Here are some of the latest features that Android 12 comes equipped with for your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 smartphone:

  • • A more sophisticated search feature that lets you find information inside of your apps
  • • Improvements to game modes that allow developers to have more control
  • • An easier ability to share Wi-Fi access between multiple users
  • • App hibernation gives you the chance to save resources by sleeping apps that aren't currently in use
  • • A dashboard that comes equipped with more privacy and security settings that you can tweak
  • • Indicators that point out your camera and microphone usage
  • • Increases support for different image file types

More than getting into the nitty gritty, the look and feel of the Android 12 OS are also completely different than previous versions. You will notice that the buttons stand out more and are bigger, which allows for easier access. There are a variety of little nuances that make the color schemes stand out, allow for easier navigation, and take the strain off the eyes. 

Ultra Thin Glass

Many people are starting to choose modern flip phones because of their ease of use. Samsung is improving on this technology and makes it a possibility thanks to the type of glass the company uses. 

Samsung came up with its patented Ultra Thin glass, which is a hallmark that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is equipped with. The thinness of the glass makes it easily foldable, while it's still durable and resistant to cracks and dings. 

The Samsung smartphone Ultra Thin glass is thinner than 2 mm, has non-glare capability, and is made from sophisticated materials like borosilicate and alumino-silicate. It's this quality of glass that allows people to use the phone to optimize their video watching, while also being able to enjoy plenty of news articles, books, graphic novels, and other screen time without being too taxing on the eyes and your vision. 

RAM and Storage

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 also shines when it comes to its RAM and hardware storage options. This year's model comes with three different pairings, which include:

  • • 8 GB of RAM with 128 GB of storage space 
  • • 8 GB of RAM with 256 GB of storage space 
  • • 8 GB of RAM with 512 GB of storage space

Similar to its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 also features LPDDR5 RAM, along with Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 3.1 storage. It also doesn't contain a slot for a micro SD card. 

This is par for the course since most devices today are rooted in the crowd, which provides virtually unlimited storage potential. 

The Camera Specs

samsung galaxy z flip 4 camera

Anytime that you're purchasing a new smartphone, the camera specs are among the most important things to consider. People rarely carry cameras on them anymore and instead use their smartphones as an all-encompassing device to capture and archive life's memories. 

This is also important for brand building and using camera tools for measurements and other professional reasons. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, owners will get access to both a rear and a front camera, which contain different specs. 

Take a look at the Samsung Galaxy camera phone specs that come with this phone:

  • • The rear camera features 12 megapixels (MP) wide, along with 12 megapixels (MP) ultrawide
  • • The aperture for the rear camera measures f/1.8, along with 1.8 μm pixel size, and f/2.2 ultrawide
  • • The front camera allows 10 megapixels (MP) for selfie mode, along with an f/2.4 aperture

The camera also allows for a number of different modes, including panorama, HDR, and LED flash. You'll be able to take high-resolution video in full 4k, with a framerate of 60 fps. If you're taking video in 1080p mode, this camera allows for 240 fps. 720p video captures at 960 fps. 

Compare these specs with other cameras in its class when deciding whether the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 will accommodate your needs. 

Color Specs and Design

samsung galaxy z flip4 colors

Image credit: Android Police

You'll be able to shop for different color schemes that speak to your personality and tastes. This smartphone comes with a polished, refined, semi-metallic finish that you can explore in a few color options. 

Some of the color schemes that Samsung has released for this model include:

  • • Pink gold
  • • Graphite
  • • Bora purple
  • • Blue

This smartphone also comes in a few different color options that you can customize, including:

  • • Khaki
  • • Navy
  • • Red
  • • White
  • • Yellow

As you can see, there are enough options along the color spectrum to allow people to have their own experience with their Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 smartphone. 

CPU Performance Information

This Galaxy phone comes equipped with an Octa-Core CPU system. The specs for this CPU include:

  • • 1x3.19 GHz Cortex-X2
  • • 3x2.75 GHz Cortex-A710
  • • 4x1.80 GHz Cortex-A510

The upgrade in CPU allows for the processing system to perform 20 percent faster. 

Phone Sound Quality

Though smartphones feature all sorts of bells and whistles, you can't lose sight of the fact that their main purpose is taking calls. This can only happen when you have crisp, clear, audio capability. 

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 audio and sound quality specs will give you an idea of what you can expect:

  • • 32-bit sound performance
  • • 384kHz audio playback
  • • AKG Acoustics engineering and fine-tuning

It has multiple stereo speakers, and like many smartphones today no longer includes the stereo headphone jack. Instead, you can hook up headphones via Bluetooth for all of your audio needs. 

Price Points for the Z Flip4

z flip4 price

The price point for this phone starts at $999, which is the same as previous smartphones and generations. This is the price for the base model, which features 128 GB of storage. If you'd like to instead opt for the model with 256 GB of storage for a little additional space, the price point is $1,059.99. 

For the 512 GB version, you're looking at a price tag of $1,179.99.

As with most phones released in the United States, the price point you pay for your specific purchase will depend entirely on the contract that you enter with your carrier. Companies like T-Mobile and Verizon often have incentives to sweeten the deal, in addition to bonuses and discounts for new customers. 

What Are Phone Buyers Saying?

Now that you know a little bit more about the specs, you should take an overall look at the phone and what buyers are saying about it to get a feel for what to expect. 

It's a versatile phone that packs enough of a technological punch to do anything with it that you could expect from other phones on the market. You can also sync this phone with your new smartwatch so that you can communicate effectively and have your apps working in your favor. 

Here are a few points that users and reviewers are touching on:

The Flip Screen Is a Nice Touch

We live in an age of large, flat phones, so at first glance, you might assume that someone with a flip phone is using technology that is old and outdated. That couldn't be further from the truth when you consider the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4. 

In fact, the flip screen is a welcome addition that many people today appreciate. It nearly completely does away with the cracked phone problem that most people run into at some point during the lifetime of their phone. 

Since it's a flip phone, you can always count on a measure of protection for the screen, thanks to the clam shell. It's a style choice that many people will appreciate, and it even allows for larger screen capability than you would normally get once the screens are fully extended.

People also appreciate the nifty and innovative ways that Samsung lets you use both screens. For instance, when the shell is closed, you can pull your phone out of your pocket and see your calendar on the closed screen. 

People Appreciate the Camera Quality

z flip4 camera

Camera quality is a deal-breaker for many smartphone owners. Since this is how we capture our memories, you can't afford to have a subpar piece of multimedia technology in your pocket. 

Thankfully, the camera technology of the Z Flip4 doesn't let you down. It offers a unique twist on how you're probably used to capturing photos and video. With the flip screens extended at a 45-degree angle and the phone tilted to the side, you can even start capturing video similar to a camcorder with the side view extended. 

The camera takes excellent quality photos in all settings, even in low light conditions. You'll appreciate the clarity and impressive color palette regardless of how you intend to use these camera features. 

The Compact Size Is a Welcome Change of Pace

Once you go back to flip phones, you might realize just how awesome they are. The compact size of the Z Flip4 makes your phone feel safe, and you won't constantly worry about whether or not it's going to fall out of your pocket. 

It's impressively compact, so you don't have to worry about investing in big, bulky cases, or having the smartphone take up so much space in your pocket or purse. This compact size offers an excellent change of pace if you need a break from the increasingly giant iPhone and Android phones on the market. 

It Features Water Resistant Technology

Though you're less likely to crack your screen, water and technology still don't mix. Thankfully, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 features water-resistant technology that can help you prevent your phone from becoming a total loss. 

This is a must in this day and age, in which it's routine to pay more than $1,000 for a phone that you carry and use every single day. Owners of this smartphone appreciate this added bit of protection. 

They'd Like Better Battery Life

However, it's important not to note that while this phone is getting rave reviews, it's not without its flaws. The battery life is the main point of contention for people that own this smartphone. 

While Samsung went out of its way to include a bigger battery with more capability, the battery life of the Z Flip4 is still pretty average when compared to other smartphones in its class. You'll enjoy an additional 3-hour or so bump in juice with constant use, but will still find yourself running for a charger if you're a person who watches a lot of video on your phone. 

This is arguably the biggest knock on the phone since people today love going live on social media, enjoying streaming video services, and queuing up videos that their friends and relatives share with them. 

Samsung Constantly Provides Software Updates and Patches

One of the best things about the Z Flip4 is that it has the backing of Samsung and the Android community. Samsung has emerged as one of the best smartphone manufacturers on the market, and you never have to worry about whether or not they will provide updates and patches when necessary. 

This means that you can count on your smartphone to run smoothly and without bugs, and for errors to be corrected throughout the duration of owning the phone. Samsung also has impeccable customer services, warranties, and tech support that can assist you with any issues that you might encounter. 

A Guide to the Samsung Z Flip4

All in all, the Samsung Z Flip4 provides an excellent option for people looking for a new phone. It's a sleek and stylish phone that also happens to be durable and reliable. The combination of speed, style, and functionality make this smartphone worth every penny whenever you're in the market for a new phone for your personal or professional life. 

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