With exciting new features and upgrades plus an unprecedented makeover look, the iPhone 15 series is firing some major shots in its upcoming release this year. Having numerous rumors about its overall makeup, the series has no reason to gatekeep every feature that is worth showcasing, especially the features that are worth noticing– the colors and finishes.

Here's your handy cheat sheet on the latest news about the hues and look of the model, with new offerings and display upgrades that will definitely make you want more for your iPhone 15.

iPhone 15 Ultra: The Finish that You Have Never Seen Before

Colors and Finishes Stylish Options for the iPhone 15

Just when you thought that the iPhone 15 series will just be as similar as its predecessor, it means that it gets more boring and snoozy. Alongside the usual premium end of the series– iPhone 15 Pros is the inaugural Ultra model, which is set to be released as part of the 2023 campaign of Apple, to be marketed as the top-end iPhone product of the year. Living up to its novel name, iPhone 15 Ultra likewise comes with significant configurations that are far different from its contemporaries.

According to speculations, the iPhone 15 Ultra is said to be available in a Silver color option for its initial release. It is also projected to be thicker and narrower than the model that it tries to dethrone, the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Upgraded titanium frames are also on their way to be the material of the new iPhone model, discarding the stainless steel that has been attributed to former premium models for years. With this groundbreaking shift of material, the Ultra model is seen to have a matte finish, as compared to the other model’s shiny finish. If you are considering an upgrade that lets you be sophisticated and more ‘premium,’ then you might give the iPhone 15 a try.

The Thin Bezels: More than the ‘Aesthetics’

Colors and Finishes Stylish Options for the iPhone 15

While it seems like the narrowing of bezels has been a never-ceasing trend in the smartphone industry due to its perceived benefits in gripping and display ratio, Apple seems to not give any more flying attention to it than most of its competitors, not until the iPhone 15 series gets in the way. If there is one thing that could describe the bezels this series has to offer, it would be the word ‘unmatched.’ The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, in particular, are expected to get the nifty advantage of having thinner and slimmer bezels.

Compared to iPhone 14 Pro Max’s 2.17 mm bezel width, the upcoming premium models are set to break the record with its projected measurement of 1.55 mm, even dethroning the current record holder with 1.81 mm. In addition, the iPhone 15 version of slimmer bezels would be patterned to the curve iPhone 11 has, minus the width measurement of the latter. For the record, a slimmer and thinner bezel can get the overall finish of a smartphone to a different level, enabling it to improve one-handed usability and improved immersive experience.  

Frosted Glass Finish: The Common Difference between the Old and New

Frosted Glass Finish The Common Difference between the Old and New

While most of the rumors talk about the similarities between the iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 series, that does not change the idea that there could still be a saving grace for the latter’s release. Such is what Apple has definitely assured all of us. The standard iPhone 15 models are said to adopt the glass back of the premium iPhone 14 models. The good thing about this is that they are to undergo a slight redesign, by them having a newly-formulated frosted glass finish instead. 

With the iPhone 14 Pros’ glass back having a subtle side effect of smudge presence, Apple is not letting the upcoming new releases have the same problem again. The slight change to the frosted glass finish will make unnecessary markings, like the ever-common fingerprint smudges, to be annoyingly present on your phone’s exterior. This kind of finish additionally provides protection against scratches and an enhanced grip. 

New Colors: The Life of iPhone 15 Release Party

Image credit: Apple

Even if it sounds mundane or cheesy, one thing that could invigorate an iPhone user whenever there is a new release of models is the colors to come along with. What is more exciting is when there are new color palettes to be welcomed in the market– a new opportunity to be all-nitpicky about your perfect iPhone 15 model. The good news is that the iPhone 15 series has not only two but four rumored color families and finishes up for release.

For the standard iPhone 15 models, you can choose between the contrasting allure of Midnight and Starlight. Your fiery passion radiates when you avail of their Product RED variant. If you wanted to be subtle, either a Light Pink or Light Blue tone is up your alley. The premium iPhone 15 model, on the other hand, is expected to live up to the sophistication and grandeur that it has always portrayed with other Pro series. Thus, the colors Gold, Silver, and Space Black are likely to retain their position. A signature color, following the iPhone 14 series’ Deep Purple launch, is likely to be in the form of a deeper and more saturated red, almost like a crimson.

To give you a rundown of the pointers that were fleshed out, you have the freedom to take a look at the table below.

Color/Finish Specifications

iPhone 14 Series

iPhone 15 Series

Overall Finish

Glass Back (iPhone 14 Pro models)

Frosted Glass Back (standard iPhone 15 models); Matte Finish (premium iPhone 15 models)

Bezel Width


1.55mm (iPhone 15 Pro Max)

Signature Colors

Midnight, Starlight, Blue, Purple, Yellow, and Product RED (standard); Gold, Silver, Space Black, and Deep Purple (premium)

Similar to the iPhone 14 series, with the addition of Light Pink and Light Blue (standard); Deep Red (premium)


Stainless steel

High-grade titanium (iPhone 15 Ultra)

SUPCASE: A Great Partner With Your Planned iPhone 15 Purchase

 SUPCASE A Great Partner With Your Planned iPhone 15 Purchase

You sure now have an idea or two about the wonders of the upgraded colors and finishes of the upcoming iPhone 15 models. But for some reason, things can get dark and awry when unfortunate things happen, and not even those features can give you the assurance that your phone is going to be 100% safe and sound. This is when SUPCASE comes to the rescue. 


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