What Is the Best Outdoor Smart Watch and Case for You? A Guide

Are you looking for the next gadget to help you bring your outdoor activities to the next level?

Whether you want to track your training sessions, get detailed metrics about your health, or follow your trails with precise GPS technology, a smartwatch might be the best gadget to add to your outdoor adventures. Equipped with the best technology to help you optimize your workouts and many other aspects of your life, smartwatches are far more than timepieces.

If you've been looking for the best outdoor smartwatch for you, you've come to the right place. Read on for a complete guide to help you choose. 

Apple Watch

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An Apple Watch will seamlessly connect to your Apple iPhone bringing you many benefits. One of the most significant advantages of this gadget is that it will alert you of any notifications your phone receives. In addition, it will let you make and receive phone calls, answer messages, and perform other valuable tasks without the need to take out your phone while training. 

In addition, Apple Watches also:

  • •Track your calories
  • •Monitor your heart rate
  • •Provide GPS tracking 
  • •Keep a log of your workouts
  • •Give you ECG readings (only Series 7)
  • •Track your blood oxygen (only Series 7)
  • •Have a fall detection feature (only Series 7 and SE)
  • •Offer easy access to emergency SOS calls
  • •Are swim-proof

There have been several generations and models of the Apple Watch, each with slightly different features. 

Apple Watch Series 7

What Is the Best Outdoor Smart Watch and Case for You A Guide

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Apple Watch Series 7 is the newest addition to the Apple Watch family. This series provides users with all of the advantages previously discussed. In addition, this version also allows users to get cellular data which lets them embark on their outdoor adventures without the need to bring their phones at all. 

Apple Watch Series 7 comes in 45mm or 41mm has the most crack-resistant screen out of the Apple Watch models, and is certified IP6X dust resistant. Furthermore, it provides an always-on retina display. 

This is a great smartwatch to choose if you own an Apple iPhone and want the brand's latest smartwatch technology.

Apple Watch SE

What Is the Best Outdoor Smart Watch and Case for You A Guide apple watch SE

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Apple Watch SE is a slightly less advanced version of Apple's smartwatches. Although it provides almost every feature discussed in the Apple Watch overview section, it does not come with the blood oxygen or ECG tracking apps. This version also supports cellular data and retina display. 

Apple Watch SE's screen is about 20% smaller than the Apple Watch Series 7 screen. This version comes in 44mm or 40mm. 

Although the Apple Watch SE does not have all of the features offered by the Series 7, it is still a fantastic option for Apple users. This smartwatch will give you great benefits while working out and cost you around $100 less than the Series 7. 

Apple Watch Series 3

What Is the Best Outdoor Smart Watch and Case for You A Guide

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Apple Watch Series 3 is the most affordable Apple Watch version. Although it has some incredible features that will optimize your training and outdoor workouts, this version of the Apple Watch has more restrictions than the ones previously discussed.

Like the SE, the Apple Watch Series 3 does not have blood oxygen or ECG tracking apps. In addition, it does not detect falls, does not support international emergency calling, and does not support cellular data (meaning that you cannot get calls or notifications without having your phone near it).

This version is available in 38mm or 42mm and has retina display. 

Although this Apple Watch comes with more restrictions, it is still a good option if you can do without its missing features. If all you are looking for is a smartwatch that tracks your calories, workouts, and heart rate, this might be a fantastic choice. In addition, this version of the Apple Watch is around $100 cheaper than the SE, making it the most affordable model available. 

How to Protect Your Apple Watch

If you decide that an Apple Watch is the best smartwatch for you, you should consider getting a protective case for it. Although it is a very durable gadget, a case will help you avoid scratches or significant damage. 

At Supcase, you'll be able to find high-quality cases for your Apple Watch, like the UB Pro Wristband Case and the Apple Watch TPU Clear Case.

Unicorn Beetle PRO

The UB Pro case is available for 38mm, 40/41mm, 42mm, and 44/45mm Apple Watches. It comes in many different colors, is wireless charge compatible, and will provide unmatched protection to your Apple Watch. 

TPU Clear Case

If you are happy with the wristband that comes with the Apple Watch but still want to add some protection to your smartwatch's screen, the TPU Clear Case is the one for you. Available for 40mm and 44mm Apple Watches, the TPU Clear Case will protect the screen of your watch without making it feel bulky or uncomfortable. 

Samsung Watches

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Samsung's Galaxy watches can be a fantastic option for outdoor enthusiasts. Like the Apple Watch, Samsung's watches provide many features perfect for working out and other everyday activities.

Some notable benefits of Samsung's watch technology include: 

  • •Ability to analyze workouts and fitness patterns 
  • •Ability to lock for underwater swim workouts 
  • •Ability to check stress levels
  • •Ability to track sleep
  • •Ability to receive notifications from your phone
  • •Ability to make and receive calls and messages
  • •Ability to track your location with GPS technology

Even if you don't own a Samsung Galaxy phone, you can still reap all the benefits of Galaxy watches. Depending on the model of your phone, most Samsung watches can connect to Android and iOS devices. 

Like the Apple Watch, there are several different versions of Samsung watches, each with slightly different features. 

Galaxy Watch3

What Is the Best Outdoor Smart Watch and Case for You A Guide

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The Galaxy Watch3 gives users the ability to send and receive messages and calls, track health and exercise metrics and track sleep. This model supports LTE, Wifi, and Bluetooth connectivity. Furthermore, the Galaxy3 watch comes in either 41mm or 45mm and has powerful multi-day battery life. 

Its premium design makes it a great gadget to take during all of your outdoor workouts. In addition, because of its classic look, this watch transforms seamlessly from your health tracker during a hike to your timepiece at an important work meeting. 

Galaxy Watch4

What Is the Best Outdoor Smart Watch and Case for You A Guide
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Besides bringing you all the essential features found in most Samsung watches (i.e., notifications, fitness tracking, GPS, etc.), the Galaxy Watch4 has some of the most high-tech features with the capability of measuring:

  • •Your body fat
  • •BMI
  • •Body water
  • •Skeletal Muscle
  • •Blood oxygen
  • •And more

The Galaxy Watch4 makes it extremely easy to stay on top of your goals with easy-to-read fitness assessments. Because of its ability to detect and track over 90 different workouts, the Watch4 can be the perfect companion to take on all of your outdoor endeavors. Whether you like hiking, rock climbing, swimming, or anything in between, the Watch4 will provide accurate data about your calorie burning, distance, steps, and more. 

The Galaxy Watch4 is available in 40mm and 44mm. 

Galaxy Watch Active

 What Is the Best Outdoor Smart Watch and Case for You A Guide

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Like the other Samsung watches, the Galaxy Watch Active will track your workouts and health metrics. However, this is an older model, making it lack some of the more impressive features of the Samsung watches previously discussed. 

Regardless, this smartwatch is still a fantastic option if you are looking for a high-tech gadget to take with you during your outdoor activities. Something that sets this model apart is that it can actively give you the advice to help you stay ahead. 

The Watch Active comes in 40mm, supports Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity, and can automatically detect and start tracking seven different types of activity. 

Galaxy Watch Active 2

What Is the Best Outdoor Smart Watch and Case for You A Guide

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If the Galaxy Watch Active caught your attention but you want a newer version with updated technology, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 might be perfect for you. This model can track your workouts, give you advice to stay ahead, and help you keep track of important health metrics. In addition, it is equipped with advanced heart-monitoring technology and counts with stress and sleep tracking. 

Unlike the previous model, this version does come in 40mm and 44mm. In addition, it has impressive multi-day battery life and is compatible with LTE, Wifi, and Bluetooth connectivity. 

The Active 2 can also automatically track seven activities like the Watch Active. If your favorite workout is not among the seven, you can manually add dozens of exercises. 

Protecting Your Samsung Galaxy Watch

Although Samsung Galaxy watches are already great and durable options for outdoor enthusiasts, adding an extra layer of protection can give you peace of mind during your more extreme workouts. 

At Supcase, you'll be able to find a strong and ultra-protective case for the Watch3, Watch4, Watch Active, and Watch Active 2:

The UB Pro Case

The UB Pro case is a fantastic option for any Galaxy Watch because it provides a two-in-one case and wristband. This wristband case will provide unmatched protection to your Watch3, Watch4, Active, or Active 2 watch. 

With many color options, the UB Pro Case will become your favorite case to protect your Galaxy watch on any and every outdoor excursion you take. 

Fitbit Watches

Unlike Apple and Samsung, Fitbit is a company whose primary focus is smartwatches and fitness trackers. This means that they don't make a smartphone that is perfectly compatible with their watches. Instead, all you need for your Fitbit to work seamlessly with your phone is the Fitbit app. 

Fitbits are also equipped with incredible technology and can bring their users lots of impressive benefits like: 

  • •Sleep tracking 
  • •Fitness tracking
  • •Heart rate monitoring 
  • •Oxygen level tracking 
  • •GPS technology
  • •Access to notifications
  • •And more

Because Fitbit specializes in smartwatch devices, they have an extensive catalog of products. Their catalog includes incredible smartwatch options and sleeker health trackers, making it easy to find the best fit for you and your lifestyle. 

Like Apple and Samsung, each model has slightly different features. 

Fitbit Alta

What Is the Best Outdoor Smart Watch and Case for You A Guide

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If you are looking for a very simple and basic health tracker, the Fitbit Alta might be exactly what you need. Because of its sleek design, this tracker is perfect if you don't love feeling like you are wearing a heavy device on your wrist while working out. 

This is also a great option if you are a new outdoor enthusiast looking for an affordable device to start tracking your workouts. 

Although it looks simple, the technology behind the Fitbit Alta can bring incredible value to all of your training sessions and overall life. Sure, its screen display is small, but its battery can last nearly all week. In addition, this model will be able to track your: 

  • •Sleep
  • •Workouts 
  • •Heart Rate
  • •Steps
  • •Distance 
  • •Calories

With the older versions of the Fitbit Alta retailing for under $100, this is a fantastic starter health tracker.

Fitbit Blaze

What Is the Best Outdoor Smart Watch and Case for You A Guide

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Like the Alta model, the Fitbit Blaze can track all of your workouts, sleep patterns, health metrics, distance, and more. However, unlike the Alta model, Fitbit Blaze has many features that make it more similar to an Apple Watch or Galaxy Watch. For example, the Blaze model is water-resistant and sweat-proof, and it also has a more prominent screen display. 

The Fitbit Blaze model also has excellent GPS tracking technology, making it a better choice than the Alta if you prioritize this feature. If your phone is nearby, this model can receive all of your notifications, including messages, calls, calendar alerts, etc. Like an Apple or Samsung watch, this version of the Fitbit allows you to take calls or reject them directly from your watch. 

Another benefit of the Fitbit Blaze is its remarkable battery life of around five days. So, if you are planning on going on a multiple-day adventure, you won't have to worry about charging your device every night. 

Fitbit Charge

What Is the Best Outdoor Smart Watch and Case for You A Guide

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Like the Alta model, the Fitbit Charge is a fantastic option if you prefer a sleeker fitness tracker over a traditional smartwatch. The Fitbit Charge is one of the company's most advanced trackers, bringing top-notch technology right to your wrist. 

Some features that set the Fitbit Charge apart include: 

  • •An ECG app to accurately track your heart health
  • •An EDA scan app to help you manage stress
  • •Oxygen monitoring 
  • •Breathing rate
  • •Skin temperature tracking
  • •Built-in GPS
  • •Cardio fitness level tracking 

In addition to providing users with highly detailed health and workout tracking, this sleek device also supports notifications, Bluetooth connectivity and has 7-day battery life. 

This could be a fantastic option for you if you love the idea of a sleek tracker but need the extra fitness features. Although the newest version of the Charge does retail for a slightly higher price than the Alta, its improved features make the extra investment worth it. 

Fitbit Inspire

What Is the Best Outdoor Smart Watch and Case for You A Guide

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The Fitbit Inspire is another fantastic and affordable health tracker. Like the Alta and the Charge models, Fitbit Inspire also has a sleek design, making it ideal for someone who does not like the feel and the look of a larger smartwatch. With impressive 10-day battery life, the Fitbit Inspire will optimize all of your workouts and outdoor endeavors.  

In addition, with the ability to detect and automatically track many exercises, this Fitbit device will make a log of all of your workout stats and achievements. Furthermore, this Fitbit device also comes with a "Daily Readiness Score," which gives you advice and helps you determine if you are ready to kill another workout or if your body would benefit from a recovery day. 

Because its price tag is also under $100, this health tracker is perfect for anyone looking for a starter device. It is also great for anyone looking to save a couple of bucks while simultaneously getting all the benefits of accurately tracking their workouts with smart technology. 

Fitbit Sense

 What Is the Best Outdoor Smart Watch and Case for You A Guide

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If you love the idea of getting a Fitbit but want a model that is closer in looks and features to Apple Watches and Galaxy Watches, the Fitbit Sense might be the perfect choice for you. As the company's most advanced smartwatch, the Fitbit Sense has everything you could possibly need to optimize all of your outdoor workouts. Some of the watch's most notable features include: 

  • •Daily readiness score 
  • •Stress management technology
  • •ECG technology
  • •Sleep tracking 
  • •Advanced health metrics
  • •Heart health tracking
  • •Temperature sensor
  • •Oxygen level monitoring
  • •Built-in GPS
  • •Workout intensity map
  • •Notifications for calls, messages, and other apps
  • •Breathing rate

Like all the other Fitbit models, the Sense also tracks all your workouts and provides a detailed dashboard to help you bring all of your goals to the next level. It also has impressive sleep technology that tracks your sleep patterns and allows you to set up its "Smart Wake" feature, which wakes you up during one of your lightest sleep stages, helping you feel more refreshed during the day. 

Because this is one of the best smartwatches made by the brand, it is perfect for someone looking for a watch that will provide them with everything they need to optimize their workouts and their lifestyle. 

Although its price tag does come a little higher than other smartwatches and trackers made by the company, all of the features it provides make it worth it. In addition, the watch also comes with a 6-month subscription to the app "Calm."  

Fitbit Versa

What Is the Best Outdoor Smart Watch and Case for You A Guide

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Like the Fitbit Sense, the Fitbit Versa model comes with many incredible features to track your health, workouts, and overall well being. Some of the most notable features of this model include: 

  • •6+ day battery life
  • •Call, text, and other app notifications
  • •Advanced health metrics
  • •Very lightweight design
  • •Stress management technology
  • •Oxygen level monitoring
  • •Smart Wake feature
  • •Skin temperature tracking
  • •Breathing sensors
  • •All other benefits you get from the Fitbit App
  • •And more!

As you can see by the features, the Fitbit Versa is very similar to the Fitbit Sense. Out of the two, the Fitbit Sense has slightly more advanced technology and provides users with a few more features. However, the Fitbit Versa is also one of the best smartwatches by the brand and a fantastic option for anyone looking for a powerful smartwatch for the outdoors. 

Protecting Your Fitbit 

Like the Apple Watch and Galaxy Watches, Fitbit devices are made to track your activity, making them very durable and resistant devices. However, adding an extra layer of protection is never a bad idea- especially if you tend to enjoy strenuous and extreme activities. 

So, if you end up choosing a Fitbit device to take with you on all of your outdoor activities, Supcase has you covered with the best case for your brand new device: 

The UB Pro Case

What Is the Best Outdoor Smart Watch and Case for You? A Guide


Supcase's UB Pro Wristband is also available for all Fitbits discussed in this guide. So, whether you end up getting a Fitbit Alta, Blaze, Charge, Inspire, or Sense, you'll be able to grab one of these ultra-protective wristband cases. The UB Pro case provides a design to help you avoid scrapes, bumps, scratches, and falls.  

If you picked one of the sleeker trackers, you don't have to worry about the UB Pro Case making it feel and look very bulky. The UB Pro Case will provide maximum protection without sacrificing comfort. 

Choose the Best Outdoor Smartwatch For You

Now that you know all about some of your options, it'll be easier to pick the best outdoor smartwatch for you. Each watch discussed in this article has many incredible features and specifications that can take your outdoor workouts and adventures to the next level. So, whether you choose an Apple Watch, Galaxy Watch, or Fitbit device, you'll be able to track all of your health metrics and optimize your training. 

Are you looking for an outdoor-resistant case to protect all of your technology gadgets? Check out our award-winning UB Pro catalog today!
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