The Best Nintendo Switch Lite Games of 2022

Did you know there are currently 4,365 different games available for Nintendo Switch? 

So get comfortable and get ready to find a new favorite. Check out our guide to the top Nintendo Switch Lite Games available in 2022 and gaming tips to get through them. 

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning 


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This fan-favorite was originally released for PlayStation 3 and was recently remastered for modern consoles, including Switch. Get immersed in this masterfully animated action-packed role-playing game (RPG). 

You start your journey being reborn by the well of souls, in the lab of Formourus Hughes. Here you learn you died and about the incoming attack of the corrupted Unseelie Fae called the Tuatha. As you fight your way out of the tower, you learn to use your unique abilities, including manipulating fate. 

Rather than choosing traditional character classes, you add abilities to 3 different skill trees. Might gives you more strength-based abilities. Finesse gives you more rogue-like abilities, and sorcery grants magic abilities.

You can choose to put skill points into any combination of these three skill sets, customizing your character to your playing style. 

As you make your way through Amalur, you meet many different characters and encounter numerous opportunities to join factions, and gain influence. Certain encounters will grant you twists of fate, which grant you special perks and abilities. In these encounters, you can choose how you react, opening up more dialogue, and adding to your reputation. 

As you make your way through these encounters, you learn more about your past and how you died, all while facing down enemies of all kinds and saving Amalur from the reign of the murderous Tuatha. 

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

Image credit: xanderslick via eBay

This title, released back in 2017, is still rated as one of the top games for the console. If you haven't played it yet, now is a great time to do so, since Breath of the Wild 2 is reportedly going to be available sometime in early spring 2023

In this version of Zelda, we find our hero Link asleep in a chamber being awoken by an unknown voice. Link has no memory of what happened before waking up in the chamber. The voice leads you to find the Sheikah Slate that helps guide you through the open world of Hyrule and more. 

From here, you meet an old man that points you in the direction of the Temple of Light, and your first shrine. Shrines award spirit orbs that you can then trade at the Temple of Light for extra stamina or lives. 

Your goal throughout the game is to calm the divine beasts, confront the Calamity Ganon and save Hyrule once again. The four divine beasts are very large technical machines that were created to destroy the Calamity Ganon. This is not an easy task, and you will need the help of those you encounter on your journey. 

This action-packed open-world adventure is ideal for the wayward traveler on the go, making it the perfect game to go with your Nintendo Switch Lite

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

kirby and the forgotten land

Image credit: Collider

Kirby is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year with the release of this long-awaited title. Kirby has come a long way since its initial release on the original Gameboy. This is the first fully 3D Kirby game, and he's learned a few new tricks. 

You can still expect the same classic Kirby controls, including jumping, floating, and sucking in enemies to use as a project tile or swallowing to copy their abilities. Some new copy abilities include The Ranger, which gives Kirby a shiny new gun and a powerful charged range attack. The other new copy ability you'll encounter is the drill. 

You also have new mouthful abilities allowing Kirby to swallow larger items to further help him progress. One mouthful ability you'll encounter early on in the game is the car.

The car allows Kirby to drive around and dash to smash boxes, enemies, and other obstacles. Another mouthful you'll find is the vending machine, which allows Kirby to spit sodas at enemies and smash through breakable walls. 

In this game, Kirby finds himself sucked away from Dreamland by a vortex to the forgotten land called "The New World". Here, Kirby finds the Waddle Dees Kidnapped by the Beast Pack and rescues Elfilin. Kirby agrees to help Elfilin rescue the Wobble Dees, and Elfilin helps guide Kirby through the levels and gives him hints about hidden treasure. 

The more Wobble Dees you rescue, the more they develop their town. This gives Kirby access to extras, perks, and copy ability upgrades. 

You can play on the go by yourself, or dock your console to play with a friend as Bandana Wobble Dee makes a return. As Kirby evolves his copy abilities, Bandana evolves his spear as well. 

Apex Legends 

apex legends

Image credit: Twinfinite

PUBG may have kicked off the battle royal craze, and Fortnite may have elevated it to new heights, but Apex Legends has perfected the art of battle royale gameplay. Players use legends to battle against one another and unlock new legends using legend tokens or Apex coins. 

A new legend is released each season, giving players plenty of options and new ways to play. Each legend has its own backstory, playstyle, and unique abilities, which opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to gameplay. 

You can also play through season quests, with one new part of the story available each week. Completing these quests grants the player rewards like: 

  • •Epic Charms 
  • •Apex Packs 
  • •Epic weapon skins
  • •Battle pass stars 
  • •Crafting metals

There are also events hosted by the game which give the player the chance to win big rewards. These can include season launches, themed events (like holiday specials), and minor events that may just include a sale on market items. 

This is a free-to-play game available in the Switch store. If you haven't tried it already, now is a perfect time

Pac-Man Museum 

pacman vs museum switch

Image credit: VG247

A throwback to the classics of gaming, this all-in-one game has 40 years of Pac-Man packed into one neat package. Of course, it will include the original arcade game, but will also include modern takes, including the recent mobile game Pac-Man 256, and Pac-Man Championship Edition. 

If you've never played Pac-Man, it's about a yellow man that has to find his way around a maze without the ghosts that also roam the maze catching him. Pac-Man's goal is to eat all of the pills scattered around the mazes.

Occasionally you'll notice a piece of fruit in the maze, when Pac-Man eats them, they make the ghost vulnerable to him. After they become vulnerable, this allows Pac-Man to eat the ghost, temporarily sending them back to their starting positions. 

You'll also notice two different-sized pills: smaller ones that make up the majority of the pills and larger pills that help Pac-Man move through the maze a bit faster. 

Whether you've been playing for 40 years or never before, this is a perfect addition to your Switch Lite games. Just be sure to not rage quit when pinky nabs you. The switch can be a fragile console

Pokemon Legends: Arceus 

pokemon legends arceus

Image credit: Nintendo UK via Youtube

Long-time Pokemon fans will immediately notice the difference between Pokemon games of the past and this one. This 3D open-world adventure is sure to catch your imagination while still keeping to some traditional Pokemon gameplay. 

This title follows the time-traveling protagonist around the Hisui Region (which will later be the Sinnoh Region). Tasked by Arceus to find all of the pokemon in that region. 

When the player character awakes, they meet Professor Laverton, who will later recruit the player for the Galaxy Team Survey Corps. The main goal of the game is to fill out all the entries in the Pokedex. 

As you explore the open areas of the Hisui Region you can encounter, capture, and battle wild Pokemon. While exploring the wilderness, you can encounter certain items like apricorns, berries, and stones to help you craft goods. 

Items you craft can include pokeballs, which you can make stronger as you progress through missions. You can also craft potions such as health potions and revives. 

Be wary as you explore because, unlike its predecessors, players can be harmed, receive damage, and blackout from wild pokemon. After blacking out, you will find yourself back at the basecamp for that particular area. 

The Forgotten City

the forgotten city switch

Image credit:

This title has an interesting backstory, it was originally created as a mod for Elder Scrolls. It has since been the inspiration behind its own stand-alone game. 

In the game, you start out with the protagonist waking up by a campfire, with a stranger standing nearby. The stranger tells you that she pulled you from the river and thought you were with her previous companion, who was also pulled from the river. You also learn that there are ancient Roman Ruins not far from where you are now. 

This is where the stranger's previous companion, Al, went. She asks you to go check on him and believes the ruins are why you were here in the first place. 

After an opportunity to ask questions about the stranger and where you are, you learn the stranger's name is Karen. She gives you a little back story about herself and impatiently reminds you to go looking for Al. 

You then make your way to the ruins, in which you find dozens of golden statues of ancient Romans. Soon you stumble across a statue of a man in modern clothing, where you find a letter detailing his death and the portal that lies beyond. 

Through the Portal

portal nintendo switch

Image credit: Bungle via Youtube

Once you make your way through the portal, you find yourself in ancient Rome 2000 years in the past. Here, you're taken to go see the magistrate that explains the town's "Golden Rule". The Golden Rule is simple: if even one person sins, everyone in the town will die. 

The magistrate explains that he created the portal using a ritual to a goddess. This is because he has knowledge that someone is about to break the Golden Rule. He asks for the player's help in figuring out who it is and stopping them before they all die. 

Anytime you fail to keep the Golden Rule from being broken, you'll have to return to the portal to try again. Once you've successfully stopped the suspect from breaking the Golden Rule you can return to your own time. 

Triangle Strategy 

project triangle nintendo switch

Image credit: O Gamer Raiz via Youtube

This is an exciting turn-based tactical role-playing game reminiscent of Final Fantasy and Fire Emblem. Players take turns moving characters from their party across a grid-like playing field against computer-controlled opponents. 

Each character in the party has their own unique attributes and special skills that consume tactile points. These points come from a pool from each individual character and have a limit, but they are replenishable. If a character is defeated in combat, they are removed for the remainder of the battle, but there is no permadeath.


The story takes place on a fictional continent 30 years after a major war between its three countries. The war was started over the competition for scarce resources like iron and salt. 

In order to prevent this from happening again, the protagonist, Serenoa Wolffort, is set to marry Lady Frederica Aestfrost, with the hopes that their union would solidify relations between their two countries. 

Serenoa is set to take over his father's title as Lord Wolffort. Serenoa will not only have to lead his party in battle but will have to make decisions on how to best serve his subjects. Every choice he makes solidifies his convictions and shapes future dialogue options and branching choices. 

Dying Light 2: Stay Human

dying light 2 stay human

Image credit:

This is the highly anticipated sequel to the highly popular open-world survival game Dying Light. Players make their way through the game while fending off ravenous zombies. Its also known for its complex parkour system, which includes many skills like: 

  • •Climbing ledges 
  • •Sliding 
  • •Leaping from edges
  • •Wall running 
  • •Ziplining

Players even have access to tools like a grappling hook and a paraglider. These help them navigate through some of the most rugged terrains found in the open world. 

While the player travels through the game world, you will encounter numerous enemies, not just zombies.

The main method of combat is melee. But keep an eye on your weapons, as they break down with use and will eventually break.

Earn combat points for killing zombies. These can be used to learn new combat skills. 

Speaking of upgrading, utilize your parkour skills in order to gain parkour points. These points can then be used to add new parkour skills to your repertoire. 

While exploring the open world, you can come across crafting components and other items. These can be used to craft items and weapons upgrades. 

As night falls, certain zombies get stronger, and they are around in stronger numbers. Find safe zones with UV lights for the only guaranteed protection from the infected.


The storyline follows the protagonist Aiden, who was subjected to experimentation by the GRE as a child when the first infection first spread. He was in the GRE compound with his sister Mia. 

After a fire burned down the GRE lab, Aiden was separated from Mia. Now, as an adult, his goal is to find his sister. 

Aiden learns about an informant who might have information regarding his sister's whereabouts. The informant gives Aiden a GRE key that has a lot of valuable information on it. The Informant warms Aiden to keep it away from the ex GRE scientist Waltz.

After receiving the key, Waltz soon kills the informant and Aiden falls down the ductwork in the city. Here he begins to meet people who can help him along the way. 

Aiden meets many people from different factions and has to make game-altering decisions. Meaning, the decisions you make while navigating through the city can fundamentally change the gameplay. For example, certain parts of the city may be opened or sealed after certain decisions. 

Aiden also helps to set up new settlements within the city by setting up windmills. This helps you have access to more goods, merchants, and the opportunity for more side quests. 

This game is great for on the go, but if you get bored playing alone, you can also play with up to three of your friends in the collaborative campaign. 

Super Mario 3D World + Bowsers Fury

super mario 3d

Image credit: Nintendo Life

This is a two-for-one title. Bowsers Fury is bundled with the 2013 release Super Mario World 3D originally released for Wii U.

Super Mario 3D World may be 3D, but it still follows the linear level design that requires players to make it through a series of obstacles to the level's goal pole within a set time limit.

The game's story focuses on Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toad rescuing the Sprixie princesses, rulers of the Sprixie Kingdom. When starting a level, players select their characters from a pool of playable characters, all unique with their own playing styles.

Several new power-ups were introduced in this title, with the most notable one being the catsuit. The cat power-up allows players to melee attack, jump in mid-air, and climb walls. 

Super Mario 3D World also supports up to four players playing simultaneously. This was the first 3D Mario title that included this capability.

Bowsers Fury

Bowser's Fury, released earlier this year, differs from the traditional Mario level style. Rather than players playing through a linear level, they are free to explore the open world without going through a main world hub. 

In this one, the players play the main protagonist of the series, Mario. He stumbles across a strange gooey substance on the ground. As he follows the trail of this substance, he finds himself sinking into it. 

This is where he encounters an enraged Bowser consumed by the strange goo. After temporarily calming Bowser, you encounter Bowser Jr., who asks for Mario's help in saving his dad. After you agree to help Bowser Jr., he will follow you through the levels, assisting you by collecting coins, hitting enemies, and investigating special markings. 

Your goal through the game is to collect "Cat Shines" in order to light the various lighthouses. These lighthouses unlock more areas as you fill them with cat shine tokens.

After finding a specific number of these cat shine tokens, you unlock the Giga Cat Mario. This is the only way you can directly battle Bowser. 

More Nintendo Switch Lite Games 

Through the rest of the year, there are a number of new games that will be released. There is also a surplus of free-to-play games that are always available in the Switch Store. 

Most players are anticipating a multitude of PlayStation and Xbox games to soon be available for Switch and Switch Lite. 

Protecting Your Nintendo Switch Lite

ub pro nintendo switch

While you're settling in to play your new game, don't forget to protect your Switch from any accidental damage with one of our rugged Nintendo Switch Lite cases. Not only will our cases protect your Switch on the go without impacting gameplay, but they will also fit perfectly inside of the dock.  

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