Phone Cases for Water Sports: Keep Your Phone Safe by the Waves

The ravaging water calls for action, and with lots of water sports that we can engage in action with– scuba diving, water skiing, boat riding, and canoeing, among others, we wanted to preserve these exhilarating moments, and that can only be achieved when we have a nifty phone with us.

Time and time again, we see a bunch of phone accessories that, if not hassle, are bulky and often unnecessary to bring when we go for an adventure that involves anything aquatic. It seems that we cannot find the right balance between convenience and protection, especially with our phone cases.

Just when anything gets a tad bit hopeless, SUPCASE is there to save your water adventure day. With water being an external force that can be powerful and fatal to our phone units, you certainly need the best rugged phone case that protects and ensures the full functionality of your phone even when the waves get rough. 

The Anatomy of a Waterproof Phone Case: What Factors to Consider?


• TPU which is a high-quality material for a phone case.

• Unbending polycarbonate that promotes crack and scratch resistance and waterproof properties.


• Rugged phone cases are designed to be in full resistance or proofing.

• Most of these cases are in IP68, the code with the highest waterproofing quality

Screen and Camera Protection

• Rugged phone cases have certain materials (zinc alloy) that fully protect sensitive parts of the phone from damage.

• Screen protection is available on most rugged phone cases.


• Rugged phone cases are designed to float easily on the water surface, making retrieval easy.


Just because a phone case is waterproof does not mean that it can fully protect your phone from being damaged or dysfunctional. Remember: you are targeting two things when you use your phone during a water-related activity– protection and functionality.

You sure want to safeguard your phone from the dangers water can bring, but does it maximize, or even maintain, your phone’s level of functionality in a different environment? Sure enough, you need to consider a whole lot of factors to nail the “waterproof” experience using a phone case. 

First, you need to know about the case’s waterproof rating. Not every “waterproof” phone case can be immersed in water for a considerable amount of time without a tinge of moisture coming in. One needs to look for a high waterproof rating, particularly the Ingress Protection (IP) status, which tells if the case can protect your phone against both solid and liquid particles within a certain threshold. Another important factor is the material quality of the case. 

Materials like thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), rubber, silicone, and others are considered as high-quality and ideal barriers against water. Leather, cloth, thin plastic, and silicone or rubber knockoffs are materials that you need to avoid. Buoyancy– as scientific and technical as it may sound– can be a great pal in choosing a waterproof phone case.

Defined as the force that makes a certain object float or suspend on the surface, buoyancy helps your phone case become visible if you are using your phone on an open body of water such as rivers, lakes, or seas. Lastly, a phone case without giving access to important phone functions such as ports and buttons is not in any way functional.

Make sure that your waterproof rugged phone case is specifically for the model of your phone (an iPhone 15 Pro Max unit must have an iPhone 15 Pro Max phone case) that will snugly fit and function properly.

Rugged Phone Case: The ‘Best’ Waterproof Phone Case?

A heavy-duty rugged phone case certainly ticked all the boxes for the best waterproof phone case. Architecture to withstand almost all known harsh weather conditions and environments, heavy duty rugged phone case does not let the ravaging waters take a major blow on your phone even as you get through the action. Made of shock-absorbing TPU and unbending polycarbonate, its durability can resist impacts and prevent your phone from being damaged should you drop it into the depths of a water body.

SUPCASE’s Unicorn Beetle phone case collection also boasts its zinc alloy camera cover that protects the camera from minor scratches caused by slip-offs. Buoyancy features are also available for most rugged cases, enabling your phone to float and be easily retrievable when you lose contact with it. 

A rugged phone case with multi-layer protection for the outdoors, such as a rugged phone case with a screen protector and a shockproof rugged phone case, comes with bumpers that protect the vulnerable areas of your phone, aside from the dangers posed by the waters.

Lastly, a rugged case for outdoor activities will not be complete without additional protective features against dust and debris. These external agents can also be present in harsh outdoor environments and can affect the functioning of your phone’s buttons, ports, and other important components.

The table below shows a more detailed illustration of the benefits of a rugged phone case when you are planning to take your phone on a water adventure:

Waterproof Rugged Phone Case: SUPCASE Got You!

When finding a rugged phone case that is waterproof, look no further than SUPCASE. With its diverse collection of these cases– the latest, the iPhone 15 rugged phone case collection, you can get more features and add-ons to your purchase, all while achieving the waterproof case dream you have always wanted for your water adventure.

Aside from its waterproofing features, it is MagSafe-compatible, drop test-certified, and available to different iPhone units other than the iPhone 15 series. You may also add accessories, such as screen protectors and kickstands, to enhance your user experience.

If you wish to be a pro and check out the Unicorn Beetle collection, you will be welcomed with snap-on cases intended for convenient installation, a camera cover hinge, and a ring holder.

In either case collections mentioned, you will surely experience a water adventure with your phone, maximizing its full functionality without any hassle.


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