iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro Buyer's Guide

The iPhone 13 has been at the top of the best-selling list for phones for the first quarter of 2022. Owning one of these devices is a luxury for many, considering the price is still quite steep after years of being on the market. If you already have an iPhone or even if you've never switched to Apple products, you are likely considering the iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13.

When it comes to Apple products, the finer details matter, especially to die-hard fans. However, as an everyday user, it may be difficult to make an informed decision between the two devices. Below, we will be going over the iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro and when one is a better fit for your lifestyle.

Similarities in the iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro

While there are many differences and qualities that separate the experience of the iPhone 13 models, they both have features that set them apart from every other smartphone device. Here are some of those commonalities: 

Photographic Styles

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro Buyer's Guide

Photographic Styles is a feature on both iPhone models that should not be missed by users. It lets you have the ability to adjust camera features like lighting, contrast, and warmth. You can set this up on your phone, so it's on every time you open up the camera. 

This allows you to create filters that you can have on your camera screen to individualize each of your photos. You can create themes, so you always have the same type of picture. 

Ceramic Front Glass

iphone 13 ceramic front glass

This iPhone is more durable than its previous models because of its ceramic shield glass. It can withstand up to 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes.

It is also much more resistant to wind, dust, and dirt. This doesn't mean you should go out throwing your phone around. In fact, you should still get a screen protector to make sure your phone does not crack. 

Charging Techniques

supcase magsafe car vent mount

Both iPhone models have a lightning connector port. They both also support MagSafe charging accessories. This is convenient for users because the world is transitioning to be even more wireless and on the go. MagSafe chargers help users charge quickly and safely at a much faster rate than normal chargers. 

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro: Comparing the Differences

There are still a few key differences that might sway your phone choice. Here they are: 

Overall Design

supcase iphone 13

The build of the phone is the same squared and flat design. The main differences are the use of materials and difference in color finishing. The iPhone Pro Max is 6.7 inches and the regular Pro and 13 smaller versions are both 6.1 inches. 

The iPhone 13 Pro has surgical-grade stainless steel edges with a back that has frosted matte-colored glass. The iPhone 13 is composed of aluminum edges and polished rear glass. While the dimensions are the exact same, the 13 model is 30 grams less because of its aluminum use. 

The iPhone Pro does have a more luxurious feel because of the added weight and color options. Both choices really come down to your personal opinion. 

Color Choice

The two devices offer different color options to choose from. Here are the different options for the model iPhone 13 Pro: 

  • • Red
  • • Starlight
  • • Midnight 
  • • Blue 
  • • Pink
  • • Green

The iPhone 13 Pro has seemingly more of a timeless theme to its color options. It is composed of a completely different palette with these color choices:

  • • Alpine Green
  • • Sierra Blue 
  • • Gold
  • • Graphite

Advanced ProMotion Display

iphone 13 pro motion display

This feature was first used with the iPad Pro years ago, and it offers a refresh rate that adapts and ranges from 10Hz to 120Hz. With a brighter display, the iPhone 13 pro can adjust depending on what you are viewing on your phone. 

This means if you are following a sports game or scrolling through videos, you will have access to a faster refresh that will improve the responsiveness of your phone. This will also improve your overall experience. 

ProMotion is able to slow down the frame rate of your phone as well. The iPhone 13 model does not have this feature, but it still has a great display compared to its other models. 

Camera Difference 

iphone 13 camera difference

There is quite an upgrade to the iPhone 13 Pro models compared to the more simple version. This does not apply to the front camera, which is the same for both phones. 

When you compare the iPhone 13 models, you should know about the rear camera setups. The iPhone 13 has a 12MP dual-camera system and ultra-wide lenses, while the Pro model boasts a triple camera and a telephoto lens. This lens gives the iPhone 13 Pro the ability to optically zoom three times in and zoom in ten times further than its more basic model. 

The 13 Pro camera has a larger aperture which allows for more light and produces a better quality image. It can also record video in 4K ProRes and take advanced Night mode portraits. The Pro model is definitely recommended for people who are aiming at professional photography or videography. 

Storage Capability 

iphone 13 storage capacity

Both of the iPhone 13 options start out with the same amount of storage. Starting at 128BG, the middle option is 256GB and capped at 512 GB. The Pro has the option of adding 1 TB of storage which is a great deal more. 

Processing Core

iphone 13 processing core

While both of these iPhone 13 models contain the same A15 Bionic chip, the GPU in the 13 Pro has one different core. When you are doing things like gaming and video editing, you can expect a more smooth performance. The iPhone 13 Pro also has 2GB additional memory than the standard model. 

The graphics on iPhone 13 are 30% better than on Android phones because of this processing chip. The overall efficiency of the phone's processing will be much more improved. 

Battery Power

iphone 13 battery life

The battery life is far greater on the Pro model than it is on a regular 13 device. The Pro can stream videos for up to five extra hours and playback videos three hours longer. The iPhone Pro Max shows its exceptional build with a 12-hour battery life, one that is record-breaking for iPhones. 

Why Should I Buy an iPhone 13? 

It can still be daunting to make the jump from Android to iPhone. If you need more convincing, here are some additional reasons why you should think about getting yourself one: 

1. Apple's Efforts Towards Sustainability 

Apple's Efforts Towards Sustainability

Apple has a goal of becoming aware and accountable for its environmental footprint by having a net-zero climate impact. They have made efforts to cut back on its plastic wrapping and use 35% recycled plastics for some of its components. 

With smaller packaging and lighter weight manufacturing and distribution, climate efforts have increased with the use of hydropower energy. Apple even follows specific guidelines for its recycled packaging, so they know it comes from a responsible source.  

2. Availability

iphone 13 availability

iPhones are so popular that every major distributor should have them available. You can also purchase them off the Apple website. The iPhone 13 starts out at $799, and the more advanced Pro model starts at $999. 

3. Compatibility 

apple ecosystem

One of the best reasons to buy an iPhone is because of the Apple ecosystem. You can easily open up web pages you left on your Apple MacBook and continue viewing them on your iPhone. Texts, calls, and notifications come through all of your Apple devices so you won't miss a thing.

What iPhone Should You Buy? 

Choosing your phone depends on which model fits your lifestyle best. If you still can't decide which iPhone to get, here are a few questions that you should ask yourself: 

  1. 1. How much storage will you need or want? 
  2. 2. Should you spend the extra money on the upgrade? 
  3. 3. Is it worth it to compromise the specs and added features for the value of money? 
  4. 4. How big do you want the screen size to be? 
  5. 5. Will you be playing games or streaming from your phone often? 
  6. 6. Do you need to take professional-style photos? 

Buy Your iPhone Today

From a brighter display to longer battery life, the new iPhone lineup transforms the smartphone game and allows so many endless options for its users. Between iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro, you will be happy with its advanced battery life and other great qualities. 

When you are spending a great deal of money on these devices, you should make sure they are protected. We offer some really great cases so you can protect your investment. Check out our protective and affordable phone cases here.

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