Picture this: you’re scrolling through social media with your new Samsung Galaxy phone during breakfast. Sometime during the meal, you lose grip on your phone, and it falls on your food, silverware, and drink. Picking it up, you notice new scratches from the fall and crumbs stuck in the crevices.

Nowadays, we live a fast-paced life. People on average spend 3 hours and 15 minutes every day in front of their phones. Your phone is practically an extension of your limbs.

Because most of our daily tasks revolve around them, a broken phone is a huge inconvenience. To avoid those dire circumstances, having a protective phone case is necessary.

Does your Samsung Galaxy phone have a case? This article will discuss the reasons why your phone needs protection today.

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Protection from Impact

The main reason why people get phone cases is for protection. Nothing renders a phone more useless than a shattered screen. This problem is one of the most common reasons that brings people to phone repair shops.

Screens are always at risk of shattering when you drop your phone on its corners. The reason is the force exerted on impact is more concentrated.

Most phone cases help reduce the impact of your phone’s fall. Some phone covers even add a screen protector in their design. By doing that, your phone will get little to no damage when it hits the ground.

Nowadays, many phone brands like Samsung make their phones almost completely out of glass. While that’s all great, having extra protection gives phone users more comfort.

Shock-absorbent phone cases give a standard form of protection. These cases often use silicone and rubber with a design focused on covering your phone’s corners.

But remember that your phone protection needs will depend on your daily activities. For example, it might be okay to use a slim case if your activities might only lead to minor drops and bumps. Clear cases also show off the sleek designs of Apple’s iPhones and Samsung’s Galaxy series.

Younger phone users often break their phones. Because of that, their phones usually need extra heavy-duty protection.

People with active lifestyles like athletes also need sturdier protective cases. This case ensures that they will fit in with their activities.

Gives You A Good Grip

Phone Case Good Grip

Throughout the years, the material used to cover the back of phones has changed. Like the fashion industry, trending phone designs and materials change. Right now, glass is the most prominent material for smartphones.

Glass is more compatible with today’s wireless charging than metal. Not only that, it’s also a more premium material in your hand than plastic. While glass is becoming more durable, it’s still prone to shattering. As YouTuber JerryRigEverything says, glass is glass, and glass breaks.

Unlike other glass that you can put texture on, glass phones are slippery. Having a phone case is a big help to keep a steady grip on your phone for long periods.

Others define grip as the essential factor when choosing a case. When you have a good grip on your phone, the chances of you dropping it lowers. Aside from that, a phone case with a good grip is more ergonomic and healthier for your hands.

Smartphones today are also getting bigger and bigger, with an average of five inches. Samsung Galaxy phones often have more than six inches of full-screen display. While a bigger phone ensures a longer battery life, it also causes a looser grip.

Although you can still use phone ring holders, a phone case is a safer option.

Shows Your Personality

Shows Your Personality Do You Need A Phone Case for Your Samsung Galaxy Yes, and Here’s Why

A naked Galaxy phone is naturally more exposed to breaking and scratching. In fact, new research also shows that one in three people in America have cracks and scratches on their phone screens. But a naked Galaxy phone can also be dull and boring.

Apart from clothes, shoes, and bags, phone cases are the newest fashion accessory. Throughout the years, phones evolved from convenient gadgets to essentials.

With that in mind, you’d want your phone to reflect your personality as much as your clothes do. Phone cases are not only for protecting your phone. They’re also a new fashionable way to express yourself.

Nowadays, there’s no limit to the design of a phone case. You have sleek phone cases with flip covers, and interactive ones like bubble wrap phone cases.

Solid-colored cases are still good. However, bold designs have more character that can reflect your lifestyle. Along with that, you can still keep your phone away from dirt and harm.

Keeps Your Phone Clean

Keeps Your Phone Clean Do You Need A Phone Case for Your Samsung Galaxy Yes, and Here’s Why

Did you know that at any time over 25,127 bacteria per square inch are present on your phone? Your phone is one of the dirtiest objects you contact every day. It's no wonder so many PR firms use the idea of your phone being filthier than a toilet seat. There’s truth to it.

With what’s happening in the world today, everyone is dead set to keep their things clean. You can do that by having a sturdy and long-lasting phone case. In a way, these cases are one last line of defense against dirt and bacteria.

Antimicrobial cases aren’t foolproof, but they’re beneficial in reducing germs. Apart from the germs, a good Galaxy case keeps dirt from getting stuck in the crevices of your phone. They also keep your phone from water damage that you may get from coffee spills, especially if they have port covers to keep out dust, dirt, and moisture like some of the more rugged cases do.

But the best way a phone case keeps your phone neat is that they’re washable. You can take off the case and wash it in warm, soapy water. Once it dries, you can put it back, and it will still look good as new.

While not all phone cases are washable, TPU and silicone phone cases are. These materials hold germs faster, but they’re also easy to wash.

Reasons Why You Need A Phone Case for Your Samsung Galaxy

Today, smartphones like Samsung’s Galaxy phones are essential commodities and investments. Keeping your phone from any damage is necessary for prolonged use.

The best way to do that is by getting yourself a phone case. They keep your phone protected, clean, and stylish.

Keep your phone and other gadgets protected and clean. Contact us now to find out the best phone case and accessories for your smartphone.


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