Did you know that listening to music while you work out can actually improve your performance? Music allows you to work harder without feeling strained. You're less likely to notice pain, fatigue, or discomfort and it's easier for you to get into the groove.

This is just one reason why you might want to bring your phone with you while you work out. To do that, you'll need a cell phone armband.

Maybe you're waiting for an important call while at the gym. Maybe you want to take a selfie at the end of your run. Or, maybe you want your phone on you in case you fall while hiking. 

A phone armband keeps you connected without having to carry your phone in your hand. However, if you've tried one before, you know how difficult it is to find the right band. Generally, they're loose, they can chafe, and they don't make your phone feel very safe. 

To help you find the right band, we put together this guide. Read on to find the perfect armband that actually fits! 

Cell Phone Armband Considerations 

No matter what brand you choose, there are a few things to take into consideration when picking your armband. To make sure your band fits, you should check the size.

Measure your arm with a measuring tape or string. Try to do this without flexing your arm. This will ensure that the band fits your arm at its smallest so that it won't bounce when you run.

Once you have the circumference of your arm, you can pick the right size for your armband.

A running armband might still chafe, even if it fits well. This is due to poor quality, or bulky design. Be sure to read reviews and testimonials to make sure that previous customers enjoyed their armbands. 

Next, you'll have to make sure your phone fits the band. Check that the band supports your specific model of phone, allows for touchscreen functionality, and incorporates a headphone jack in the correct place. Alternatively, you can opt for a pair of Bluetooth headphones or earbuds.

Most armbands aren't fully waterproof but can be water resistant. They'll be silicone or neoprene around the phone, keeping the phone protected from sweat. However, in the event of a downpour, your phone won't be protected. 

If you often find yourself running in the rain, be sure to look for a waterproof, or at least water-resistant, armband. Likewise, if you run early in the morning or in the evening, pick an armband with reflective features to increase visibility and reduce your risk of an accident. 

Vet the Company 

As with any phone accessory, it's essential that you check the company you're buying from before you make a purchase. There are many low-quality armbands out there that you'll end up having to replace immediately, or won't keep your phone safe. Don't pick the first company you see, pick a company that has a loyal customer base. 

This is a great way to ensure that you're getting the best cell phone armband for the price. It's even better if they stand by their products with a long warranty.  

In addition, look for a company that focuses on durability and quality. They should test all their products for durability and be transparent about the results of their tests. For example, SUPCASE spends a lot of time driving over phones and dropping them from heights so you can see the durability of their products with your own eyes.  

With all these considerations, you should have narrowed your search down to a few products from a few high-quality and reputable companies. Now let's talk about the best armband for your phone. 

The SUPCASE Running Mate Armband

Our pick for the best armband cell phone holder is the SUPCASE Running Mate. The Running Mate comes in a few different models, so you'll be able to find the perfect fit for your phone.

It features a hard silicone shell for your phone with a plastic screen cover. The case is detachable from the band so you can easily access your phone. It's also easy to clean, so you can get rid of any sweat or grime that can build up in the edges. 

The band also features reflective trim for visibility in low-light running. 

In addition, its durability and quality are unmatched (and thoroughly tested), so your phone will be safe on all your runs. And, most importantly, the armband is lightweight and will fit snuggly around your arm. This means no chaffing or bouncing, and you won't have to readjust your armband every few minutes. 

One of SUPCASE's founding principles is making quality cases that are affordable, so durability doesn't come at a high cost. You can protect your phone without breaking the bank. And, if you do somehow break the case within a year, they'll replace it free of charge. 

Pick the Right Cell Phone Armband Today

Gone are the days of bouncing cell phones while you run. No more will you have to deal with a loose armband that causes more irritation than it's worth. Instead, you can get your hands on the perfect cell phone armband that will keep you connected and your phone safe. 

At SUPCASE, our Running Mate Armband just scratches the surface of the phone protection we offer. We have a wide range of cases and accessories that will keep your technology safe. Check out our products, and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your phone is protected. 

Melissa Hau
Melissa Hau is the Brand Manager for i-Blason, SUPCASE's sister company. She was previously the Social Media Manager for multiple brands under the same group of companies.

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