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Nintendo Switch OLED

Immersing yourself in the Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Bros, Pokemon, Mario Kart, and more while playing Nintendo Switch OLED is easy. It's made even easier because its 7-inch OLED screen makes all the colors pop every time you play, and its enhanced audio pulls you in. But your immersion should not come at the cost of your Nintendo slipping from your hands by protecting it in a Nintendo Switch OLED case from SUPCASE.

Drop-proof Case with Ergonomic Features

Racing is exhilarating, and winning against enemies is even more victorious in the OLED Switch. Emotions will understandably be high, winning or losing, as you get fully immersed in the game with your fellow Nintendo Switch Online players. There may come a time when the emotions get too much you lose grip on the OLED Switch. One fall, and you know what fate awaits your console.

Accidentally dropping your console should not worry you as much if you put it in the award-winning Unicorn Beetle PRO FORMA. It exceeds the Military Specifications (MIL-SPEC) drop test standards upon testing. If you drop your OLED Switch during your victory jump, the case will keep everything intact.

Immersive gaming may run for hours, but the UB Pro Forma has an ergonomic design. Its streamlined silhouette allows you to keep holding your console for hours. And that concern about accidentally dropping your OLED Switch? It won't be the case anymore because this Switch OLED case has a non-slip bump texture.

SUPCASE's confidence in our cases is evident in our one-year warranty offer. Keep your proof of purchase safe if you need to file a warranty claim.

Front and Back Protective Storage

Most cases may only have a protective cover for the back, but the UB Pro FORMA for the OLED Switch covers both the back and the screen. SUPCASE made sure to use soft TPU material that is shock absorbing. The screen is protected with a front case storage cover that can secure up to five game cards. If you're on a long road trip, at least you'll have multiple game cards you can switch around.

If you want 360-degree protection, the UB Pro FORMA gives it to you on a platter. Pack everything you've got for a camping trip in your hiking backpack, including your OLED Switch, and do not worry about it getting scratched. You can opt not to use the front cover if you want to dock the console.

SUPCASE knows how valuable your console is and how great it is for on-the-go gaming, but we don't want you to tiptoe around handling it. As long as it's in the case, it's safe.

Easy Access Through Precise Cutouts

We know how annoying it is to try and get to the charging port or how the headphone plug barely fits because the case partially covers the ports. We considered that when we designed the UB Pro FORMA as a Nintendo Switch OLED case. They have precise cutouts so you can easily access all sensors, buttons, and ports.

Protect your Nintendo Switch OLED without ruining your fun with how you control the console and without hurting your hand during long games on the go. Check out SUPCASE. Get maximum protection for your Nintendo Switch OLED and Nintendo Switch Lite at SUPCASE.

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