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It’s a (modern) age old debate: do you really need a phone case?Well, as a case company, our answer probably won’t surprise you. When it comes to whether or not a case is necessary, our answer is a resounding YES. But what surprises us is that a recent study found that just over 20% of smartphone users disagree. They prefer to go it alone and take their chances with a device they paid hundreds – sometimes even thousands – of dollars for. Some smartphone users who choose not to use a case can be heard saying things like: I’m only going to have this thing for 2-3 years tops, why spend money to protect it? Or: We should stop becoming so attached to our cellphones. It’s not a house or a car. We don’t need to spend money on cases to protect them.

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To put it simply, I don’t understand this line of thinking. Do you know how many drops, falls, cracks, shattered screens, toilet dives and HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS in repair costs can happen in 2-3 years? All it takes is one time. One face-down plummet to the bathroom floor to completely shatter your Gorilla Glass display and render your device unusable. One backyard BBQ push in the pool before you’re taking a nosedive into your wallet for expensive repairs or replacements. Sure, you don’t have to treat your smartphone like your firstborn, but it’s ideal to be able to use it... right?

Still not convinced? Let’s look at five quick reasons why having a phone case is better than not having a phone case:


1. Resale Value
Selling your old phone to offset the cost of your new one is a great way to help someone else while helping yourself too. Of course, the better shape your device is in, the more money you’re going to be able to fetch. Sometimes even being able to say something like ‘used phone case from day one’ in the description will get buyers to reach a little deeper into their pockets to pick up what you’re putting down.

2. Did You Buy Insurance?
Even if you did: 1) coverage only goes so far and 2) you could still find yourself without a smartphone for days or even weeks while the other is being repaired or replaced. Bottom line is, you need a phone case – especially if you don’t have insurance on it.

3. Impact Protection
We’ve all had one of those days. You know what I’m talking about. Those days where, no matter what you do, your brain feels like it's in a fog and nothing seems to function the way you want it to, including your hands. All it takes is one episode of butterfingers to send your smartphone summersaulting to the sidewalk. Wouldn’t it be nice if, when you went to pick it up, you didn’t have to hold your breath in hopes your screen wasn’t shattered into a million pieces? So many cases these days – even the clear ones – offer a reliable level of drop defense for your device. Even a thin layer of shock-absorbent TPU can save your screen from disaster when it acts as a barrier between your fragile phone and the asphalt.

4. Look and Feel
We’ve all heard phone users say they’d rather not use a case because they don’t want to cover up the look of their device. But who says a phone case has to do that? There are clear cases designed to offer maximum protection with very minimal disruption. Some of them even enhance the look AND the feel of your phone with smooth silicone edges and curved corners.

5. Affordability
Some of the best phone cases on the market can be obtained for less than $30. That could get you a full-body case with a built-in touch-compatible screen protector, dual-layered TPU materials and Polycarbonate outer covers. In other words, the best of the best - all the bells and whistles – and it’d only set you back the cost of a few good lattes. Let’s compare that to the smartphones of today. With their edge-to-edge glass screens, glass bodies and multiple camera lenses, the cellphones of today exist to be more than just telephones – and their price tags only remind us of that. Why not spend a little now to save a lot later?


If I haven’t convinced you yet – congratulations, you’re a true bare cellphone purist. But to me, it’s a no brainer. If you own a modern smartphone in today’s world, and since to err is human, there are definitely more pros than cons to putting a cover on your mobile device. When it comes down to it, even the cheapest most minimal phone cases out there can potentially save you time, headache and most importantly money.


  • Most clear cases offer a level of screen protection that exists in their elevated edges – often called a ‘raised bezel’.
  • TPU stands for Thermoplastic Polyurethane which is a type of plastic known for being shock-absorbent in cases.
  • ‘Full-body cases’ refer to those that offer 360 degree coverage, including a built-in screen protector.
Amanda Fontenot
Amanda was previously the Social Media and Content Manager for SUPCASE.


  • D Kaplan

    Supcase phone cases have been my go to case for my phones.

  • Anne

    I used to hate having a phone case on my phone, but I learned that there are affordable, cute, and very durable cases that can still show the phone itself but also protect it!

  • Syed Moiz Ahmed

    I agree with all that statement

  • ANne

    Yesss! Agree with all of this! Love phone cases because there are also many cute ones!

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