When Is iPhone 14 Coming Out in the United States?

Apple sold more than 40 million iPhone 13s at the end of 2021. And with the iPhone 14 rumored to be another groundbreaking (to Apple standards) smartphone, that number will probably skyrocket again this year.

You can expect the iPhone 14 to be announced at this year’s “Far Out” event on 7 September 2022. New Apple Watches are also expected to make an appearance at this event. 

But when is iPhone 14 coming out in the United States? Keep reading to get the low down on the iPhone 14 and the September 7th event.

iPhone 14 News and Rumors

iphone 14 release rumors

No matter how hard Apple tries, leaks and rumors about their devices dominate social media channels and YouTube for months, and sometimes years. It’s been no different with this year’s iPhone 14 lineup. 

There has been a lot of speculation about the new iPhones, with some rumors contradicting each other. 

Here’s an overview of some rumors and possible leaks:

  • • The iPhone 14 lineup won’t include a mini
  • • One reputable leaker believes there will be an iPhone Mini
  • • iPhone Pro models may feature a “No Notch” design with a pill-shape camera cut out
  • • Some camera upgrades
  • • Internal upgrades
  • • Better battery

Unfortunately, there’s been little news regarding a much-anticipated port-less iPhone or an iPhone with a USB-C port.

There have been whispers about the iPhone 14s being an e-SIM-only phone. While this is a major step forward, these rumors are just that – rumors. Other leakers have suggested that this feature will only appear in next year’s iPhone Pro models, along with the possible re-birth of Touch-ID.  

Other rumors and leaks also suggest a few design changes for the iPhone 14, with new colors and possible new screen sizes.

Some rumors have also suggested that the iPhone 11 will make its exit from the entire iPhone lineup following the 14’s release. To many, the iPhone 11 was a much cheaper alternative to the newer, high-end models. But the iPhone 12 could easily fill this gap with the introduction of the iPhone 14.

Possible iPhone 14 Design

iphone 14 design

Image credit: Forbes

As mentioned, the entire iPhone 14 lineup could feature some minor design changes. A lot of these rumors started before the release of the iPhone 13, when Jon Prosser, a reliable leaker, released a few iPhone 14 renders.

It seems that the iPhone 14 will feature the same flat edge design as the iPhone 12 and 13 lineups. The main changes seem to revolve around the color options and the possibility of a no-notch design for the Pro models. 

As for the color options, some rumors claim there won’t be a pink iPhone this year. Instead, be prepared to choose between Green, Blue, Purple, Black, Red, and White. There are fresh colors for the Pro models too.

Leaks have suggested that the possible new iPhone 14 Pro colors are silver, graphite, green, and purple. No gold this year it seems. 

Regarding the No-Notch display – several leaked CAD renders show the iPhone 14 Pro lineup finally saying goodbye to the notched display. This not only answers the prayers of many tech-heads out there but also further distinguishes the Pro phones from their standard counterparts.

While you can still expect a four-phone lineup this year, chances are we won’t be seeing an iPhone 14 mini. Instead, Apple could introduce an iPhone 14 Max (or Plus) with a 6.7-inch screen. With the drop in sales for miniature phones, this isn’t a surprise. 

But on 21 August, another reputable leaker suggested that Apple might surprise us all and release an iPhone 14 mini. These claims were backed up by Asia-Pacific partners allegedly prepping marketing materials for the new iPhone mini.

Some older leaks and rumors suggested that this year’s lineup might have slightly smaller displays than the iPhone 13 models. This hasn’t been confirmed or mentioned again in recent months.

What About the Cameras?

Don’t worry, Apple hasn’t forgone camera upgrades this year. Many rumors suggest that the Pro lineup might see even bigger cameras with an impressive 48MP camera sensor. This bigger sensor could mean even better low-light performance for the pro models this year. 

Oddly enough, in August one leaker suggested that the iPhone 14’s might struggle in low light conditions.

The Pro iPhones aren’t the only ones getting a camera upgrade this year. Many reports suggest that the standard iPhone 14s will see a small camera upgrade too, especially the selfie camera. The front camera might get even better this year with two possible features being autofocus and better aperture. 

Unfortunately, these camera upgrades could mean an increase in price, which this piece will get into a bit later. 

Battery Life

Each year Apple claims that their new iPhones have better battery life than previous models. The rumor mill this year suggests that their claims might be true yet again.

Some leaks are rather specific, going so far as to list the battery sizes. The iPhone 14 might have a 3,279 mAh battery, which is only slightly bigger than the 13’s 3,227 mAh. The iPhone 14 Max (or Plus depending on the rumor) might feature a massive 4,325 mAh battery.

The iPhone 14 Pro is also getting a battery upgrade this year, with it possibly getting a 3,200 mAh battery. This is a decent upgrade from last year’s model, which had a 3,095 mAh battery.

The Pro Max might not be getting an upgrade this year. The iPhone 13 Pro Max has a 4,352 mAh battery, but the iPhone 14 Pro Max might only have a 4,323 mAh battery. 

Other Internal Specs

What might not be changing this year are the storage capacities. The standard iPhone 14 models might still be available in 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. 

With the Pro models being rumored to have better cameras, you might be happy to hear that they might start with a higher storage capacity. You can expect the iPhone 14 Pros to start with a 256GB storage capacity, and also be available in 512GB and 1TB. 

As is the case with previous iPhone models, this year’s phones will also be getting a new chipset. Some rumors suggest that the standard iPhone 14s will get an A15 chip, but its name might change to an A16. 

The Pro phones will be getting a fully revamped chip, which will also have the A16 name tag. 

With chip and battery upgrades, some might be concerned about heating issues. Luckily, many leaks suggest that the cooling system within the phone may also be upgraded. 

The entire iPhone 14 line-up might also feature 6GB RAM, which is another great upgrade. Last year’s iPhones only had 4GB of RAM

The Displays

You can expect the standard iPhones will have a 60Hz display, while the Pros will have 120Hz displays. Other rumors might suggest that the lower-end phones might get a slightly upgraded refresh rate at 90Hz. While this won’t necessarily be as speedy as the 120Hz, it’s still better than no upgrade at all.

A lot of rumors also state that the Pros might have an always-on display, like on the Apple Watch Series 5 and up. If this is true, it will show the weather, calendars, stocks, and activities. For battery preservation, it’s expected that the display will downscale its refresh rate. 

The always-on display rumors might be confirmed thanks to a lot of the features of iOS 16. The new software offers a brand-new lock screen with new widgets. The theories suggest that these widgets will be silhouetted and get simple black-and-white outlines. 


When it comes to the connectivity features, you can expect the entire range of iPhones will be getting Qualcomm's X65 modem. Some rumors suggest from next year Apple might be producing their own 5G modems. 

An older rumor has resurfaced again this year. It suggests that the new phones might be able to connect to satellite networks. This fantastic upgrade could allow users to send text messages to emergency services in severe circumstances. 

This all falls into Apple’s plan better their emergency features.

When Is iPhone 14 Coming Out?

iphone 14 announcement

Image credit: Sky News

With all these rumors, it’s no surprise that the most asked question about the new phone: “When is iPhone 14 coming out?” 

Previously, the newly announced iPhones went on sale a week or so after they were announced. This year, the iPhone 14s will be announced on 7 September at the “Fall Out” event. So, if Apple sticks to its trajectory, you can expect the iPhone 14s to be released by 16 September.

But some rumors suggest that this might not be the case for the iPhone 14 Max. The world is still reeling from supply chain issues, and the standard Max might be affected. A lot of the rumors contradict each other. Some state that the panels for the new phones are on track, while others say that Apple is far behind its schedule.

Other leaks suggest that Apple plans to manufacture just under 100 million iPhone 14 units. This plan links up to previous releases, which suggests that Apple might not be as behind as many believe.

With all these conflicting rumors, it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact date when the iPhone 14 could be released. Some say that it could be as early as 13 September, but as mentioned, it could be later than that.

Hopefully, with these possible delays, Apple won’t delay the release as they did with the iPhone X and 12

Apple announced its first no-home button iPhone, the iPhone X, in September 2017. But this highly anticipated iPhone only arrived in late November, much to the disappointment of Apple fans across the world. 

Thanks to the pandemic, Apple had to delay the iPhone 12s. The new phones, which were the first since the iPhone 5s and SE to feature a flat edge design, officially hit shelves in late October 2020. 

iPhone 14 Price

iphone 14 price

Despite the reported delays, hopefully, the world won’t have to wait long for the new iPhone 14. But now onto the price.

Previously, Apple has prided itself on not increasing the prices of its devices too much. But, in recent years, this hasn’t been the case. Many suggest that the iPhone 14 line-up will be another device to be getting a price bump this year.

With all the possible new features, this year’s iPhones could be around $100 more expensive. This is quite a big price jump, but with all the possible new features, it might be worth it.

The price increase for the iPhone Pros could be due to the new base storage options. As mentioned, the pros could start at 256GB instead of 128GB this year. Many leakers suggest that the new cameras on this year’s iPhones could be another reason for the price increase. 

Those who are fans of the standard models might be happy to learn that these phones might not be getting more expensive. Leaks have surfaced showcasing prices for the standard iPhone 14 and an iPhone 14 Max (no mini).

With that, you can expect the standard iPhone 14 to stay at $799, with the 14 Max possibly being priced at $899. 

The possible price increase puts the iPhone 14 Pro at $1099, with the Pro Max maybe being at around $1199. While price increases are no fun, a lot of rumors seem to back this unfortunate claim.

Apple Event: What Else to Expect

While the iPhone is the star of the September event each year, it’s not the only thing Apple announces. There are a few more things to expect from Apple’s “Far Out” event on 7 September. 

Apple Watch

iphone 14 apple watchband

Since the release of the first Apple Watch in 2014, Apple announces its new smartwatches at its September event.

This year, they’re set to release the new Apple Watch Series 8. But this year, many rumors have suggested that Apple might finally release a Pro Apple Watch. In July, a trusted leaker announced that this Pro Watch might have a larger display, a titanium case, and much better battery life. 

With these changes, the Apple Watch Pro could be much larger than the current Watch Series 7. It could also feature a temperature sensor, allowing the watch to alert you when you’re running a fever. In turn, it could also suggest seeing a doctor if your temperature is too high or low.

These new features could also be used by period tracking and fertility apps for better, more accurate readings.

Other rumors suggest that the new Apple Watch Series 8 could have the biggest redesign since the Series 4, on a hardware level. The rumors don’t allude to a round design, which many seem to be disappointed in.

AirPods Pro 2

airpods pro 2

Believe it or not, it’s been almost three years since Apple released their AirPods Pros. This year might finally be the year they release a much-anticipated sequel.

Last year, some rumors claimed that Apple might release stem-less Air Pods. But more recent leaks claim that the new Air Pod Pro 2s won’t look too different from the first generation.

But you can of course expect a few new features and upgrades. Some leaked renders show a new case with speaker holes and possibly a spot for a strap. The speaker holes would help with alerts with Apple’s Find My App, making it much easier to locate lost AirPods.

When it comes to sound quality, you can expect some upgrades too. A few rumors claim that the new Air Pods Pros could support Apple’s new Lossless Audio (ALAC). This new feature could make them a new contender for audiophiles. 

These new Air Pod Pros could also feature the H1 chip seen in the third-generation Air Pods. 


ipad ub pro

iPad announcements are perhaps the most anticipated each year, after the iPhones. But they’re usually saved for their own event, which usually happens in mid-fall. 

Some rumors claim there might be a surprise announcement for the entry-level tablet, the iPad 10. These rumors also suggest that this iPad could finally feature a USB-C port, like the rest of its family.

The 10th generation iPad could also feature 5G support and a new, faster A14 bionic chip.

Unfortunately, there’s been no news regarding the overall design of this new iPad, so it might still sport a home button and thick bezels.

The iPad Pros might also be getting some love this year. You can expect a slight refresh for these high-end iPads, namely internally. They could feature the new speedy M2 chip, which would make them the fastest iPads on the market.

Other rumors also claim that the new 11-inch iPad Pro could finally feature a mini-LED display.

The Pro iPads might also feature some version of MagSafe wireless charging, which could be super handy. With their size, they could also feature reverse wireless charging, so you'll be able to charge your other devices on the go.


While a lot of the rumors are quite detailed, there are still some questions that need to be answered.

Will the iPhone 14 Be Foldable?

Foldable smartphones have gained a lot of traction in recent years, especially since Samsung released their Galaxy Fold in early 2019. Several other brands have jumped on the bandwagon, including Google and Microsoft.

But Apple is one of the few that hasn’t joined the trend yet. Several rumors have suggested that a foldable iPhone is on the horizon, with the snazzy name “iPhone Flip.” While many are hoping that Apple might surprise the world with a foldable phone this year, it might not happen.

Many rumors and leaks point to Apple finally releasing the “Flip” in 2023 or 2024. 

What Is The iPhone 14 Pro Release Date?

As mentioned, Apple sometimes delays certain handsets for several reasons. For example, the iPhone 8 was released on 22 September 2017, but the iPhone X, which was launched at the same time, only hit shelves on 3 November 2017.

With several rumors suggesting delays, some might be concerned about the higher-end iPhones being delayed. Luckily, the latest leaks suggest that Apple is on track with its production plans.

You can expect the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max to be released shortly after the launch. 

As mentioned, several rumors suggest that the entire iPhone 14 lineup could be released on the 13th or the 16th of September. 

What Is the Apple September Event?

Each year Apple holds several events, each for different types of product and software announcements. Apple’s Spring event usually occurs in March, and they usually announce an iPhone SE, a new iPhone color, and Macs.

Every June, Apple hosts its Worldwide Developers Conference, WWDC. This event is all about software. They take the time to announce any upcoming software changes and updates across their entire lineup of products.

WWDC is also a weeklong affair that hosts developers and some special guests. The main idea is to get developers up to date with all of Apple’s new software. Very rarely do they announce new hardware, but it can happen. 

The September event is usually their biggest, as they announce their new iPhone lineup. But as you can deduce, it’s not always just about iPhone. Since the release of their smartwatch, Apple also announces the new Watch Series during this event.

Occasionally, they’ll announce the release of some accessories, like AirPods, and any updates to the base model iPad. 

October events don’t always occur, but when they do, Apple tends to announce the launch of higher-end iPads and some Macs.

Every Apple event is hosted at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park in Cupertino. But since the pandemic, they’ve instead released prerecorded keynotes to the public in one brilliant live stream. 

But Steve Jobs Theater might see actual people again this year, as Apple has released invites to their “Far Out” event.  

The iPhone 14 Release Date 2022

With all the various, contradicting rumors, it can be difficult to get a straight answer to the question: when is iPhone 14 coming out? While you won’t know the exact release date until the event, based on the rumors, you can expect the new iPhone to be on sale a week after the 7 September event.

iphone 14 banner


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