Today, Apple (AAPL) has a $2.7 trillion market capitalization, making it one of the largest and most lucrative companies on the planet. The iPhone changed the way that we communicate, and each release is a must-have for tech enthusiasts and casual consumers alike. 

We're on the cusp of a new iPhone being released. September is iPhone season, so Apple fans are champing at the bit to find out the details of the iPhone 14. 

How much will the iPhone 14 cost? What specs should you pay attention to?

Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of this device. 

What Is the iPhone 14 Price?

So, how much will the iPhone 14 cost? Industry experts expect the baseline iPhone to roll out with a $799 price tag. It's speculation at this point since Apple has yet to officially announce the price or the release of the iPhone 14. 

Rumor has it that this release will feature the least expensive large model that the phone has had, while you can expect price hikes for other models. 

While the baseline model will likely cost $799, the iPhone 14 Pro Max price is projected to cost $899. It is said that the Pro models will likely cost $1,000 or more. So, the average price of these models is expected to rise by about $100. 

If you're eagerly awaiting news or pre-orders, you'll feel better having an estimate of how much to expect, so that you can set some money aside and plan accordingly. 

What Went into the Price Hike?

iphone 14 price hike

Since the Pro model of the iPhone is likely to cost $100 more than the iPhone 13 did, it makes sense to analyze the phone to consider what went into this price hike. 

The iPhone 14 Pro price hike will help Apple recoup costs across the board, while still keeping the standard model at a reasonable price. Here are some points that likely contributed to this potential price increase. 

The Technology Improved and Advanced

Apple continues to push the limits with each release. You can tell that advancements have been made when taking a look at everything from the iPhone 14 Pro case to the screen, resolution, and Operating System (OS). 

It's only natural to expect an iPhone 14 cost hike when you consider that the company has made changes to the RAM, processing system, and other specs that improve performance. You're packing more power in your pocket, which always comes at a cost. 

Inflation is the Topic of the Day

Without question, inflation talks have dominated the news cycle for much of 2022. In many situations, companies have to raise their prices as a self-correction. People tighten their wallets during periods of inflation, and this can lead to a ripple effect that challenges manufacturers and suppliers. 

Apple isn't exempt from these economic issues even though they're one of the biggest companies on the planet. Inflation is a story that we'll all need to keep our eyes on for the rest of 2022 and beyond – particularly if recession talks pick up. 

Production Costs Are Going Up 

Along with inflation and economic uncertainty come increases in production costs. 

Expensive chips are even more necessary in the more advanced iPhones, which have more powerful processing systems and other specs. 

It would appear that Apple is avoiding taking drastic measures with their pricing by only raising the price on the Pro models, rather than across the board. Still, the increase in production costs will need to be offset, especially because demand for these phones is still high. 

The Supply Chain Is Experiencing Issues

Supply chains in general are struggling at the moment and in a wide variety of industries. This means that it's taking longer for materials to get from Point A to Point B, and companies are dealing with more losses and setbacks than before. 

This could account for some of the price increase, and why you shouldn't expect a decrease in iPhone prices for new releases anytime soon. 

Apple Expects Strong Earnings

At the end of the day, Apple is still running a business. The stock market has been particularly turbulent this year, and the titans of industry have a unique responsibility to the rest of the market. 

When a company like Apple starts to struggle or experience a dip, it can signal panic within the tech industry and the rest of the economy. This affects consumer confidence and can create a ripple effect that sets back other companies and industries. 

Apple has a responsibility to answer to its shareholders, which is why it's in its best interest to generate profits when at all possible. Increasing the prices of their Pro models by $100 could be a decision made to ensure financial security for the quarter, particularly going into Black Friday and the holiday shopping season. 

Even if people are spending less in times of economic uncertainty, a price hike could help Apple keep earnings where they should be to meet its goals and objectives. 

Apple iPhone 14 Features

Apple iPhone 14 Features

Now that we've broken down the price and the reasons for an increase, it's time to get into the nitty gritty with what matters the most. Aside from Apple having one of the most successful and sought-after tech brands on the market, the reason we buy these phones each year is that they're well-made products with incredible specs. 

Once you understand what to expect from the Apple iPhone 14 features, you'll be better able to decide for yourself whether the new phone is worth your hard-earned money or not. 

So what can we expect from the latest release?

Notchless Display Design

First off, iPhone users that hate the notch can finally rejoice. This little notch has been part of the screen design since the iPhone X, and is a polarizing addition, to say the least. 

For some iPhone owners, it's an added quirk at best and doesn't really take away from their experience. For others, the notch gets in the way of videos, takes away from much-needed screen space, and is an intrusive nuisance. 

Experts are saying that the newest iPhone doesn't feature the notch on its display, so you will get that extra bit of screen space back. While that's not an incredibly big change from prior models, it's significant enough to pique the interest of owners who weren't fans of the previous designs. 

This can pay off for you when you're getting your binge on with new Netflix releases and don't want to lose even a few centimeters of screen space. 

Hole Punch Camera

So, if Apple is moving away from the notch display, what's going to replace it? Enter the hole and pill design. This portion of the screen will feature camera slots with a circle and flat slit right beside each other. 

The flat slot will feature a circle inside of it. These portions are where the dual camera lenses are stored. For most phone users, you will likely barely notice this change, but it's worth noting so that you get a feel for what will be in place to replace the notch design. 

We've seen renderings of the iPhone 14 and what it's supposed to look like, and the new version will be a change of pace from the prior iPhone releases. This new design will be featured at the top of the phone, and while it will likely be less distracting than the prior design, will still take up a good amount of space.  

Multiple Size Options

You will be able to take your pick of size options when shopping around for your brand-new iPhone 14. It has been all but confirmed that the manufacturer will release multiple 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch iPhones. 

We're likely to see the iPhone and iPhone Pro come out in the 6.1-inch variety, along with 6.7-inch iPhone Max and iPhone Max Pro models. Most notable is that Apple is rumored to be getting rid of the iPhone Mini for this year's iPhone 14 release, so consumers won't likely have a 5.7-inch model to choose from. 

People looking into different sizes should also be aware of the design differences between these iPhones.  

A Variety of iPhone 14 Models

If you're looking into purchasing the new iPhone 14, make sure that you're aware of the nuances between the different models. The iPhone, iPhone Pro, iPhone Max, and iPhone Max Pro feature differences and features that go well beyond the size differences. 

For instance, the iPhone 14 Pro model will likely come equipped with dual display cutouts, along with some changes to the way that Face ID will register and be handled. Expect the iPhone 14 Pro to also be built tougher to improve its durability. It's said that it will upgrade to a titanium chassis, which is an improvement over the iPhone 13 steel chassis. 

It's also an improvement over the iPhone 14 standard model, which will continue to have an aluminum chassis. These sorts of changes affect both the design and longevity that you can expect to get from your brand new iPhone. 

An Upgraded Processing System

A quality processing system works out the bugs and kinks whenever an iPhone is released. The new iPhone will feature the A16 Bionic processor. When looking at a processor, it all starts with chip technology. 

The main difference that people will notice is that the A16 chipset makes the new iPhone run faster. Having this new processor will make the phone more efficient as a whole, and will allow users to experience the fluidity that they have come to expect from the iOS platform.  

It Will Have Multiple Color Options

iphone 14 colors

Image credit: Mac Rumors

Don't forget about the style options in play whenever you're looking to buy a new smartphone. This year's iPhone will give you the chance to choose the one that will be ideal for your needs and tastes. 

While nothing is official, there are a few different color schemes that shoppers can likely expect when looking for a new phone. Here are the main types that are being speculated:

  • • Navy Blue
  • • Gold
  • • Graphite
  • • Purple 
  • • Silver

Getting to know the different color schemes will allow you to envision the iPhone in your hip, hand, and pocket, so you feel comfortable committing to the one that you'll love over the next several years.  

The Pro Version Will Have New Face ID Hardware

As mentioned, iPhone users can also expect some changes to the way that Face ID is handled. It's a wholesale change because Apple is making tweaks to the Face ID hardware. 

Most noticeably, it's rumored that both the pill and camera holes will be used to optimize facial recognition for Face ID. People use this technology increasingly for phone security, point of sale (POS) purchases, and more, so it only makes sense that Apple would want to make improvements.  

A New Modem

In terms of the modem, it is rumored that the iPhone 14 will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon X65 5G chipset. This is important since it will help users get a strong signal for their data and calls. 

There have even been rumors of the modem allowing for emergency text messaging via satellite. Your phone will be able to connect at faster speeds and stay connected so that you don't have to worry about poor performance from your new iPhone.  

Upgraded Camera and Video Technology

You must look into the camera and video specs whenever you're purchasing a new smartphone. The iPhone 14 delivers in terms of this performance, which is crucial for people who love taking photos and videos, either for their personal lives or professional reasons. 

Let's take a look at the existing camera specs for the new iPhone:

  • • It will feature multiple camera sensors – two of them on the standard model and three sensors on Pro iPhone models
  • • The iPhone Pro models will feature a significant boost in camera capability, with a 48 megapixel (MP) camera
  • • Both the iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max will feature 8K camera capability, which will be a huge selling point for creators and professionals who need this boost in technology
  • • The camera will come with an f/1.9 aperture, an improvement over the previous f/2.2 version
  • • All iPhone 14 models will feature camera improvements that allow people to get better photos in low light environments

New phone releases are always pushing video technology limits. When matched with a large hard drive and cloud technology, there's no reason that the new iPhone 14 can't be a multimedia powerhouse.  

An Improved Display

The display is everything when you're looking into a new smartphone. With the iPhone 14, you can choose between the 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch options to see which fits your needs in terms of size and presentation. 

The standard iPhone 14 model will have a 60 Hz refresh rate. The Pro models of the iPhone 14 are said to have a 120 Hz refresh rate. It'll have a crystal-clear OLED screen that you'll be able to use for all of your video, reading, and other multimedia needs.  

Changes in Cases

iphone 14 phone case magsafe

Consider the differences in iPhone cases so that you're prepared for what iPhone brings to the table. These are the features that allow you to expect some durability and ease of use from the phone. 

This year's iPhone will have changes in the case, as the camera bump is likely to be 5% bigger, and the total design is said to be thicker. Thickness aside, the case will feature nearly identical dimension measurements to the iPhone 13 model.  

Brand New Car Crash Detection Features

Apple has brought some new safety features to the iPhone 14 that will make it easier for people to incorporate it into their regular lives. Most notable is a brand new car crash detection feature, which is made possible thanks to the iPhone's new chipset. 

The new modem chip allows the phone to seamlessly communicate with satellites so that you can get help out to you if you happen to get into a car crash. Apple built car crash detection into it in case you're incapacitated during a crash. Since the phone will communicate with satellites, you won't have to worry about where you're located and whether you have a quality signal. 

It'll be interesting to see how well this feature works and whether other smartphone manufacturers will follow suit with their future releases.  

An Evolution of the Chargers and Cables

When you need to use your smartphone, the last thing you want is to be left without juice. Because of this, Apple has ramped up the charging capability of the latest iPhone, so that you don't have to worry about the time it'll take to get your phone up and running. 

The manufacturer has made improvements in the form of a 30-watt Magsafe charger. The improvement in wattage means that you are likely to get your phone charged much quicker than before, and can do so without wired technology. 

It's not clear yet whether the new iPhone 14 will also feature lightning port charger capability, or if it will be replaced entirely.  

A Glimpse at Battery Life and Technology

The battery life is everything when it comes to your smartphone purchase. This is a tricky balance because consumers want a quality battery that holds a charge, but it's also important that the battery have longevity so that it doesn't burn out too quickly. 

It appears that Apple is trying to give smartphone owners the best of both worlds with the iPhone 14, as there are indicators that they're increasing battery capacity, along with optimizing the other parts that use a lot of the battery's energy. For instance, Apple is manufacturing its RF chips with an entirely new process, which should lead to better battery life and longevity.  

The New iOS Software

All indicators point toward the iPhone 14 launching with the newest iOS 16 operating system. This will allow the phone to run faster and more efficiently, in addition to several new features that owners will appreciate and likely fall in love with. 

Some of these new features include things like:

  • • The ability to customize your lock screen
  • • Improvements in passkeys
  • • Live text technology
  • • More control over Mail features, like setting reminders and scheduling e-mails
  • • Repositioning of notifications and widgets

Every iOS release comes with a new set of bells and whistles that people will have to get used to. However, those involved in beta testing for iOS 16 have given glowing impressions from their hands-on experiences with it.  

A Look at the Newest iPhone

What Is the iPhone 14 Price, and Is It Worth It?

Now that you know more about the latest iPhone 14 price, tech specs, design, and other features, you can start to figure out whether it's a good buy for you. Apple is set to formally introduce its newest iPhone in September at its company event, so we'll have more impressions and information at that point.  

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