Top 20 Awesome Accessories to Get for Your New Phone

Did you know that an average of 50 million phone screens crack annually, making up about 29% of all smartphone damages each year? 

That might be why the first thing that most people do when they have a brand new phone in their hands is start shopping for protective accessories! After all, these days we keep our entire lives on our phones. While a crack might not be a fatal blow, it makes it harder to enjoy your brand new tech.

From the latest phone case to holsters, phone stands, and lens protectors, there are a million ways to ehnace your smartphone. Best of all, many of the best accessories out there can help you keep your phone safe, too. We might have even found a few that you haven't thought of before - and once you see them, your life will get a whole lot easier! 

We've gathered a list of 20 of our favorite accessories for Apple smartphones, Samsung Galaxy smartphones, Google Pixel phones, and more. Keep reading so you can transform your brand new phone into a paragon of function! 

A Hardworking Phone Case

Before you look at any other accessories, you need to start with a phone case that is going to keep every part of your phone in one piece. There's a lot more that can happen to a phone than a cracked screen. Do you have a sturdy case that can help your phone survive a flood or a brush fire

The right cover or protector can seriously come in clutch during a tense moment. You've been there, right? Your phone is facedown on the pavement after a hard fall and you have no idea what to expect when you pick it up. 

When you swaddle your phone in an award-winning Unicorn Beetle case from SUPCASE, you won't even bat an eye. 

1. A Case for iPhone 12 or 13

Go and grab your beloved iPhone 12 or 13. In its current condition, would you feel confident throwing it full force into the road? One of our SUPCASE users did, and it not only survived but thrived. 

After all, iPhones are notoriously finicky. While your friends might be sporting cracked screens, waiting for the latest release, it's not a prerequisite for ownership. You really can keep your iPhone in top shape until the day you have the newest model in your hands.

If you've picked up a brand new iPhone 12 or 13, your first accessory investment should be in a new Unicorn Beetle EXO. This is one of our favorites. Even though it's a clear case with enhanced surface grip, it still exceeds the same military drop protection standards all our cases exceed.

We recommend either an iPhone 12 Pro Max case or an iPhone 13 Pro Max case for maximum protection against drops, falls, and the elements! 

2.  A Case for Samsung Galaxy Phones

It's wise to research cases in advance. A brand new, top-of-the-line phone is a major investment. One drunken "whoopsie!" can be enough to send that investment down the toilet - sometimes literally.


The thing is, a quality Unicorn Beetle PRO case can keep your Samsung Galaxy phone safe from nearly every drop and fall you can imagine. We've gone out of our way to try and destroy the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. We worked with reviewer Josh Quiñonez on a drop test that you can see for yourself on YouTube

In fact, the UB Pro won CNET's first annual drop test with the highest total feet. We think the built-in screen protector probably had something to do with that. Either way, this is one accessory you will be glad to have in your arsenal! 

3. An S21 Ultra S-Pen Case

Once your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is in your hands, it's time to make sure you treat your S-Pen with the same care. 

But wait, let's back up. What's an S-Pen, and why would a new Samsung owner need to keep it protected? 

In essence, it is the smoothest stylus you could imagine, with a pen-and-paper feel and impossibly fast response time. Some users have reported that they sometimes forget they're writing on a screen! 

With so much tech involved in getting the experience just right, you can imagine that the S-Pen for the S21 Ultra can be difficult and expensive to replace. 

The best solution, then, is to not have to replace it at all! The key is making sure that you pick up a Galaxy S21 Ultra case with a built-in S-Pen slot. Our favorite is the award-winning UB Pro rugged case with shock-absorbing TPU. 

4. A Google Pixel Phone Case 

Google People, am I right? They've got their G-mail, their G-Suite, their docs, and their drive. They more or less have their entire personal and professional lives in the cloud so they can take everything on the go. 

If you're one of those Google People, then the idea of something happening to your phone is terrifying. Do you trust your current case to keep your Pixel 6 running after a major drop? 

This phone in particular has some very delicate bits and bobs that might not survive a poorly protected fall. From fingerprint reader to the super high-tech camera, a lot can go wrong if this baby slips through your fingers.

We recommend our award-winning Unicorn Beetle PRO rugged holster case in one of our metallic colors. We're particularly fond of the added protection with the port covers. No moisture, dust, or other gunk is getting in there and messing with your tech!

5. A Case for Every Other Phone Under the Sun

Solid, award-winning protection is for everyone, so we've made sure not to leave anybody out! You can pick up a Unicorn Beetle PRO for nearly every iPhone, Samsung, and Pixel model.

We also have indestructible cases available for phones made by the following manufacturers:

  • LG
  • OnePlus
  • Honor
  • HTC One
  • Huawei
  • Motorola
  • Palm
  • Xiaomi
  • ZTE

Each make and model has undergone the most strenuous testing and drop tests. All that to say, whatever you've got, a quality case should be the first accessory that you buy for your phone! 

A Versatile Desk Stand

When is a phone more than a phone? How about when it's an all-in-one workstation, a vanity mirror, a videoconference, a camera for your photoshoot, or the place where you binge your favorite streaming series? 

If you use your phone for anything other than talking and texting (and we know you do), we can't recommend a phone stand highly enough. When your favorite tech becomes hands-free, you can take multitasking to the next level. An awesome stand will keep your phone safe and secure while you film your next TikTok, compose a brilliant proposal, or finally master smokey eye. 

6. A Desk Stand

The ideal desk stand for your phone should be sturdy, portable, and provide you with the flexibility that you need to get the job done. Our favorite is our travel-friendly, foldable, pocket-sized desk stand. Best of all, it's compatible with phones, tablets, Nintendo Switches, and can even hold a MacBook.

Whatever hands-free task you have in mind, your phone stand should be able to help. Our universal stand offers you 270° of viewing angles. If you can think of a task for this stand to tackle, you'll be able to adjust it to your precise specifications and enjoy! 

It's also pretty hard to tip over once it's set up. It has an anti-skid base that works hard to keep everything upright, and rubber cushions to keep your devices scratch-free. 

And when you're done? Fold it up, pocket it, and take it to go! 

7. A Kickstand Ring Holder

While a portable desk stand is pretty awesome, you have to remember to bring it along if you want to reap the benefits. For forgetful phone owners, a ring stand is like a stand that follows you everywhere. It uses quality 3M adhesive to stick firmly to the back of your phone.

Once you add a ring stand to your phone, it can be hard to go back! It provides a nifty place to grip your phone while using it, and transitions seamlessly into a kickstand when you're not. It also offers a full 360° of rotation, plus a 180° flip, so you'll get the angle right every single time. 

If you already have a magnetic car phone holder, this tiny accessory will do triple duty! It's magnetic and compatible with hands-free phone holders.

8. A Magnetic Car Mount

What's that you say? You don't have a hands-free magnetic phone holder for your car yet? Get ready for easy access to navigation apps, video calls from behind the wheel, and an awesome way to listen to your favorite podcasts! 

The car mount can quickly and easily snap onto your car's vent. We love this MagSafe air vent mount. If you have a MagSafe iPhone, this little addition will make a big difference during any car trip or commute!

A Sweet Screen Protector

If you're already using a SUPCASE phone case on your phone, you might not need a screen protector. Most of our cases have a screen protector built right in. In fact, our award-winning Unicorn Beetle PRO can survive a 150 ft drop without breaking a sweat!

If you haven't made the switch to a UB Pro case yet, a little bit of extra protection really can't hurt. 

9. An iPhone 12 Glass Screen Protector

A glass screen protector is the gold standard for anyone with a bad habit of dropping their phones. Extra thick, extra hard tempered glass will take the fall so your screen stays in one piece. If you have an iPhone 12, we recommend our glass screen protector, which is both impact- and shatter-resistant!

An Awesome Armband

After you've picked out a phone case that matches your favorite running gear, there's still one problem: where are you supposed to stash your phone? Whether you're out walking around the neighborhood, or going on a wild, feral run through the wilderness, your smartphone needs a home. That's why our next accessory suggestion is the humble armband!

10. SUPCASE Armbands

A great armband will keep your phone safe and in place whether you're hiking, sprinting, or even just wrangling toddlers. It can pretty much guarantee that you wouldn't lose your phone even if you're doing a strenuous workout. Our SUPCASE athletic armbands have been road-tested and will hold up in all terrains!

This product is a webstore exclusive, so you'll want to check out our online store to get your hands on one of these. 

A Life-Changing Charger

The most high-tech phone on earth is not worth anything unless it's charged. If you want to use all of your phone's features, you'll want a charger you can trust. Plenty of inexpensive chargers will overcharge your phone and destroy your battery, so quality matters here. 

We suggest investing in one of these tried and true chargers and cables. 

11. A Fast Wall Charger

Did you know that there is a sweet spot when it comes to preserving the health of your battery? Experts generally suggest that you keep your phone charged between 30% and 80% and top it off intermittently. If you regularly need a good, quick charge to get you there, a fast wall charger can be a game-changer. 

Our foldable wall charger with dual ports can even charge two devices simultaneously to get you out the door even quicker! It can get your dead phone up to 50% battery in only thirty minutes. 

12. A Quality Lightning Cable

If you're going to get yourself a fast charger, you'll need a high-quality lighting cable to go with it. You'll want something speedy, sturdy, and flexible to get the job done. Our five-foot-long USB-C lightning cables are the perfect accompaniment for your fast wall charger! Plus, their corded design means they won't tangle.

Ours even has an Apple-certified chip that will make sure you can still auto-sync your device.

The Perfect Pencil Case

We know a lot of Apple fans who obsess over their Apple Pencil, and many of them couldn't do anything on their iPads without one. That's why you need an Apple Pencil case which is not only protective but adds functionality (like a pocket clip). Like the S21 Ultra S-Pen case, we suggest a case to keep your favorite superpowered stylus safe!

13. Silicone Apple Pencil Case

Our silicone Apple Pencil case is like a slipcover that will help you grip your Apple Pencil without dropping it. It comes with a pocket grip and three replacement tip covers. It also contains TPU, the same material that makes our award-winning SUPCASE phone cases so strong and sturdy! 

Practical Accessories that Defy Categorization

The only thing better than accessories are the accessories you get for your accessories! While we're not suggesting that you buy a case for your case, all of these items make it easier to protect and keep track of your most important extras. 

14. A Convenient Phone Wallet

You already bring your phone everywhere you go. If you're only headed around the block, do you need to bring your entire wallet, too? So many SUPCASE fans swear by adhesive phone wallets, which make it easy to keep track of their cards when they just want to grab their phones and go!

In essence, a phone wallet is a little adhesive pouch that sticks to the back of your phone case. It has just enough room for an ID card, a credit card, and a few folded bills. It's perfect for pub crawls, or even just an afternoon trip to the supermarket to grab some ingredients for dinner. 

15. A Case for Your AirPods and Buds

AirPods and earbuds are the best worst invention of the 21st century. They are wonderful little marvels of science and little that they can get easily lost. If you use your phone to listen to podcasts or music, then your need to take care of your buds!

The best cases for earbuds work with corded or wireless chargers. We love a case with an attached carabiner to make keeping track of your buds easy-peasy. 

16. A Case for Your Smartwatch 

If you're a texter, you know how hard it is to be away from your phone for any length of time. That's why a lot of texting addicts have become obsessed with smartwatches like the Apple Watch, Galaxy Watch, or Fitbit. If you can't live without the ability to take your texts on the go, an awesome smartwatch case or band is your ideal accessory! 

A good Galaxy Watch case isn't only functional, it's also a fashion accessory. Find one that's both sturdy and stylish, like our popular UB Pro wristband case in Mint Green. 

17. An AirTag or Other Tracker

Are you constantly losing your phone? In this day and age, there is no excuse for any object to stay lost! Attach an Apple AirTag or other GPS tracker to your phone or other devices and you'll never lose your stuff again.

Of course, the only thing better than a tracker is a tracker that's safely swaddled in silicone. We're talking about an Unicorn Beetle PRO rugged keychain case for Apple AirTag! It even comes with a detachable keyring, so you won't need to track your tracker.

A Few Things Just for Fun 

While we're all about keeping your phone and accessories safe, some of the best accessories out there are just for fun and convenience. These are our picks for anybody who simply wants to treat themselves to something fun! You can't go wrong with an accessory that adds a little novelty to your life, especially if it has a function that makes your life easier! 

18. A Portable Bluetooth Speaker

We love listening to lofi study jams when we're getting work done here at SUPCASE HQ. If your favorite music lives on your phone, a Bluetooth mini speaker is a great way to create some ambiance anywhere you go. A super portable speaker will sync right up to your phone as soon as you enter the room, so you can pump your study jams, your jock jams, or whatever gets you ready to take on the day! 

19. A Phone Camera Lens

If you have the latest smartphone, you probably also have the latest camera on the market. How is it possible that smartphone cameras just keep on improving? If you're a seasoned phone photographer, you'll go crazy when you realize you can add camera lenses to your phone's camera to make them even better! 

You can get macro lenses, fisheye lenses, and telephoto lenses that snap right onto your phone's built-in camera lens. They will take your selfie game to the next level. 

20. A Gaming Controller 

When you hear "mobile gaming" you might not imagine a graphics-heavy epic adventure. The truth is, as technology improves, the gaming experience is improving, too. There are now a few mobile games in the app store that demand the royal treatment.

If you're a gamer, pick up a mobile-friendly game controller so you can play your favorite games in comfort. Some models come complete with joysticks and the full array of buttons you need to play like a real game. 

It Doesn't Get Any More Awesome than These Accessories

Your friends, your photos, your whole world lives inside your phone. With the right accessories, you can completely transform everyday tech into an indestructible hub of productivity. Start with any one of the twenty phone accessories above and you will be well on your way toward living your best, most connected life.

But why let your phone have all the fun? SUPCASE offers protection solutions for all your tech, from your iPad to your smartwatch! You can also find Galaxy Tab cases, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air protective cases, Microsoft Surface cases, and more in our online store.

Browse our full collection of indestructible cases and will help keep your tech in check!

Melissa Hau
Melissa Hau is the Brand Manager for i-Blason, SUPCASE's sister company. She was previously the Social Media Manager for multiple brands under the same group of companies.

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