The Top 5 Phone Case Types You Should Know About

1. Tough Phone Cases

When it comes to the safety of your Samsung or Apple phone, most people dread the day their phone falls on the ground. Your heart sinks, wondering if the drastic fall will take a toll on the device.

The average phone user keeps the same phone for around 2 years. To think your phone wouldn't receive any damage in that timespan is unrealistic.

The truth is, things happen! You accidentally drop your phone from a higher story, your phone gets run over, it somehow jumps out the window of a moving car, the list goes on and on.

This is why tough phone cases are the most popular type. Phone users want to take precautions for when their most essential device slips out of their grasp.

If you're interested in a tough phone case, then you should invest in the UB Pro from SUPCASE. It's tough like you and has survived:

  • Bullets (we're serious!)
  • Exploding batteries
  • Lawnmower blades
  • Towbars
  • Getting thrown out the window at 50 mph

It has a modern aesthetic that's slim and functional. As a bonus, we offer our UB Pro for other devices such as tablets, smartwatches, AirPods, and more.

Fans laud our customer support. We offer free shipping on all US orders, a 1-year warranty on all our products, and a 30-day return policy.

We're confident you won't need to use that warranty. Our customers have sent us some crazy testimonials about the durability of the UB Pro.

2. Silicone Phone Cases

We now turn to the other end of the spectrum. While tough phone cases like the UB Pro can come out of weird scenarios unscathed, silicone phone cases don't often survive a drop.

The big draw here is the feel and finish. The silicone body gives it a grippy feel that, in theory, is supposed to lower your chances of dropping the phone. 

Silicone phone cases had their heyday back when the iPhone was first released. There was a time when they were the only phone cases you could purchase.

These days, however, there are many better options out there. You don't want to sacrifice the safety of your thousand-dollar phone just for a squishy case.

To their credit, most manufacturers have started to add gel to the insides for more shock absorption, but not enough to prevent your screen from cracking.

If you want to ensure more grip, the UB Pro has a strap on the back you can slide your hand through, ensuring it stays secure in your palm.

3. Phone Skins

Technically, this isn't a phone case. It's more of a vinyl wrap job, similar to what you'd find on a car.

The main draw here is the option for customization, as well as giving it more protection from scratches. Notice we said "scratches" and not "falls". 

Truth be told, you don't see this option on phones as much anymore. What's the point of dropping money on a phone that will crack the first time you drop it? 

If you're looking for an awesome aesthetic, then the Unicorn Beetle PRO has several tremendous options. You can shop our UB Pro inventory to find a design that you'll love.

Unlike the phone skins, the UB Pro protects from scratches and falls.

4. Hard Phone Cases

The name on these can be a little deceiving. With a title like "hard phone case", you'd think it would be a bit tougher than it is.

Hard phone cases are generally made from plastic and are primarily used by people that want to avoid having a bulky phone.

Unfortunately, these cases typically crack after the first few times that they're dropped, so they don't have much staying power to them, nor do they absord shock.

They also discolor quite easily, making your phone look cheaper and older than it actually is. If your phone falls on a corner with a hard phone case on, the screen is likely to crack.

5. Leather Phone Cases

Most "leather" phone cases aren't made from real leather. They're made from "polyurethane" or "PU leather", which is just a fancy term for artificial leather. 

Even if you have a real leather case, your phone won't have much protection. Real or not, leather is not rigid enough to act as an outer shell, nor does it absorb shock like the TPU found in the UB Pro and other tough cases.

If you need that level of protection, consider the Unicorn Beetle ROYAL, a PU leather case with shock-absorbing TPU bumpers, raised edges to guard your screen and lenses, and a built-in screen protector. Cases like the UB Royal give you the protection you need with the leather case look you love.

Invest in the UB Pro Phone Case for Your Smartphone

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on the 5 different phone case types you should know about, be sure to use this information wisely. 

Take the time to read this article for more information on how to protect your phone camera from scratches and damage. Browse our UB Pro inventory to find the best fit for your needs today!

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