If you're like millions of Americans, you love your MacBook. You use it so much that it's almost become an extension of yourself. Yet, have you ever wondered if you're getting the most out of your device?

There are many MacBook accessories designed to make your laptop more functional, convenient, and sleek. Today, we're taking a closer look at all the ones you need to add to your must-have list, ASAP.

Unicorn Beetle Case

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle MacBook Accessories You Need This Year

When you invest in a MacBook, you expect to keep it for years. You don't expect to drop it and shatter the screen or break its internal components. 

This is why one of the best MacBook accessories will always be a durable, solid case. The right case will protect your laptop and keep it looking great. While there are many different kinds on the market, our Unicorn Beetle Case tops the list.

This case features a rugged bumper design that will protect every inch of your laptop's delicate exterior. The thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) bumpers are shock-absorbent, while the polycarbonate (PC) shell is scratch-resistant and long-lasting. Combined, these features also offer excellent impact protection to minimize the effects of any accidental drop. 

Worried that using a laptop cover will make your MacBook too hot? Don't be. These covers include built-in ventilation to make sure your machine never overheats. 

The cover's two pieces snap into place effortlessly and create a secure, snug fit every time. Before purchasing a cover from our shop, make sure to measure your MacBook. We offer our Unicorn Beetle Case in a few different dimensions, including:

  • • 13-inch
  • • 13.6-inch
  • • 14-inch
  • • 16-inch

In addition to the laptop's size, you'll also need to know the year that it was manufactured, as exact dimensions can vary from year-to-year. The price will vary depending on the specific model you purchase. A 13-inch 2020 model is currently $34.95, while a 16-inch 2021 model is $44.95.

UB Pro With Kickstand

UB Pro Macbook Pro Laptop Case With Kickstand

On their own, our Unicorn Beetle Cases offer excellent protection at an affordable price point. However, for the ultimate convenience, take a look at our Unicorn Beetle Pro Case Cover

Designed to fit the MacBook Pro 16-inch 2021 laptop, this cover includes all of the features listed above. In addition, it also includes a built-in aluminum metal kickstand. This way, you can prop up your MacBook any time you need to. 

If you need to move your laptop around to share your screen, you can do so by moving the kickstand. It can adjust to three different angles, from 13° to 30°.

The UB Pro With Kickstand is designed to fit the MacBook Pro 16-inch M1 Pro and the MI Max (2021). It is $64.95 and is only available in a black finish.  

Webcam Slider Camera Covers

SUPCASE Webcam Slider Camera Covers

Since the onset of the pandemic, we've used our webcams at an increasingly rapid rate. Whether we're joining a Zoom call or FaceTiming loved ones from miles away, we depend on that small lens to connect in an instant.

Yet, there's no arguing that this tiny device can also lead to some fairly big concerns. The unfortunate reality is that your webcam can get hacked. Knowing this, 79% of U.S. consumers are concerned about maintaining their privacy when using one. While nearly 60% of consumers physically cover theirs, they resort to some unconventional means to do so. The same report shows that:

  • • 43% use tape
  • • 35% use a sticky note
  • • 8% use a bandage
  • • 2% use a stick of gum

While tape is obviously more efficient than gum, all of these methods are questionable at best. Instead of scouring your junk drawer for something that will work, why not use a product that's specifically designed just for this purpose? These Webcam Slider Camera Covers are just what you need. 

Designed to optimize your privacy and security, the covers are rugged, durable, and built to last. Each one is made from high-grade ABS plastic and will retain its shape and function despite wear and tear. 

Install it once on your MacBook, and simply slide it back and forth to cover your webcam as required. When you see the bright red dot, it indicates that the camera is in the open position, so you're always aware when you're on. 

In addition to your laptop, you can also use these covers on any webcam-enabled device, including your desktop, smartphone, or tablet. One six-pack of covers is $17.95.

Lightning Cables

SUPCASE Lightning Cables

There's nothing like opening your MacBook, only to discover that it needs to charge before you can use it. When you need juice quickly, you know that your standard charging cable won't always cut it. 

This is where these Fast Charge Lightning Cables come in.

These 5-ft USB-C cables have a heavy-duty anodized aluminum shell, which reduces interference with the aluminum undermold shield. While they're strong and durable, they're also flexible enough to contort into nearly any position, thanks to their molded strain relief construction. 

You'll find yourself reaching for this charger when you need both routine and emergency power. The braided nylon cord won't tear, twist, or tangle, and you can rest assured you'll go from 0% to 50% power in just 30 minutes. Available in four different colors including red, blue, gray, and black, they're great to stash in your office drawer or laptop case. 

One cable is $9.95.

Fast Wall Charger

SUPCASE Fast Wall Charger for iPhones

Once you've purchased the Fast Charge Lightning Cables, it's time to complete the task. Next, you need our Fast Wall Charger.

The lightweight, heat-resistant material makes this one of our top-recommended accessories any time you decide to buy a MacBook. Thanks to the quick-charge 3.0 technology, you can power up your laptop three times faster, so you never have to wait to access your favorite device. 

As rugged as it might be, you still never have to worry about this MacBook charger being too powerful. It features integrated smart chip technology to protect your MacBook and prevent it from over-charging. 

In addition to Apple, our Fast Wall Charger is compatible with all of your other favorite tech brands, including Android and Nintendo Switch. In only 60 minutes, it can power your tablet to 50%, reaching 100% in just 150 minutes. 

One 18W charger is $18.95.

36W Wall Charger

SUPCASE 36W Wall Charger

Need to charge two devices at the same time? If so, it's smart to upgrade to our 36W Fast Wall Charger. Featuring the same lightweight materials and smart chip technology as our 18W charger, this model includes both USB-A and USB-C ports. Thanks to its universal compatibility, you can use it to charge your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and more. 

The unique design folds away quickly for easy travel, but you won't keep it in storage for long. This charger can bring devices to 50% power in just 30 minutes, making it your new, go-to accessory. 

One 36W Wall Charger is $23.95.

Earbud Case

SUPCASE Earbuds Case

Are you used to taking your MacBook to work? Love setting up at the local coffee shop to get some work done? If so, you don't exactly want to be blaring your favorite playlist for everyone to hear.

This is why you need a great set of earbuds. Once you purchase a pair of classic AirPods, remember to protect your investment. 

Our Apple AirPods 3 Unicorn Beetle PRO Rugged Case is a solid choice and one of the smartest MacBook pro accessories you can buy. Not only is the case made from shock-absorbing TPU, but it also features durable PC, so you can rest assured it will never bend.

Designed to accommodate your AirPods 3 (2021 third generation), this case includes precise cutouts that allow you to easily access all of the ports, as well as a convenient charging light. 

Use the free carabiner attachment to keep your case securely connected to your laptop bag or bookbag. Available in black, metallic blue, or metallic red, each case is $21.95.

AirTag Case

SUPCASE Airtag Case

An AirTag is a great way to keep track of all of your preferred devices. Anywhere you attach one, it will register on your "Find My" app so you'll always know where it's located. You can use the app to find all of your Apple devices, as well as connect with your friends and family members. 

From your keys and your bike to your umbrella and your wallet, you'll never have to worry about losing your favorite things ever again. The tag sends out a Bluetooth signal that can be detected by nearby devices in your Find My network. Those devices will send the location of your AirTag directly to iCloud.

From there, you can go to the Find My app and see where it is on the map. The AirTag never stores your location data and history, and the device itself is designed to discourage unwanted tracking

The tag can connect to your iOS and macOS devices. Add one to your computer bag so you always know where your MacBook is. To keep it safe and secure, cover it with our Apple AirTag Unicorn Beetle PRO Rugged Keychain Case.

Made with grippy silicone, this flexible case features raised bezels to keep your tag from hitting against surfaces and getting damaged. It includes a detachable keyring, as well as a heavy-duty carabiner attachment, so you can add it to nearly anything. One AirTag case is $14.95.

Try These Apple Accessories For Yourself

Thin, lightweight, and a cinch to transport, there's no laptop quite like the MacBook. 

Once you've added one to your collection, you'll want to make use of all its features. These convenient MacBook accessories allow you to do so. From a rugged, protective case to a heavy-duty wall charger, these are the extras you need.

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