The iPhone 15 Screen: A Brilliant Upgrade

The iPhone 15’s release is forecasted to be slated for the month of September, and the first thing that definitely will come to every patron’s mind is a surprising upgrade. With every brand’s release, there is something obvious that we are looking for an upgrade, and we do not need to fool around and go over the device– we know that we wanted a display update! Fret not, as iPhone 15 series got some new and unexpected boosts in its display specifications and features in its fresh launch. 

With new upgrades focusing on battery optimization, brightness, and feature enhancements, among other things, you are sure that you can get more than what you are expecting from a new iPhone purchase. To familiarize yourself with this brilliant iPhone 15 screen update, we at SUPCASE are more than glad to provide you with some developments concerning the display upgrades of the series.

The iPhone 15 Screen A Brilliant Upgrade

iPhone’s “Dynamic Island” Has Its New Home

iPhone’s “Dynamic Island” Has Its New Home

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Most of you patrons may have become a little bit upset with the non-inclusion of Dynamic Island in last year’s launching of standard iPhone 14 models. Your frustration will definitely fade away as rumors are milling for the feature’s comeback with iPhone 15 standard models– iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. With this inclusion, users like you will be able to enjoy the nifty pill-shaped area on the upper part of your screen by having it as a notifications and alerts hub, serving as a mini-widget for music, calls, and many other basic iPhone features.

Dynamic Island is a solid addition to your iPhone device, especially if you wanted a model that you can count on for basic tasks even when that device is not entirely turned on. This feature offers a new layer in its UI that makes navigating more ergonomically friendly, as you can get timely updates without having to switch tiresomely with other notifications. Plus, the area that the feature occupies is easily replaced by another feature when the phone is used in full-screen mode. No space is wasted, folks! 

Thinner Bezels: One of iPhone 15’s Striking Screen Upgrade

Thinner Bezels One of iPhone 15’s Striking Screen Upgrade

Truth be told: A screen size upgrade for the iPhone 15 series is seen as possible as of now. However, that does not mean that the display specifications upgrade is not happening. In fact, the said series to be released will feature a more ergonomic and grip-friendly configuration with its makeup. Aside from the groundbreaking shift of built to a titanium-based material for iPhone 15 Ultra, this year’s release will feature a decrease in the design’s bezel width. From iPhone 14’s 2.17mm bezel width, iPhone 15 Pro Max is expected to be measured at 1.55mm. Its slickness is relatively further than the current titleholder– Xiaomi 13 measured at 1.61mm.

Amidst some concerns with its record-breaking measurement, a thin bezel has its unique advantage, especially when we are talking about ergonomics. A reduced bezel width increases the screen-to-body ratio. Simply said, you will be able to maximize your viewing experience with your iPhone device and enjoy a more immersive viewing experience having minimal distractions. Additionally, decreased bezels unknowingly decrease the overall weight of your phone, making it lightweight and manageable when you are using it.

OLED Driver Chip Boost to Astounding 28nm

OLED Driver Chip Boost to Astounding 28nm

In addition to the groundbreaking A17 Bionic chip, which will play a crucial role in enhancing battery performance, the series will introduce a new OLED driver chip process– a holy grail in display upgrade. Apple's chip provider, TSMC, has upgraded the said driver chip from 40nm HV to 28nm HV. This shift to a smaller nanometer process has a profound impact on display performance. 

OLED chips, when smaller in size, tend to consume less power. With the lower nanometer process, the OLED chip's power efficiency is enhanced, allowing it to deliver equivalent performance while using less energy. As an after-effect, devices incorporating OLED displays can enjoy extended battery life. Furthermore, reducing the size of display components leads to improved performance. Smaller transistors enable faster switching, resulting in quicker response times, improved pixel refresh rates, smoother animations, reduced motion blur, and an overall enhancement in display performance. The combined effect of these advancements promises a significant boost to both the power efficiency and visual experience of the iPhone 15 series.

A 120 Hz Refresh Rate for iPhone 15 Pro 

A 120 Hz Refresh Rate for iPhone 15 Pro

One of the main goodies of an iPhone device is its magnificent display and the way it changes seamlessly over multiple contents in a matter of seconds. As the battle of what smartphones offer a rapid refresh rate currently rolls down the market, Apple and its premium iPhone 15 models have always had something good under their sleeves. Although they will keep the 60Hz rate on their standard iPhone 15 models, both the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will be upgraded to the 120Hz rate. 

With this, a leap of an upgrade is an understatement. A phone– essentially a model from iPhone 15 Pro duos– with this kind of refresh rate retains a smooth, slick, and natural screen motion. You will not worry about getting too impatient for even a single application to load or multitask over a bunch of others because of the fear of your device getting “laggy.” The best way, most importantly, in understanding the said refresh rate is that your screen updates its display 120 times a second. Now that is a display upgrade!

In better understanding the display upgrades of iPhone 15 in several aspects, the table below got you covered:

Display Specifications

Previous iPhone Models

iPhone 15 Series

Dynamic Island

Only in iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max

Available in all iPhone 15 Models, including the standard ones

Bezel Width


1.55mm (iPhone 15 Pro Max)

OLED Display Driver Chip



Refresh Rate

60Hz (iPhone 14 Series)

120Hz (iPhone 15 Pro Duos)

What Else Should We Consider When Upgrading?

What Else Should We Consider When Upgrading

Having a well-upgraded screen is one of the goals that we wanted to meet when considering buying a phone. However, there are still other factors that should be considered, especially now that these features can easily be traded off for other features that may meet your current mobile phone needs. Take the refresh rate as an example: this feature may or may not be noticeable and enjoyed depending on how you use your phone. If you are most interested in chats, social media posting, and other light phone activities, a 60Hz may suffice you, so might as well get a standard iPhone 15 model. However, if you are fond of gaming, which would require a seamless viewing and interactive experience, a model from one of the iPhone 15 Pro Duos with a 120Hz refresh rate should be in your shopping cart now. 

Your mobile phone needs should always be aligned with your prospect phone to purchase, more than the aesthetic value that it can bring to you.

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