The iPhone 13 Case Roundup: Top Picks for 2022

Looking for a new iPhone 13 case? We've got you.

Picking a new phone case isn't always easy. There are so many great brands, designs, and styles on the market. Your phone case can be practical, beautiful, make a statement, or be totally understated.

Whatever you're looking for, we've got you and your phone covered in our roundup of the best iPhone 13 cases for this year.

Why You Need To Protect Your iPhone 13 With a Case

Nowadays, your phone is so much more than just a way to take calls. It connects you to friends and family and lets you plan trips and do business. It's a lifeline.

The iPhone 13 is packed full of the latest tech, and it's a real investment. Understandably, you want to protect it from damage.

Most iPhones end up broken from water, dust, grime, and dirt long before the technology gives out. On average, most people break their phone by dropping it, stepping on it, or having it slide out of their pocket within two years.

A broken phone can be a considerable inconvenience. Even if you can save it, repairs can be expensive and leave you uncontactable for several days.

Dropping Your Phone

dropping your phone

Nothing can break your phone quite like dropping it. Cracked screens and shattered casings are one of the main reasons people take their new iPhones to the repair shop.

Cushioned phone cases can help reduce the impact of a dropped phone and ensure everything inside stays in place. For day-to-day activities, essential shock protection is enough to prevent the worst damage.

However, for more adventurous people, military-grade shock absorbent materials can help keep your phone safe in more extreme situations.

Water Damage

water damage

Water damage is one of the quickest and surest ways to damage your phone beyond repair.

While the new iPhone 13 is water-resistant, that isn't the same as being fully waterproof. A tested waterproof case is the only way to properly protect against water damage.

Protect Against Dirt

protection against dirt

Our phones come everywhere with us. The result is that they are exposed to dirt, food crumbs, sand, soil, dust, and more daily.

These little bits of dirt can build up in the outlets and around the camera lens and prevent your phone from working correctly. After a cracked screen, dirt build-up is the most common reason people need phone repairs.

Using a phone case means you can clean it frequently to remove germs and dirt build-up. Some cases are antimicrobial, but these aren't foolproof and still need to be cleaned often. Some of the more rugged, hard cases also have port covers for extra protection.

Easier To Hold

iphone 13 easier to hold

Let's face it; the iPhone 13 design is super sleek. While it looks great, it isn't the easiest to hold, particularly on the move.  

A good phone case gives you something extra to hold onto when running for the bus or taking a selfie. Rubber and textured cases are much easier to hold.

Cases with additional grip around the edges mean your phone is less likely to slip out of your hand and break. Furthermore, rings, handles, and straps mean you can attach your phone to your bag, key, or even your belt, so it's extra secure.

Picking The Best iPhone 13 Case For Your Phone

When it comes to choosing your new iPhone case, there is a lot to consider.

Your phone case will be with you every day, so it's worth spending some time getting it right. Here are some things to consider when picking the best iPhone 13 case for you.


men's lifestyle

How do you use your phone? If you only use your phone in the office, you may not need a case with extra protection and top-quality waterproofing.

However, if you use your phone on the trails and in nature, some extra protection could save you a lot of money. If you run a lot, you might need a lightweight phone case.

If you always use a stand or wireless charging accessories, you'll need a phone that matches your accessories. Screen protectors are vital for people who carry their phones in their pockets with their keys.

If you use a wireless charger, port covers are a great addition. However, if you use a regular charger most of the time, it could be an unnecessary addition.

Think about all the situations you get your phone out of and use this to help you decide which features you need and what you don't need.


budget when buying a phone

Like all things, phone cases can really vary in budget. While the case won't cost nearly as much as the phone, you still want a case that's affordable for you.

Set your budget before you start looking. Unless you are planning on getting a designer case, you shouldn't need to spend more than around $35 on a new iPhone 13 case.

Even a case with extra protection shouldn't be costing you a fortune. Cases like the UB Pro have outstanding protection and won't break the bank.

Phone Size

check smartphone size when buying a phone case

It might sound obvious but when choosing your phone case, make sure you are buying the right phone case. Alternatively, you can check which model you have.

Even within the iPhone 13 family, you could have:

  • • iPhone 13
  • • iPhone 13 Pro
  • • iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • • iPhone 13 Mini

Some phone cases will only fit the classic model, so double-check before you hit the checkout.

Personal Style

men's personal style

The best iPhone 13 cases should be stylish as well as practical. Think about what colors you wear the most and what would look good with your personal style.

If you prefer a sleek suit, a thinner design will look good and fit in your pocket. For a more adventurous outdoor style, chunkier, graphic cases will work with your aesthetic.

Clear cases will go with everything, and classic black and white are very understated. But you can have lots of fun with bright colors and designs. Your phone case should make you feel good.

The Best iPhone 13 Cases This 2022

If you still don't know the style of phone case you are looking for, we've picked some of our favorites to give you some inspiration.

Read on to find out what gets our vote for the best phone cases for iPhone 13.

iPhone 13 Pro Max UB Pro Rugged Case-Navy Camo

supcase ub pro iphone 13 pro max navy camo

Look no further if you're looking for the best iPhone 13 pro case. The icy blue camo design is right on trend. The textured edges make gripping the phone easy.

The pop-out stand is convenient for displays and presentations in the office. However, it becomes a clip to attach to your bag strap when you're out and about.

Its built-in screen protector is very responsive and transparent and doesn't interfere with using your phone.

For the man that wants it all, this case delivers.

iPhone 13 Pro UB Style Slim Clear Case - Mint Green

iPhone 13 Pro UB Style Slim Clear Case - Mint Green

If you've got an iPhone 13 Pro and you want a trendy phone case, this is the phone case for you. The lime green raised edges to help protect the camera from damage while being super stylish. It brings a pop of color to every outfit.

The transparent PVC back is scratch-resistant and means you can stop worrying about damaging your phone. Since this case is see-through, we love the idea of adding a photo or design underneath the case for some extra color.

It works with wireless chargers and standard wall chargers and has precise cut-outs for all ports.

The sleek design is minimalist chic and super lightweight.

iPhone 13 UB Pro Rugged Case - Black

iPhone 13 UB Pro Rugged Case - Black

The classic Unicorn Beetle Pro iPhone case in black remains popular for 2022. Phone case trends come and go, but this design stays timeless.

It's got all the epic features you'd expect from a UB case. You can drop it from 20ft without worrying about damage and have an inbuilt screen protector. It even comes with a one-year warranty and a free rotating belt clip holster.

If you're concerned about damaging your phone and want the ultimate protection, this case is the best case for you.

The port covers mean you can take it on an adventure, drop it in mud, and still use Google maps to get home.

The texture back includes a pop-out stand making it easy to use and hold no matter where you are.

iPhone 13 Mini UB Style Slim Clear Case - Clear

iPhone 13 Mini UB Style Slim Clear Case - Clear

This iPhone13 Mini case is great for ultimate protection without the chunky case feeling.

Made using scratch-resistant polycarbonate with TPU bumpers, this design feels very light in your hand. It's an excellent case for anyone who wants to show off the color of their iPhone. After all, why pick a cool color and then cover it up.

The iPhone 13 mini comes in:

  • • RED
  • • Starlight
  • • Midnight
  • • Blue
  • • Pink
  • • Green

 The transparent design means everyone can see the gorgeous phone colors. If you want a bit of contrast, you can pick the same design with contrast black edges.

The high-quality PVC is fingerprint resistant, meaning your screen view isn't impeded, and the vision is super clear.

Although this design is super sleek, it's still tough. Drop it from 15ft with no damage to your phone.

iPhone 13 Pro Max UB Edge With Screen Protector Clear Case-Gold

UB Edge With Screen Protector Clear Case-Gold

This sophisticated gold design case is part of the iPhone 13 case trends for a luxurious design without the price tag.

It's scratch and fingerprint resistant, so it will go on looking great no matter how many times you drop it. The matte gold bumpers are also scratch-resistant. The built-in screen protector and camera lens casing make it stylish and practical.

Compatible with wireless charging and with laser cut-out sections for all the ports, it's great for day-to-day use.

Other Protection For Your Phone

Resistant phone cases can be a great way to protect your phone and ensure it's going to withstand the wear and tear of life on the move.

But phone cases aren't the only way to protect your phone.

You can also ensure your phone against common problems like scratches and cracked screens. Many insurance companies will offer a better deal on phone insurance if you use a proper case. Rugged cases like the UB cases are tested against drops, meaning you can get your phone insured for a fraction of the cost of a standard quote.

You can also protect your phone by investing in wireless AirPods and chargers, so you don't have to use the port.

Using the latest wireless technology means you can invest in a phone case that covers the ports on your phone. This means less chance of water or dirt getting into the ports. 

Get Your New iPhone 13 Case Today

With so many iPhone 13 case options, getting the right one for you isn't easy.

Our phones are always in our hands, and phone cases are a very visible accessory. When picking your new phone case, consider how much protection it offers. Does it reflect your personality and style, and think about how much you want to spend? Phone cases don't need to cost a fortune.

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