The Best Smartwatch for Men: Pick One for Your Style and Lifestyle

Some estimates put the global smartwatch market at a massive 22% compound annual growth rate. This translates simply into an explosion of sales over the last few years.

In 2020, there were approximately 70 million units in circulation. By 2026, experts expect this number to jump all the way up to 230 million.

The fact of the matter is that smartwatches are becoming a modern styling standard for men. The best smartwatch for men will suit their overall lifestyle and fashion preferences to help them achieve their daily tasks.

If you're looking to find out which will be the best smartwatch for your style, look no further. In this article, walk through everything you need to know about how to find the best smartwatch for men who care about functionality and appearance.

The Basics

Best Smartwatch for Men the basics

There are several things that you need to think about first when considering a new smartwatch to buy. Probably the best way to go about starting your search is to consider device compatibility.

Because there are so many different manufacturers of both smartwatches, phones, and other compatible devices, you'll need to think about the right ecosystem for you.

If you're a consistent Apple user, going for an Apple Watch will be a smart decision that allows for better integration. You want to make sure that you maximize compatibility to get the most out of your device.

On the other hand, if you're interested in more flexibility, the Android sphere is generally more forgiving. You'll be able to link your product with a variety of smart devices both in your pocket and around your home.

Don't purchase a smartwatch without confirming that it is compatible with the other devices you plan to use it with. It can be a terrible feeling to unbox a new smartwatch and realize that it's not pairing with your favorite device.

Another key feature when shopping for smartwatches is to look at the battery life. In recent years, there have been tremendous improvements in overall battery life for these watches.

Oftentimes, battery life can be the distinguishing factor when watches are being compared. Many of the same features will be available regardless of the device that you choose. Some devices will be able to power on for weeks at a time. Other devices may max out at just 24 to 48 hours.

Compatibility and Versatility

Best Smartwatch for Men Compatibility and Versatility

You also want to make sure that the watch is easy to put on and take off. There are a variety of mechanisms that manufacturers use to create a clasp or buckle. You want to make sure that the one you choose is convenient for you so that it doesn't become a hassle when you want to swap it out at the end of the day.

You can find what goes with different outfits. If you want a modern informal style, you may want to select a black band.

You may also want to switch back to a bright color for the gym or office. Being able to do this allows you to match your watch to the type of outfit for that particular day.

Apple Watch

Best Smartwatch for Men apple watch

Most people would agree that the Apple Watch is the standard in this industry. In terms of its style, it provides a basic and sleek square face that matches almost any style.

There are also a wide variety of bands available for this product. You can choose dark and sleek colors for professional settings but switch to a brighter color when out for a bike ride or other athletic event.

You can also purchase the Apple Watch in a variety of different sizes in terms of bands and the main computer system. The primary watch comes in a 38 mm and a 42 mm version depending on if you like a bigger or smaller accessory.

The watch uses the iOS operating system that integrates with all other Apple products.

Different manufacturers for bands will provide other options for how to clasp the watch onto your wrist. You can choose the one that works best for you. Ultimately, it's very easy to swap out the Apple watch band for different styles or outfits.

Overall, the watch provides a cutting-edge design that is highly versatile.

The watch is splash-proof and is durable enough if you get some water on it while washing your hands in the sink.


Best Smartwatch for Men apple watch 2

The downside to the Apple Watch is that it does not have the GPS capabilities as another watch like a Garmin. It has some sports features and heart rate tracking but not as sophisticated as other fitness smartwatches might be.

Some men also find that the overall size of the case is too small and the battery life does not suit their needs. For most men looking for a daily watch, the Apple Watch is simply the gold standard.

You can choose to wear the Apple Watch with a variety of different looks due to the interchangeability of the bands. For high fashion, a modern fit or slim-cut suit pairs best to highlight the sleek and agile nature of the watch. It has clean lines compared to many other watches that work well with slim lapels and fitted sleeves.

Sony SmartWatch

Best Smartwatch for Men sony smartwatch

Image credit: Hey Gents

The recent Sony SmartWatch is extremely powerful. It is well-equipped with excellent hardware on the inside and provides a larger display screen compared to the Apple Watch.

Overall, the display is very crisp compared to other competitors in this market.

The watch features a trans reflective screen which means that it will reduce glare when you are outside working under the sun. This makes it much easier to read texts on the go when navigating outdoors in the city or out on the trail.

The watch uses the Android Wear operating system which is highly flexible and compatible with most other devices. Overall, Android systems offer very good performance at a slight discount. The smartwatch that Sony produces offers a built-in GPS system that can help you navigate while on a bike ride or trail run.

The walk uses a micro USB charger which should be highly compatible with most other USB charging devices for handheld appliances.


Best Smartwatch for Men sony smartwatch

Image credit: Hey Gents

Some users have complained that the GPS performance is not as consistent as they would like. They've been left missing a turn and needing to reset the GPS, often costing them 5 to 10 minutes or more.

Similarly, compared to Apple, there are a limited number of options for styling the watch itself. There simply aren't as many third-party manufacturers who create cases and bands for this product compared to the Apple products.

Finally, there have been some reports of the charging port being relatively weak. You may miss out on some efficiency here.

The smartwatch is great for a variety of sporty looks. The rectangular face compares well to the Apple, and both have smooth rounded rectangular corners.

It starts to go down the path of high and sporty without trying too hard. It still keeps a modern and sleek look that works well in the office and in professional settings.

The Sony smartwatch also works well with minimalist aesthetics. Because it doesn't have a variety of buttons and other distractions at baseline, it appears to keep things simple.

You can also purchase the Sony SmartWatch with a stylish stainless steel band that conveys a sense of power and authority.

Samsung Gear Watches

Best Smartwatch for Men samsung gear watch

Image credit: SmartModHack

The smartwatches from Samsung Gear usually sell out quickly every year due to their high desirability.

These watches feature a round face compared to the square options previously discussed. Overall, the system is very intuitive to use and surprisingly compatible with a wide variety of different devices.

It shares some similarities to the Swiss-made Swatch that was very popular in recent decades. One styling difference compared to the Apple Watches is that the Samsung Gear watches feature a rigid diesel.

The option for customization is better than most other products in this industry, although the gear will come with a leather strap stock out of the box.

The Gear watches feature a Tizen operating system that works very smoothly.

The rotating bezels allow you to very quickly and easily switch between different apps that you're using. You can cycle through these apps with ease and then quickly move back to check your notifications when they come in. Changing the volume is very simple, and you can swiftly modulate the brightness in one simple motion.

The big disadvantage here is that the Tizen operating system has a fewer set of options for apps and third-party bonuses. Because there just isn't as much money put into developing apps for the system, you will end up with limited options. If you're looking for the basic functions of the modern smartwatch, this option from Samsung definitely checks all the boxes.

Matches Your Every Outfit

Best Smartwatch for Men samsung gear watch

Image credit: Merchantfly

Once again, the Samsung watch will pair well with almost every look. The round appearance actually makes it more challenging to tell if you are truly wearing a smartwatch. This is because most people associate smartwatches with square or rectangular designs.

This works favorably for most people who can pull off a futuristic look that boasts the stylistic qualities of many of the dark-faced analog watches on the market. Because it looks like the Swatch, it can be a great choice for men who like to include elements of retro style in their appearance from time to time.

Tag Heuer

Best Smartwatch for Men tag heuer connected

Image credits: Trusted Reviews

Tag Heuer watches provide some of the best builds and highest quality materials available in this industry. Instead of trying to maximize every possible functionality, these watches are designed for men with an eye for style.

In fact, most buyers will note that the appearance of the smartwatch model rivals most analog models that the company produces. It can be hard to tell them apart unless you really look up close.

The increased level of craftsmanship really shows with the smartwatch model. It has a bulky display surface that is well-constructed and preferable to men who like larger watches.

It also features a trans reflective surface and has very long battery life. The model can be very quickly charged and offers good longevity to users over a period of years.

The notification system doesn't get in the way of daily activities. You don't feel like when a notification comes in that your world needs to stop to address it. This keeps the primary function of the watch to be to tell time and then provide you with the information you need whenever you want.

It's possible to turn on live notifications and widgets just like other watches. Many men choosing this watch will prefer to keep those elements in the background to avoid distraction.

Style Considerations

Best Smartwatch for Men tag heuer connected 2

Image Credit: GQ

The company is known for providing customers with a product that is timeless and works well with almost any style.

You can wear it with a T-shirt that you're wearing out to a morning breakfast and also wear it out later the same night. You might also wear it on the golf course or at the next business meeting. The versatility of a Tag is endless.

The company tends to cater to high-income individuals who prefer a sporty or business casual look. These models also pair well with black-tie events and other types of formalwear.

It should be noted that the model this company provides is larger, which means that many men will find it has an unwelcome weight and space requirement. It is more expensive than other watches on this list, and also doesn't include a standalone GPS system found on models like the Garmin. The display options are relatively limited compared to other competitors.

Moto 360

Best Smartwatch for Men moto 360

Image credit:

The Moto 360 is an interesting and unique design. It features a large circular watch face that has become popular over the last five years. They emulated the popularity of these watches on the analog market by converting them into a smartwatch that stands alone in its class.

You can purchase the Moto 360 in two different sizes, a 42 mm and a 46 mm.

You can also purchase cases that have three different strap widths to maximize versatility and cater to your specific arm size.

The Sport model also has increased customization. You'll be able to dial in your backgrounds, accents, specific watch faces, and even optical heart rate monitors all inside the primary computer.

The operating system relies on Android technology which is very customizable with a large app store.

The Moto 360 does have a less than desirable battery life. It still should be highly capable for daily use with regular charging at night.

Overall, this watch pairs well with most business casual looks. When combined with a leather strap, it airs sophistication from across the room. It is less at home in a more formal setting like a wedding or funeral. With the right band, this style can be made to work with any luck.

Garmin Vivoactive

Best Smartwatch for Men garmin vivoactive

Image Credit: yrGear

The Garmin Vivoactive is for active individuals who want to take their training to the next level.

Garmin has engineered this model to be perfect for runners and cyclists alike. If you're a regular swimmer or golfer, you'll find a variety of features as well. Garmin has designed specialized programs for each of these sports to help you maximize the information available to you while outside.

The fitness features available on this model are in a class of their own compared to other competitors. Sports tracking is very strong and highly accurate according to most individuals. Most people found that it synced to their cell phone, heart rate monitor, and other apps seamlessly.

The strong analytics that Vivoactive offers means that you'll be able to adjust your training while on the go. This helps you maximize your performance and ultimately can lead to better long-term results in your fitness activities. For most people purchasing the Garmin, this is the primary goal.

Several unique features like finding distances in golf or recording lap times can be adjusted from the sport-specific modes inside the watch operating system.

The downsides of this product are that some individuals say it has a relatively less exciting design. The screen is surprisingly low-resolution and can be dimmed in an outdoor environment.

This is a true sports watch that is very at home on the golf course or in the gym. We would be more hesitant to recommend it in a formal setting or in the office. The right individual can make it work.

LG Watch Urbane

Best Smartwatch for Men lg watch urbane

Image credit: Evanino

This watch provides a classic and timeless look that borders on luxury.

There are fantastic-looking metal borders all around the display that give protection, functionality, and style. The watch comes in a classic design that definitely caters to higher-income individuals.

The battery life is good for most at about two days. It can be extended with lighter use and less integration with other systems.

It's also possible for your watch to connect to your cell phone when the cell phone is on a different Wi-Fi network.

It doesn't provide the same analytics that a fitness watch like Garmin would provide. It does have some degree of usefulness in the gym with an optical heart rate sensor and integration with Google Fit.

This LG watch uses Google technology and an Android operating system. The display is much stronger than that of the Garmin. It doesn't feature a dedicated GPS system.

Overall, the casing is relatively large so it may not be well suited for smaller wrists unless you can tolerate some degree of movement during your day-to-day activities.

Compared to most watches on this list, this is a watch that is meant for a high-end suit or business casual look. If you want to maximize style, this LG watch is for you.

For most high fashion or professional styles, the LG is a common choice to round out the outfit. If you want maximum style and professionalism, it's hard to beat the LG.

Pebble Time Steel

Best Smartwatch for Men Garmin Vivoactive

Finally, the Pebble Time Steel option is a slightly more stylish version compared to the base model Pebble Time offered by the same company.

It has a sleeker design that appeals more to a stylish man rather than a technology buff.

It is slightly larger, and they decided to add a bigger battery to improve battery life.

You can find this watch in silver, gold, or black models depending on your preference.

The model can work with both iOS and Android operating systems. Ultimately, there may not be as many features dedicated to this watch by the company, but it provides a minimalist and classy look that goes with dressier events.

Finding the Best Smartwatch for Men

Finding the Best Smartwatch for Men

At the end of the day, finding the best smartwatch for men comes down to understanding style and functionality. If you want to prioritize your look at high-end formal events, certain watches may stand out to you as they will be a better fit for your suit. Other watches will provide strong fitness analytics and give you more functionality while outdoors.

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