When it comes to protecting your phone from scratches, cracks, and other forms of damage, SUPCASE phone cases are an excellent choice.
With our superior drop protection and great value for money, it's no wonder that customers love their experience with SUPCASE phone cases.
In this blog post, we'll be featuring customer reviews that showcase their great experience with our brand. We also threw in a nice father and son comment thread from one of our Facebook posts since it really caught our attention!

iPhone Unicorn Beetle PRO

Customer Review  iPhone Unicorn Beetle PRO

Samsung Galaxy A53 Unicorn Beetle PRO

Customer Review Samsung Galaxy A53 Unicorn Beetle PRO

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 Unicorn Beetle PRO

Customer Review Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 Unicorn Beetle PRO

Samsung Galaxy A14 Unicorn Beetle PRO

Galaxy A14 Unicorn Beetle Pro Rugged Holster Case-Black

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Kristel Silang
Kristel Silang is the Content Marketing Manager for SUPCASE. She has been in the marketing industry for 12 years with expertise on content marketing, search engine optimization, and photography. Previous publications she has contributed to include The Manila Times, Compound Butter, and Livingston County CVB.


  • Arturo Martinez

    I am soo pleased with my case. It arrived perfectly on time. I love the green color and I’m headed to go buy another case for my wife. Collect them all!

  • Eric Repoff

    Supcase cases are amazing! They have much more available for Samsung Galaxy Devices than any other case maker and the cases are incredibly durable. I have had them in many of my Samsung Devices in the past and currently. I own an S23 Ultra and I have 3 different color cases for it. I also own a Tab S8+ and have a case for that, I have a case for my Galaxy Watch 5 and for my Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. My entire Galaxy Ecosystem is covered with all of the same amazing cases.
    I also have a shirt and the limited edition hoodie in my collection. You can definitely say I am a huge Supcase fan!
    Some things I would like to see added are: A Magsafe Case for the S23 Series, Maybe some different designs and I would love to have a Supcase Backpack to complete my collection.
    Great Job Supcase with everything you have created for Samsung Devices.
    Maybe add to your website what you are doing for a more sustainable Environmentally friendly future as well.

  • Nuno Luiz Gomes

    I am a big fan of SUPCASE. I own a Samsung galaxy S23 ultra, Tab S7 plus and a galaxy watch 5 Pro all with SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle PRO case’s and am super happy and impressed with the quality. My S23 Ultra looks like a tank, I could literally use it as a weapon without damaging my phone. My galaxy watch 5 PRO looks amazing. The case looks like its part of the watch. My tab s7 plus looks awesome and I could use it as a Frisbee without worrying about damaging it.
    As for improvements I would love to see the Unicorn Beetle PRO for my S23 ultra with a cover for the screen like the Samsung smart view wallet case but with a magnetic locking mechanism. The Tab S7 plus case would be nice if it was possible to attach the samsung keyboard to it making it the best case out there. As for the galaxy watch 5 Pro case it’s hard to improve perfection. I love my devices and now I love them more with these amazing looking and incredibly functional and protective cases.

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