#SUPCASEstories: See What Customers Say About Our Toughest Cases (Feb 2024)

Foldable phones like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 and Note20 Ultra let us reimagine the smartphone device by its design without compromising on its capabilities and upgrades in hardware and software.

And since the Galaxy Z Flip series is here to stay, the question remains. How to protect this smartphone?

Our customers testify how: through their Unicorn Beetle PRO phone cases.

Why did you buy SUPCASE for your Z Flip5?

#SUPCASEstories See What Customers Say About Our Toughest Cases (Feb 2024)

We asked some of our customers "Why did you buy SUPCASE for your phone?" and their answers definitely didn't disappoint. 

Samsung Z Flip5

I am rough on phones so I always have a case to protect my investment. -Justin H.

Justin is a confessed hard phone user and he admits that his SUPCASE case for his device (aka his investment) meets his expectations and more. If Justin is hard on his device despite being an investment, we think that he and his SUPCASE case are a match in toughness and durability.


I decided to go with your case because they were the coolest ones I saw via web search.. and they were rated well. -Nicholas D.

Nicholas went for the cool factor when he saw in our SUPCASE reviews and got more than he bargained for. After all, his SUPCASE is not just cool, they protect his device not to being part of an uncool scenario.

 Youtube phone case review

Youtube is the best, I looked at tons of case videos, and for the money, it can't be beat. The hard body, hinge protection, built-in screen protector (which is very touch responsive 👍), and it comes up a little and over the screen bezel. Very protected. Easy to install. And not to mention, the belt clip with a kickstand is the cherry on top!! -Curt P.

Quite the same scenario with Curt, who used also online and internet skills and tools to scrutinize his future SUPCASE for his device. His research turned him to be a convert for SUPCASE’s protection of his phone with the whole shebang of a hard body, built-in screen protection, and hinge protection for his phone. His favorite? The belt clip with a kickstand that drags his device anywhere without worrying.


SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle PRO

I had a case from a different company and it lasted only a few months before starting to break from being carried in a bag, backpack,  or my pockets. I thought that this case would be much more sturdy but at the cost of being a little bulkier. It turned out to be less bulky than I thought it would be and I am happy that it still fits in my pocket comfortably. The fall protection, the ability to use the sheath if I want to, the built-in kickstand that doubles as a ring holder is nice, and it does not affect the charging of the phone either through the plug or the Qi charger, and it fits in my car mount without any issues. -Troy S.

Troy is another convert for his Flip 5 SUPCASE; he's impressed at the case’s slim but sturdy body design that keeps his phone in his pants cozy and without a bulge. He also scores his SUPCASE high on the other features, especially the fall protection, built-in kickstand/ring holder, especially the ease of merging with his car mount for a charge.


SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle PRO

I have used SUPCASE cases on my last several phones, including a couple of Google Pixels and Samsung Galaxy phones. I have been impressed with the quality of all of them so far. The ratio of cost to quality and protection is unbeatable, in my opinion. The Flip5 SUPCASE UB Pro might be my favorite so far. It's very protective and adds less bulk than you'd think, and despite the Flip5's numerous orientation options, the kickstand has proved to be very useful. -Macy V.

The Flip 5 SUPCASE UB Pro is Macy’s favorite and we agree! She is a veteran of using our case in her other former phones (Pixels and other Galaxy series phones) and she’s continuing her journey with us.


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

A friend has the Galaxy Fold version of the SUPCASE and I really liked it; it feels very sturdy and he said he's not had any issues with it at all.  In fact, he's dropped his phone multiple times without issue.  Without a case, the Flip5 feels kind of fragile to me when open so I definitely wouldn't want to use it without a case, but with the SUPCASE on it doesn't feel fragile at all, it feels pretty bulletproof. -Geoff V.

Geoff is another fan and convert due to his friend’s SUPCASE for Samsung Galaxy Fold. While he didn’t get the Fold version, we’re happy that he bought one for the Flip 5! We love that he was able to scrutinize our cases before deciding to buy a SUPCASE on his own for his own. 


Yard work

I do the yard work at my home.....there must be music for me to listen to.  I had a Galaxy Note with a Unicorn Beetle case that fell.  The time I saw the phone fall it was hitting the ground on the outside of the blade cover, bounced and slightly ran over the phone with the blades.  The case had a built-in screen.  The only damage was scratches on the external screen.  I was a follower at that point!  When I got the case I also got my husband the Samsung watch band and protector.  He has found a new love! -Kristin W.

Kristin was made convert the moment her SUPCASE UB Pro saved her Galaxy Note from a fall. The only damage her high-end smartphone got was scratches on the case’s external screen. Nothing on any other point of the case.

Standout Review for our Note20 Ultra Phone Case

SUPCASE Note20 Ultra Metallic Red phone case

Love Unicorn Beetle Pro Cases. I had the misfortune of dropping and losing my phone in the water while on vacation in Hawaii. I got a call about a week later that someone found my phone. I had them ship it back to me. When I got it, I charged up the phone, crossed my fingers, and turned it on. The phone powered up and the phone functioned perfectly fine. I am convinced that this case with the port plug along with the phones IP68 rating helped save the phone from being ruined by being submerged underwater for about a week. There was a small area on the back of the case that looked to be a little worn and the kickstand is does not slide as easily, probably because there is a lot of sand in the tracks, which should be easy enough to clean out. I did pick up a new phone while on vacation and ordered a new UB Pro case right away. Not sure how much longer it would have lasted underwater but I will definitely be buying this case for all of my new phones as it saved all of the files on my phone that are not backed up to the cloud. -Chris L. 

Chris was surprised with his UB Pro - he even included photos of his phone and his case after he dropped both in the Hawaiian waters for a week on his review. He charged the poor phone and it came back to life with many thanks to the case’s port plug. With a little wear and a small kickstand issue, the case and the phone (with all of its files intact) came back like nothing happened. Chris was so pleased that he got a new phone and a new UB Pro case for it.

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SUPCASE Samsung Z Flip5

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