Samsung Galaxy Fold vs Flip: Which Will Fit Your Style?

According to a recent study, sales of folding smartphones increased by an impressive 300% last year. Since the unveiling of the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip back in 2020, the company has seen year-on-year growth for the clamshell design.

On August 10th, Galaxy unveiled their latest in the foldable series. But what’s the difference between the Galaxy Fold vs Flip, and which one is better?

Both phones have seen improvements compared to their predecessors, and although these Samsung foldables share some characteristics, there are certainly elements of each that make them aimed at a totally different demographic of users.

We don’t need to tell you that both the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Flip series are the hottest smartphones on the market right now, but what you might be unsure of is which one to go for. In this article, we compare both models, to help you make the right decision.

Galaxy Fold vs Flip at a Glance

samsung galaxy z fold4 flip4

The new Galaxy Fold 4 models follow the tradition of its predecessors by having the appearance of a candy bar-style phone that converts into a tablet. This is geared towards professionals as well as Android power users who crave multi-tasking abilities in a powerful device.

In contrast, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 has a smaller and more square, sandwich look to it. It unfolds into a regular-sized candy bar-style smartphone. Unlike the Fold, it's no bigger than a regular phone, once open.

The advantage of this phone is that it's much more compact when it’s not in use. It’s become a bit of a favorite with the influencers on social media and generally appeals to a much wider demographic compared to the Fold.

Both models of phones share similarities with their predecessors in terms of design and functionality. Each phone has also undergone an upgrade with small differences in terms of visual appearance. 

Folding Glass

You might little bit anxious about the idea of the folding glass on the display and we get it, it feels anti-intuitive. However, both the Fold and the Flip use Samsung's Infinity Flex Display. This was developed to enable these handsets to fold hundreds of thousands of times without showing signs of fatigue or breaking.

Samsung claims that both models can be folded 200,000 times without breaking, this figure was worked out based on the number of times a user would open and close their phone over five years of use. Samsung is clearly in it for the long run.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Design

samsung galaxy z fold4

It’s very similar to its predecessor, and when compared next to the Z Fold 3 it keeps book style design, which works with a vertical fold. It also makes use of an external display, which becomes the front of the phone when it’s closed. There are three camera lenses on the rear.

The rear camera lenses are discreet and sit in a pill-shaped camera housing. The edges are slightly more angled overall compared to the previous model.

When the device is in a closed position, you’ll find a centralized punch-hole camera. This is located at the top. When open, inside you'll find an under-display camera, that is barely noticeable when using the phone as a tablet. 

Color Options

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 comes in three color options: Gray Green, Beige, Burgundy, and Phantom Black. If you are interested in accessorizing your Fold 4 with the S Pen Fold Edition stylus, they are also available in the same color options.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Design

samsung galaxy flip4

In contrast to the Fold which is more like a book, the Flip 4 works more like a classic clamshell and has a horizontal fold. The Galaxy Z Flip 4 features a dual camera, and with the external display being located next to it, it takes up about a third of the back.

When open, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 also features a punch-hole camera which is located at the top of the display. Unlike on the Fold, there is no under-display camera.

Color Options

samsung galaxy z flip4 colors
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The Galaxy Z Flip 4 comes in four color options. These are Graphite, Bora Purple, Pink Gold, and Blue.

If you opt for the Bespoke Edition on the phone, you can personalize its appearance by mixing and matching these colors, there are 75 color combinations available. The Bespoke Edition of the phone has to be ordered via a store and comes with an additional fee.  You could even twin it to the colors of your Galaxy watch.

Similarities in Design

Both the Flip 4 and Fold 4 feature squared-off frames. They also share the same IP water and dust resistance ratings and come with the protective Corning Gorilla Glass Victus and enhanced durability from knocks.

Differences in Design

When they are closed, the Flip is about half the size of a standard candy bar phone, whereas the Fold is about the same size as one. Another key difference in design is that the Z Flip 4 doesn't support S Pen functionality.


Both phone fold, that’s a given. The Fold offers a larger screen when opened and is more like a book. The Flip is a more compact design and opens up to the size of a regular smartphone.

  • Z Fold 4 features book-style folding with S Pen support
  • Z Flip 4 features clamshell folding, like a compact make-up mirror

Keep that in mind when deciding between the two. 

Z Fold 4 vs Z Flip 4 Display

Again, as with the design of the phones, both models have seen enhancement to the display when compared to their previous counterparts. They both do take advantage of AMOLED displays and share the same adaptive refresh rate. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Display

When closed, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 features a 6.2-inch external display. When opened, you’ll find a 7.6-inch internal display.

Compared to the previous Fold 3, the new model offers a much wider and squarer screen than before, making this one of the best gaming smartphone options out there.

Both of the screens on the Fold 4 have a 120Hz refresh rate. The internal takes advantage of the energy-saving adaptive refresh rate of between 1Hz and 120Hz. The external display has a refresh rate of between 48Hz and 120Hz, which isn’t quite as good at saving power, but this probably won't be the main screen you use, so it shouldn’t impact battery life too much.

The Dynamic AMOLED inner display pane has a 2176 x 1812 pixel resolution, this is twinned with Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) and is the screen that supports the S Pen Fold Edition. The outer display meanwhile also takes advantage of a Dynamic AMOLED panel and comes with a resolution of 2316 x 904 pixels. The outer display also utilizes Always On Display technology.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Display

When unfolded, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 has a 6.7-inch main display. The outer display is 1.9-inches.

The main also features Full HD+ resolution, as well as an adaptive refresh rate between 1Hz and 120Hz. However, when it’s closed, the outer screen is only 1.9-inch 

Similar to what the previous Z Flip 3 has, there is a punch-hole camera at the top of the screen.

The inner screen features a 2640 x 1080 display. In contrast, the outer display is limited to a 260 x 512 resolution. 

Similarities in Display

Both phones feature two separate screens, one each for when the phone is unfolded or folded. They also offer a decent resolution when comparing the inner screens. They also benefit from Samsung's innovative folding glass, which boasts durability against scratches.

Differences in Display

The outer screen on the Flip 4 is tiny, and won't display much more than who is calling or messaging. In essence, it's not really a functional screen, more just like a visual display.

The Fold, when closed is more like a regular candy bar design and has all the functionality of a regular smartphone, when it is opened, the display doubles in size, which makes it suitable for multitasking, and viewing multiple apps at once.


Both have very good screens, however, the Flip is limited by the outer screen. If you’re wanting the most real estate in terms of display, then definitely opt for the Samsung Z Fold 4. 

  • Z Fold 4: 6.2-inch external, 7.56-inch internal, 120Hz 
  • Z Flip 4: 1.9-inch external, 6.7-inch internal, 120Hz

Z Fold 4 vs Z Flip 4 Spec

Both the Galaxy Z Fold series and Galaxy Z Flip series offer a specification to rival any other foldable phone. Even with the high specs on both, the Fold is definitely targeted at a more demanding user whos looking for multi-functionality. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Spec

The Z Fold 4 comes with 12GB of RAM, it’s also available in different storage variants, which include 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB.

The battery capacity for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is 4400mAh, however, with two screens to power, even though this is a larger battery than the one found in the Flip, its power usage is substantially more. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Spec

In comparison to the Fold, this phone features a much more modest 8GB of RAM. This is more than enough for the functions this phone will perform, as it’s not aimed at multitasking like the Fold is.

The Flip also comes in a range of storage sizes, with a choice of 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB, which for more people is more than ample.

In terms of battery capacity, the Flip has a smaller 3700mAh battery, however, it also doesn't have as much screen space to power, so in terms of usage, you’ll still get at least a full day's use before you’ll need to charge it.

Similarities in Spec

Both the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and the Z Flip 4 run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset. Both devices have 5G capabilities and have physical fingerprint sensors for secure access.

They also both come in a range of storage sizes. Both the Flip and Fold feature 25W wired charging, and when used with an official Samsung power socket (that has to be brought separately for both models), they state that 50 percent battery charge can be reached in 30 minutes. They both also support wireless charging and reverse wireless charging. 

Differences in Spec

The main difference is the RAM, with the Fold coming with 12GB, and the Flip being limited to 8GM. The Fold also comes in the much higher capacity variant of up to 1TB of storage. The fold also comes with a higher battery capacity, although with the bigger screen size, battery usage is a lot higher.   


Both phones offer great specs to rival any other foldable phone on the market. However, if you’re a heavy phone user, looking for multifunctionality, you will probably feel limited by the Flip.

  • Z Fold 4: Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, 12GB RAM, 256/512GB or 1TB storage, 4400mAh battery
  • Z Flip 4: Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, 8GB RAM, 128/256/512GB storage, 3700mAh battery

Z Fold 4 vs Z Flip 4 Cameras

Both models of phones share similarities with other smartphones in the Samsung range with camera technology being pulled across for the popular S series of phones. Both phones feature a great selection of cameras, however, the Fold pips the Flip to the post.   

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Cameras

samsung galaxy z fold4 cameras

If you’re into your photography or content creation, then you’ll be keen to hear that the Z Fold 4 has a triple rear camera. These are the same cameras used on the Galaxy S22, which boast a 50-megapixel main sensor, plus a 12-megapixel ultra-wide sensor and a 10-megapixel telephoto sensor with 3x zoom. The Fold also has an extra user-facing camera that's hidden in the inside display.

The Fold 4 can also record 8K video at up to 24fps, although unless you have a television to play back this resolution, then this feature may be surplus to what you need. The front camera has a 10-megapixel sensor, whilst inside, you’ll find an improvement on the Fold 3 under-display camera, however, it still offers the same 4-megapixel resolution.

Here is a summary of the camera spec on the Fold:

  • 10MP selfie camera 
  • 4MP under-display selfie camera
  • 12MP ultra-wide camera
  • 50MP wide-angle camera
  • 10MP telephoto camera

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Cameras

samsung galaxy z flip4 camera

The Flip 4 features two 12MP rear-facing sensors. These are at the same spec as the previous Flip 3 One of these comes with a wide-angle lens with f/1.8 aperture and the other with an ultra-wide f/2.2 aperture.

However, the improvements are that it is a 65 percent brighter, wide sensor compared to the Z Flip, and has a pixel size increase from 1.4µm to 1.8µm. 

  • 10MP selfie camera
  • 12MP ultra-wide camera
  • 12MP wide-angle camera

Similarities in Cameras

Both phones are capable of capturing 4K60 video using their front or back sensors. They both also have the same 10MP front-facing camera.

Differences in Cameras

As you can see above, there's a substantial difference between the camera specifications of the Flip and the Fold camera, and although they both share the same 10MP selfie camera, most other features are improved on the Flip. 


Although the Flip does feature an excellent camera setup, the overall winner, especially if you’re waiting to take enhanced footage or better-quality photos, is the Fold.

  • Z Fold 4: Triple rear (50MP + 12MP + 10MP), 10MP front snapper, 4MP UPC
  • Z Flip 4: Dual rear (12MP + 12MP), 10MP front camera

Other Things to Consider With Z Fold 4 Vs Z Flip 4

So far we’ve covered the main considerations when it comes to comparing the phones. However, there are numerous other things you may want to take into consideration if you’re not sure which is the best option for you.

Audio Quality

If you’re intending to watch films or gaming on your device, then the audio quality will be something you’ll want to consider. The Galaxy Fold is the larger of the two phones, as it features the better stereo sound of the two models.

The previous Fold 3 model already had a decent set of dual speakers integrated, with one positioned on each side of the device. They have brought this feature forward into Fold 4.

The Flip also has two speakers, however, because of the setup of the phone, both of them are located on the bottom giving the effect that sound is just coming from one speaker instead. Because of this, the sound quality isn’t quite as good on this device.

Both devices do come with the standard Samsung EQ feature which allows you to boost certain sound frequencies. They also both support Dolby Atmos, which helps with audio processing to make the audio sound a bit wider and punchier. You could always connect with a pair of Buds if the audio quality is an issue.

Wireless Connectivity

Both phones benefit from 5G, and the Flip and Fold 4 models work on sub-6 and mmWave bands. However, currently, only the Fold 4 supports Wi-Fi 6E.

Z Fold 4 vs Z Flip 4 Price

samsung z fold4 flip4 price

Both cameras are at the steeper end of smartphones currently on the market, even if you compare them to other rival foldable phones. 

However, with either phone, you’ll find some of the most up-to-date technology, plus Samsungs long-standing reputation for quality. 

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Price =  $1799.99
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Price =  $999.99 

Our Verdict

So, which is best, the Galaxy Fold or the Flop? Overall, both are outstanding phones, and if it’s essentially a foldable phone you’re after then neither will disappoint.

As you’ve just read, both have a superb lineup of features. If you’re torn between which one, then here’s our verdict.

There are pros and cons with both models, and although lots of the issues with the previous editions of the phone shave been resolved, there’s always going to be room for improvement. The biggest pain points across both phones are the slight crease where the fold happens, and the lack of dust protection on the fold.

Even though the battery life has been improved across both, this is still going to be a problem for some users, especially when it comes to convenience and not wanting to charge a phone after heavy use. However, because both phones feature dual screens, power consumption will always be higher than a standard candy bar smartphone with just a single screen. 

When to Buy the Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 

We recommend buying the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 if productivity and multitasking are essential parts of your daily life. It's pretty much a tablet in the guise of a phone. This is also a great phone if you’re an avid photographer because of how versatile it is across a range of shooting situations.

This Fold is also the best option if you like the idea of a clamshell design phone, but think the capabilities of the Fold 4 aren’t quite enough. 

When to Buy the Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 

We recommend the Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 if you’re after one of the most compact and top-spec clamshell phones on the market right now. You’ll be hard-pushed to find anything as compact and with as much functionality. This is also a great option if you’re looking for an incredibly compact phone that doesn't compromise on having a large display. 

Do You Prefer the Fold 4 or the Flip 4?

We hope you agree, when it comes to the Galaxy Fold vs Flip, both phones have incredibly strong selling points. Both phones come with some pretty outstanding features, but it can be tough to choose which is best. 

Whichever phone you opt for, then you’ll want to make sure you have the most on-trend accessories to go with it. A robust yet stylish case will protect it against life knocks and bumps.  

Be the first to know about the latest Samsung Flip and Fold smartphone accessories by visiting our online shop. What’s more, if you subscribe to our newsletter, you’ll receive 10% off your first order. You'll also receive our exclusive deals and access to exciting giveaways.

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