Enjoy the Outdoors While Keeping Your Phone Safe

While we all love to take our smartphones with us throughout our daily routines, we also want this important device safeguarded from harm. If you are the outdoorsy type always looking to get outside and have fun, this paradox can be an issue. When you want to take your phone with you for all your outdoor adventures, there are definitely a few SUPCase options made just for you. Let's take a look at some outdoor activities and the right SUPCase option to bring with to avoid damages.

Hiking/Mountain Climbing/Camping

UB Pro

When looking for a case to take to the most rugged outdoor environments, the UB Pro is the one to beat. Whether you are hiking, camping, or doing a bit of mountain climbing, this case is ready to get in on the action. What makes this case ideal for these types of activities? For starters, the UB Pro is the winner of the annual CNET drop test for most feet dropped without damages. This really comes in handy when hiking or climbing. It also offers total 360 degree device protection with cushioned corners for maximum protection against impacts. This case is also great for keeping dirt and dust out of ports which is always key when camping, climbing, and hiking.

Running/Playing Sports/Biking

UB Sport

If your idea of a fun time outdoors is more along the lines of running, biking, or playing your favorite sport, then the UB Sport is the right one for you. These activities are more like a workout and you tend to get pretty sweaty in the process. You need a phone case made with this in mind and the UB Sport is the perfect answer. With specialized holes in the surface to dissipate heat and moisture wicking abilities, this case is perfect for your sweatiest outdoor activities. It is made with TPU and polycarbonate to provide ample protection where your phone needs it most. It even has a texturized grip to reduce accidental drops and wireless charging for added ease.

Water Activities

UB Storm

Water activities are always a favorite for spending some time in nature. Whether surfing, rafting, or just hanging out by the water, the right phone case is key to enjoying your time on the water. This is where a waterproof case such as the UB Storm comes in. With full body coverage and port covers to keep out water, this case is ready to hit the water with you on your next outdoor adventure. It also has a touch sensitive screen protector and wraparound bumpers to absorb impacts.

Michael Tallon
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  • Anne

    Yes! Thank you for this. I normally go on many hikes and road trips up in the mountains and it’s really hard to know how to keep my phone safe sometimes. I will definitely try.

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