Do you own a Nintendo Switch or purchased the new OLED model? It's easily one of the most popular gaming consoles today, with over 101 million units sold since it launched in 2017.

Getting new games is a priority but keeping it safe should be on your list, too. Unlike other consoles, you can undock the Switch and carry it with you. This makes it especially susceptible to drops and other accidents.

Buying the right Nintendo Switch case should be your first investment.

A carrying bag or shell case can keep it secure while on the go. How can you keep it protected while playing it undocked, though? 

The good news is you can find a Nintendo Switch protective case that doesn't affect gameplay. Discover some of the best choices (including ours) with the list below.

FYOUNG Protective Case

Let's start with one of the most basic but functional Switch cases. FYOUNG's case is a clear multi-piece slip-on, allowing you to remove and attach Joy-Cons. This is an essential feature since Switch Joy-Cons break easily after repeated use.

Unlike some cases on this list, the one offered by FYOUNG comes with protection for the front of your Switch. This protects the screen from drops. It's a tempered glass screen protector, which also means you get to keep your device safe from scratches.

Unfortunately, this is one of the the most basic cases you can find. It's a suitable choice for people who want a subtle visual style.

Skull and Co. GripCase

GripCase is one of the most unique Switch case options. Unlike a traditional case for Nintendo Switch, you don't simply snap the case on the device and Joy-Cons. 

This is because the GripCase comes with handle extenders for the Joy-Cons, providing a better grip during undocked play. You simply slide these onto the Joy-Cons. The rest of the grip protective case snaps onto your device.

You can even buy a carrying case made specifically for the GripCase. With this carrying case, you can keep the Switch in and still play. This adds additional protection when gaming on the go.

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle PRO Series Case

There's no better Nintendo Switch hard case than our own award-winning Unicorn Beetle PRO. Not only do you get a beautiful, rugged look fit for a gaming console but it guarantees the device's safety, too. This case utilizes a TPU shock bumper on the sides to cushion side drops.

The case itself is high-grade polycarbonate shell. Some smartphone cases use this instead of rubber.

Unlike other hardshell cases, you can remove and attach Joy-Cons with ease. The best part is that you can keep the case on and still dock your Switch.

Another advantage is the cartridge case that attaches to the front and acts as a screen cover. Just make sure to remove the front protective case before docking your Switch.

Mumba Dockable Case

If you're looking for a few alternative options, you can't go wrong with the Mumba case. It's not as simple or as elaborate as the others on this list but it gets the job done. Simply snap your Switch in and slide the Joy-Cons on. 

You do get a non-slip grip and a tough polycarbonate protective case. The interiors use TPU. This helps keep your Switch ventilated and safe from light drops. 

Similar to the Skull & Co. GripCase, the Mumba case features thicker grips. These not only provide a more comfortable hold but also prevent you from dropping the Switch in the first place. Unlike the GripCase, this one doesn't come with a carrying bag that a fully protected console can fit in, but Mumba does offer one separately.

Aluminium Anti-Scratch Dust-Proof Hard Case

Most Switch cases use TPU and polycarbonate materials. That's the same case here but you also get three sheets of aluminium. These sheets also provide dust protection and slip protection.

A lot of the grips on this list are solid one-piece hard cases. This accessory, however, splits into three. You get one part for the tablet part of the Switch and then two separate cases for the Joy-Cons.

This Switch protective case also comes in bright colors. This is a great contrast to the clear and black designs often offered by the market.

Findway Nintendo Switch Clear Case

Are you looking for a case that keeps your Switch safe but also doesn't feel like a rigid hard case? The Findway clear case offers more flexibility than most cases since it relies on soft, clear TPU materials. You also get three separate parts, similar to the Aluminium case listed above. 

It's also an affordable case due to the lack of bells and whistles. It's a simple but effective case. If you don't need a unique design or additional features, this case and a screen protector will suffice. 

PZOZ Dockable Nintendo Switch Case

PZOZ dockable cases offer an ergonomic handle grip, similar to a few of the others on this list. However, it's a one-piece design so you'll need to snap the Switch in first. Slide the Joy-Cons on afterward. 

The PZOZ case is a little thicker than the others. You can still keep your Switch in it when docking but you'll need to give a soft push down. 

Get the Best Nintendo Switch Case

Now you know which Nintendo Switch case options offer both protection and functionality. You don't need to sacrifice gameplay to keep your unit safe. With the right case, you can dock, undock, and play your Switch without removing the protective cover.

Interested in our UB Pro Nintendo Switch cases? Are you also looking for ideal cases for your iPhone or Android device? 

Search no further! We've got what you want along with an abundance of guides to help you find the right case for your needs. Don't hesitate to message us right here and allow us to help keep your Switch and mobile device safe from harm.

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