Is There Such A Thing As An Unbreakable Samsung Galaxy S22 Cover?

Are you looking for a new phone cover for your Samsung Galaxy S22?

Are you looking to protect your investment in a phone over the long term?

We get it. Buying a new smartphone is a massive undertaking that doesn't come cheap. You want to make sure that you do everything you can to protect your device. As an owner, you want bulletproof protection at an affordable cost.

We have you covered. In this article, we will walk through all of the best options for protecting your Samsung Galaxy S22 with a cover or phone protector. Read on to discover which protector matches your style and meets your budget.

The Launch of the S22

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Series is one of the most anticipated smartphone series to hit the market in a long time. There is good reason for the excitement, because the S22 Ultra, for example, will bring back the glory days of the Galaxy Note, which includes an S-Pen and extremely high-end specs.

With the Galaxy S22 series officially launched, we want to give you a brief overview of the new models and talk about how you can best protect your phone from unexpected damage.

Before we get to the big dogs in case manufacturing, it is important to note that Samsung has several cases listed for its S22 launch.

However, these device covers and cases are thin and flimsy compared to aftermarket covers from dedicated case companies. Some of these cases, though, are offered by smaller third parties with no pedigree in testing or protection.

Design Changes

There is an interesting design twist on the S22 Ultra cases from Samsung, where the smart clear view cover is cut out in a rectangular shape on the upper right corner of the device.

This is different from the transparent window strip that was found on the flip cover of previous device releases from Samsung. This is a relatively subjective design change, whereas some people may find the previous look more appealing. Ultimately, you'll have to get one to determine if it's truly better in person than it looks.

This makes the design challenge for phone case manufacturers even more difficult.

Why You Need the Best Phone Protection

The biggest problem for smartphone owners these days is dropping the phone and picking it up to find a cracked screen, a chipped frame, or other scratches and scuffs.

Because of the fact that smartphones are always on the move with us, it's very easy to drop them when transferring in and out of pockets. Oftentimes we are trying to type with one hand, or we forget that we placed them on our lap while we are working. Of course, once we stand up we pay the price for this neglect.

Because cellphones are so ubiquitous, the cellphone case protection market has surged past $4 billion a year.

This is over and above the fact that many people choose to live with the damage they inflict on their phones with regular use. They may simply just throw them out or sell them to the highest bidder while they search for a new device.


How are you supposed to know if a case is truly as rugged as it claims to be? One of the major challenges in this industry for consumers is that many manufacturers claim MIL SPEC standards.

The challenge as a consumer is that in truth, these claims are not regulated by a military governing body. Therefore, manufacturers can claim whatever they want.

The MIL SPEC claim that you often see comes from a general set of guidelines created by the military, but it is not overseen by the military or affiliate organizations. This leads to a relatively wide degree of variation in the testing process.

Fortunately, some manufacturers are better than others in terms of disclosing how they specifically test their products. You can determine if their tests are truly appropriate to MIL SPEC standards based on information they provide to the public.

The Phone Protection Gauntlet

For example, the major case manufacturer OtterBox regularly performs lab testing. They are extremely thorough, even encouraging employees to drop their phones to test their cases. This is a committed culture, perhaps borderline extreme.

Nonetheless, OtterBox knows that almost a third of all phones will break within the first 15 months after purchase. They have created a designated testing chamber that is one of the most thorough in the industry. They call it the P.I.T., which stands for prototype, innovate, and test.

This is a special testing lab that is designed to put cellphones in OtterBox cases through the wringer via a series of specially designed contraptions that exert force similarly to real-world applications. They try to inflict the sort of damage that you would expect on your phone if it didn't have a case on it.

Part of these tests includes a 4-foot drop test machine that is built to look like a photo booth. The lab also includes a tanning booth to test UV exposure to make sure that the protection on the phone cases does not fade over time in sunlight. The machine is built to work both as a refrigerator and an oven, which provides the testing lab the ability to assess the effect on the case from extreme temperatures.

Real-World Testing

Many of these tests are standard across the industry, however, OtterBox has also developed specific tests based on feedback from customers with horror stories related to phone destruction.

Everything in the lab is built with intention, based on real-world data provided by customers old and new.

For example, the purse test was based on direct feedback from customers who found that their phone suffered the most damage from sitting in a purse filled with keys, makeup, nail files, and other common personal items.

As a result, OtterBox rebuilt a clothes dryer into a specially designed lab tumbler that doubled as a purse. The dryer was filled with the same purse-related items and then ran for 100 revolutions. The device was forced to drop a meter at each end of the dryer.

The lab also features a genes test that resembles a turntable for records. Essentially it is a machine that repeatedly brushes a denim piece of fabric onto a phone thousands of times over to mimic the effect of two years of jeans rubbing against a phone kept in a pocket. Any case that does not meet company standards based on the laboratory testing is sent back to engineers for a redesign.

The OtterBox Defender is the classic heavy duty phone case. If you want maximum security for your phone, with no concerns about budget, this OtterBox case is for you.


The OtterBox brand has essentially become synonymous with bulky but maximally protected smartphone cases. When most people think of OtterBox, they usually picture the Defender.

The Defender is the flagship case for the company that bears the reputation for its brand. Even though OtterBox does have other more stylish options, people tend to come to OtterBox for protection. They want maximum coverage for their phone, and the Defender provides it.

This is because the Defender is built with multiple layers. It has a hard frame that is embedded on the front side, providing a space for protection. It also has an inner shell made of hard foam-lined material over the back.

On the outside, there is an additional silicone layer that gives the product some softness and provides more absorption upon impact on the ground.

It's possible to purchase a version that also includes designated screen protection, but you will have to specially seek this out. You can also purchase a wide array of additional accessories all the way from belt clips to charging docks.

The company is well known for its research and development. They put a lot of effort into testing their product over and over to ensure that it has real-world protection against dust, drops, and other hazards.

Surprisingly, the OtterBox Defender is not water-resistant. However, OtterBox does have a sister brand called LifeProof that does offer water-resistant cases.

You can purchase the Defender series for most iPhones and Android devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S22.

OtterBox also provides other options for those who would like to have a less bulky protective case. There is a Commuter series and a Symmetry series that still offer great protection with less bulk.


As mentioned LifeProof is the sister brand of OtterBox and provides excellent water resistance for those who spend a lot of time on or near the water.

If you're spending a lot of time at the beach or at the pool with your kids you might want to think about additional water protection. It is true that most phones are built with some degree of water protection, but nonetheless, there are many folks who want to prevent a drop into the deep end as best they can.

For those who are working outdoors, these devices also provide adequate protection against dirt and sand. The LifeProof brand is quite simply the best name in water protective phone cases.

Also built by OtterBox, LifeProof offers a Fre line, which provides a tight seal across the entire phone.

The seal is thin enough to still allow you to use the fingerprint sensor if you have a phone that uses one.

All of this protection does come at a cost, however. First off, this case isn't quite as rugged and protective as the Defender. It has still been tested over and again by the company to rule out damage from drops up to 6 feet high.

Perhaps most importantly, the plastic screen cover simply doesn't feel like glass. It's possible that call quality could drop slightly due to the microphone being sealed away within the case.

However, for those who are more concerned about water damage than drops, it's hard to go wrong with LifeProof. Many people choose to keep a LifeProof case around when they plan to head to the pool or beach.

Urban Armor Gear

Another interesting banner for protection is the MIL SPEC standard. A lot of cases will claim to be up to MIL SPEC standard. However, this certification simply isn't regulated in the consumer electronics market. Many companies claim to follow a standardized set of tests.

But their badge of certification comes with a grain of salt.

Nonetheless, there are competitors in this MIL SPEC market that have proven their track record year after year. One of the best of these options is Urban Armor Gear.

This company provides a Monarch case with great detail about how the company tested and developed the product. For example, the company describes that the Monarch is dropped 26 times over from a height of 48 inches on each face and corner of the device.

The Monarch also keeps an edge on competitors with a special five-layer design. This includes top grain leather on the outside with metal hardware on the inside. This helps to give a weighty feel that isn't cheap. It's still quite thin despite this protection.

Even though its military nature seems to give it an extreme look, it's clear that this device can take a beating. It won't let you down in the event of a fall or drop.

Element Case

If you are looking for the ultimate in phone case protection and money is no object, it's hard to go wrong with Element's Black Ops case. This case uses only the highest grade materials, and may even outshine your phone itself.

Unfortunately, this doesn't come cheap as Black Ops is the most expensive protective case on the market.

This Black Ops case uses CNC machine T10 and other aircraft-grade aluminum to develop an ultimate beast in phone protection. The design shows, and you won't feel like you're carrying around a cheap plastic case.

Simply put, the Black Ops case will feel as premium in your hand as the Samsung Galaxy S22 that you just purchased. The question that you have to answer for yourself is whether this protective case is worth $200 out of your hard-earned money.

It's hard to say whether that degree of protection is necessary for your daily activities. It does come with a wider array of accessories than the Urban Armor Gear offering. These include a detachable belt clip as well as a carrying bag that is splash-proof.

Most consumers would probably argue that the Black Ops case is a slightly sleeker design that still gives an extreme, borderline military appearance. Once again if you have a lot of disposable income lying around and want the maximum in protection, the Black Ops case is probably your best bet.

Element does offer an array of lower cost phone cases, however, each of these is significantly lower in overall quality.

The UB Pro from SUPCASE

Established in 2013, SUPCASE was originally founded as an affordable alternative to the pricier Lifeproofs and OtterBoxes.

Our belief was that the "ultimate" drop-proof case doesn't have to cost upwards of $100. While other companies are charging you for marketing, our cases don't cost a single dollar more than they should.

After winning CNET's first annual drop test with the highest total feet, SUPCASE's flagship Unicorn Beetle PRO case has gained legendary status. Not only is the UB Pro tested to the military shock specification standard entitled MIL-STD-810G 516.6, it has also survived 50 ft by EverythingApplePro (twice) and 150 ft by Rhove Africa.

Inspired by real-life stories sent in by fans about surviving bullets, fires, and lawnmowers we started recreating these tests by running over our cases, throwing them out the window at 60 mph, and more. 

In addition to thorough real-world testing, the award-winning UB Pro is also packed with features. With a built-in screen protector, kickstand that double as a ring holder, and a free rotating belt clip holster, SUPCASE gives you the total package for under $30.

If you are looking for maximum protection at a minimum price, we have built the best phone case for you.

Make sure to grab the Unicorn Beetle PRO for your brand new Samsung Galaxy S22, and we will ensure you have the best protection for your investment.

The Bottom Line for You

Ultimately, you will have to decide how you plan to protect your brand new Galaxy S22. There are many factors to consider.

First, you'll want to consider your budget. How much money do you want to spend on the device before accessories? How important is phone protection to you?

You'll need to have a sense of your budget before going to the market. If you can afford a maximally protective case for over $200, there is no reason not to opt for a higher-end model. However, if you are looking for quality at an affordable price, it is hard to beat the UB Pro.

It is good to think about whether you have a history of dropping your phone or inflicting damage. If this has been a problem in the past, there is no reason to think that it won't happen again. That's why we recommend seeking out the best protection you can find that fits within your budget.

Style vs. Protection

You'll also need to consider style. Some people prefer a military-grade appearance built with aircraft-grade steel. Others prefer a sleeker appearance meant for the workplace. Finally, those who are out on the water often need to consider whether or not water damage is going to be a concern.

You may find that water protection is important but that the protection built into the Galaxy is sufficient. It is a big price to pay to sacrifice feel and call quality by placing a waterproof seal over your device.

Ultimately, these are all factors to take into consideration when choosing how to protect your new device. Rest assured that if you do your due diligence in choosing quality over convenience, your device will be well protected.

Decades of research have gone into testing protocols for these cases. The top manufacturers all have excellent protection to offer.

Choosing A Cover for Your Galaxy S22

The Samsung Galaxy S22 is sure to create a buzz in the smartphone market. This innovative device harkens back memories of the former Galaxy Note, with some subtle design changes that mean more work for phone case manufacturers. Nonetheless, major manufacturers are up to the task, as there will be many heavy duty cases available.

We include the Unicorn Beetle PRO on this list as the very best cost-effective cover for Samsung Galaxy S22 owners. We believe our case stands up to the best in terms of protection while also going easy on your wallet.

If you're interested in our testing process or have questions about the UB Pro, feel free to contact us. We'll be happy to talk to you about the development and features of our offering for the Samsung Galaxy S22.

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