Is the iPhone 13 Eco-Friendly?

Air and water pollution are some of the biggest issues we are facing in today's world. Living eco-friendly is more important now than ever. It helps promote a sustainable lifestyle that conserves energy and prevents pollution. 

We need to practice living like this so we can preserve life on Earth. Apple is taking strides to be able to improve its carbon footprint by making the iPhone 13 eco-friendly. 

Features That Make Smartphones Eco-friendly

Is the iPhone 13 Eco-Friendly

Before we get into the features that make the iPhone 13, it's helpful to know what makes sustainable smartphones. These things are measured by how the manufacturing process impacts the environment, how long the device lasts, and more.

Here are a few key features that make a phone eco-friendly: 

  • • The phone has parts that can replace and repair easily 
  • • Emissions of radiation need to be low
  • • Recyclable materials should make up most of the device
  • • The device should last longer than other smartphone brands

Why Is Apple Going Sustainable? 

Apple receives heavy criticism from users who have to upgrade their devices because of app malfunctions. It also receives criticism for its many obsolete devices that cannot update to current operating levels. 

Apple is against the repair movement which would require tech companies to provide ways that devices can be fixed by third parties. This forces users to either pay the fees for AppleCare coverage or buy a new phone. 

People do not like supporting businesses that are not conscious of their climate impact. Because of this, Apple has made commitments to help the climate crisis. The company announced that it has a goal of producing a net-zero climate impact by the time 2030 comes around. 

Apple's Strategy

Apple states that its mission is to reduce its environmental footprint and support local communities while doing so. Here are the three ways Apple is focusing on this: 

  1. 1. Finding solutions that help reduce carbon emissions
  2. 2. Using recycled resources and renewable materials in order to send zero waste to landfills 
  3. 3. Making strides with chemistry for innovation efforts, assessment of products, and mapping out future plans

How is the iPhone 13 Eco-friendly? 

With improved battery life, more capacity, and other great features you might be wondering how this smartphone brand can be sustainable. There are four different models of the iPhone 13, each with notable differences. 

You can choose between the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and the iPhone 13 Mini. Apple releases environmental reports, and we have compiled all the things you need to know about these phones:

Recycled Materials

The iPhone 13 uses earth's rare elements that are 98% recycled materials. It is composed of tin and tungsten that is from recycled supply chains. Recycled gold is also in the logic boards. 

This may not seem like a big deal but it produces great benefits. It reduces the number of materials that require mining. 

Less Use Of Substances That Are Toxic

Some of the substances within your iPhone are considered to be toxic. While they are small doses, you can have some peace of mind knowing that Apple is cutting back on the use of toxic substances throughout the manufacturing process. 

It now has arsenic-free screen glass. It is also free of mercury, BFR, PVC, and beryllium. 

Improved Battery 

The battery life is something to look forward to with the iPhone 13. With an extended life, it also meets the requirements for battery charger systems from the United States Department of Energy. 

Manufacturing Energy

Briefly mentioned earlier, Apple has transformed its manufacturing industry and supply chain to become 100% renewable. This includes the power it takes for extraction of materials, product production, and other manufacturing. The manufacturing process of the latest model iPhone uses hydropower to cut back on its carbon imprint. 

Distribution Improvements

More iPhones can fit into delivery trucks because of the reduced package size. Charging bricks and headphones are no longer in new iPhone boxes. This means there is less to distribute and reduces net carbon emissions from shipments. 

Packaging Efforts

Most of the packaging for the iPhone 13 is fiber-based. Not only is the package size smaller, but Apple also reports that its products are recycled and come from a responsible source. 

Its packaging is 95% fiber-based, and 67% of this is recycled. Apple follows specifications for the fibers that it uses in packaging and must certify with programs like Forest Certification Program or the Forest Stewardship Council. Here are some of the specific guidelines:

  • • Using virgin wood fibers from forests that are responsibly managed
  • • Fibers that come from waste like sugar cane or bagasse products
  • • Recycled fibers from post-consumer or post-industrial sources
  • • Non-wood fibers like bamboo 

You Can Use MagSafe Chargers

iphone 13 magsafe charging

Some MagSafe chargers have 100% recycled bodies and have a lifetime warranty. With a wired charger, your phone could take longer to charge due to the phone coil being misaligned with the charger. When using a MagSafe, it will generally take less time to charge, and this will become more efficient. 

Less Plastic Use 

Though the iPhone experience might be less appealing to unbox, 600 metric tons of plastic will no longer go to waste. iPhones used to be wrapped in plastic, but now the iPhone 13 uses masking tape to secure the packaging. There is up to 35% recycled plastic in up to ten components of the phone, including the antenna and system speakers.

This is a step in the right direction and helps their climate-conscious efforts. Apple is closer to reaching its goal of zero plastic use by 2025. 

Fewer Greenhouse Emissions 

Compared to the iPhone 12, the new phone model produces more than 8kg fewer greenhouse gases. Most of the carbon emissions that come from the product happen at the time of production. In fact, it takes almost the same amount of energy to charge your smartphone for ten years, as it does to buy a new phone. 

Physical Durability 

The new iPhone features a ceramic shield screen which is great for water, dirt, and, dust resistance. This model can submerge underwater 1.5 meters deep for up to 30 minutes and still function. These features mean this phone should withstand more and users should not have to replace their phone as often. 

The back of the iPhone is still just as flimsy, however, the front screen has up to four times better drop resistance. This is arguably much stronger than its previous models. Consider practicing good habits like getting a protective case to make the life of your phone last even longer. 

Do Your Part

iphone 13 eco friendly

Apple is making moves to become more environmentally friendly and carbon-neutral. While this is great for sustainability, people need to do their part to reduce consumption.

Keeping your devices safe and not buying new ones for as long as possible is the best way to do this. Try to resist the urge to always buy the newest models available.  

Another thing to keep in mind is how you dispose of your product after you want to get rid of the device. There are many different places that accept donations, but in most cases, you can even get money for recycling your old device. 

Could Apple Do More? 

More change from Apple would be nice and reduce carbon imprints even greater. The leading corporation could think about providing fewer products that release each year. This will help with less consumerism and make our devices last longer. 

Apple could think about other options that could potentially cut back and boost sustainability. If devices were cheaper they could be made more affordable to people. 

Apple should also be working closely with local governments to stop electronic waste from happening. This can help make sure that the company is following laws and ensuring the success of the communities in which it takes place. 

Support Eco-Friendly Products

Apple sells millions of phones every year. With the efforts to make the iPhone 13 eco-friendly, the environmental impact of manufacturing these products has been improved too.

The climate crisis is something that everyone has to deal with, so it's nice to see big corporations make change happen. There is always room to grow, but we should take the victory. Apple's green initiative can make users feel a little less guilty when lining up to buy the newest products.

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