With the newest Apple flagship device releasing this year, almost all of the patrons of the iPhone 15 series are expecting nothing but an upgrade in all of its features. That indeed includes the camera and its specifications. Undisputedly, even the models released years prior, Apple devices boast highly its camera quality that remained unmatched by its competitors. When talking about a phone with the best camera on the market, the majority has its answer: an iPhone device. 

This is the reason why customers and sellers alike are highly expecting some upgrades to the camera specifications of the iPhone 15 series, with some of the notable features from the premium iPhone 14 models transferred to the standard iPhone 15 models, and some other new additions that would make everyone stick to the best when it comes to mobile photography.

To a Protruding Camera Lens for iPhone 15 Pro

To a Protruding Camera Lens for iPhone 15 Pro

Having a big something in your new iPhone device does not mean anything close to a negative. As a part of a bigger upgrade agenda for the iPhone 15 series, Apple will introduce a bigger camera size made particularly for the iPhone Pro model. The upgrade, if one will compare it with the already-enormous iPhone 14 camera size, will be doubled, making the protrusion more apparent than ever. The iPhone 15 Pro Max, on the other hand, will enjoy the smaller camera bump yet the same camera size by sharing one with a relatively smaller iPhone 14 Pro Max, to give way to the periscope camera feature. The Pro Max model will measure 3.59mm, slightly larger than the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s 4.18mm.

This upgrade in size means nothing short of a new feature for its frenzy camera enthusiasts: a groundbreaking sensor technology that would double the saturation signal level in each pixel, enabling the sensor to capture more light and prevent the negative effects of over or underexposure in some settings, according to Sony, the new sensor manufacturer of Apple.

The Wonders of iPhone 15’s 48MP Camera

The Wonders of iPhone 15’s 48MP Camera

With the image sensor technology of some of the iPhone 15 models getting their well-deserved upgrade, phone photography will never be the same as before with the new Apple series also enjoying the same 48MP primary camera quality as with the iPhone 14 Pro models. This boost in the megapixels mainly means one thing: better photography detail. Similar to what the iPhone 14 Pro users are enjoying, a 48MP camera entails the use of pixel binning, which synthesizes multiple pixels into one unit and enables another Pro-exclusive feature, the Zoom Telephoto camera. 

This feature is a great deal for outdoor snaps, in which you would want to take in as many details as possible, without sacrificing the overall quality of the subjects, even when it is zoomed and cropped. With a 48MP camera, you may gain a 2X magnification without noticeably sacrificing image quality, as is the case with digital zoom. As a result, portrait photographs would seem better since the background would be more naturally blurred and appear closer to the subject.

Amped-up Telephoto Camera: Giving iPhone 15 Cam Feature an Edge

Amped-up Telephoto Camera Giving iPhone 15 Cam Feature an Edge

Just when the other competitors got the holy grail to edge out Apple’s mobile phone releases, they just got tricked. As a telephoto camera, which allows a device to capture subjects from undeniably far distances without compromising its natural appearance, becomes a staple on mid and high-range smartphones in the current market, there goes the iPhone 15 series, specifically the iPhone 15 Pro Max, with an even nifty upgrade for that: a 5-6X Zoom telephoto camera. Replacing the already-remarkable 3X version of the said camera on the iPhone 14 models, both the regular telephoto camera and the newly-integrated periscope lens will be integrated into each other as one unit. Thus, it will be called collectively the 5-6X zoom periscope telephoto lens. 

The integration of the periscope lens in the hardware will enable Pro Max models to double the optical zoom of the telephoto camera. This upgrade lengthens the path that light takes inside the camera, enabling a larger optical zoom. Simply put, you can now zoom your camera even at an unthinkable distance without worrying about not getting perfect and clear snaps.

To give you a rundown of all the camera upgrades to be expected in all the iPhone 15 models, the table below will surely help you:

Camera Specifications

Previous iPhone Models

iPhone 15 Series

Camera Bump

4.18mm (iPhone 14 Pro Max)

3.56mm (iPhone 15 Pro Max)

Main Image Sensor

48MP (iPhone 14 models)

48MP (Standard iPhone 15 models); Sony IMX903 sensor (Premium iPhone 15 models)

Telephoto camera

3X optical zoom

5-6X optical zoom (iPhone 15 Pro Max)

Periscope lens


Yes, integrated with the telephoto camera

A More Effective Way to Upgrade? A SUPCASE Case

A More Effective Way to Upgrade A SUPCASE Case

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