Imagine spending the most you've ever spent on the newest Samsung Galaxy S22. But as soon as you walk out the store, you drop it, and your shiny new phone breaks.

If you want to avoid that, you need to get a phone case. That way, drops and other dangers won't put your phone at risk.

Read on to learn how to choose a good case.

Review Your Phone Insurance

Believe it or not, the first step in choosing the best phone case for your Samsung Galaxy is to consider your phone insurance if you have it. Consider how much the insurance plan will cover if you need to repair or replace your phone.

Having phone insurance can be worth the extra cost for peace of mind. But it may not cover everything that could happen to your Samsung Galaxy S22, so you still need a good case.

If you don't have phone insurance, you'll need to be even more careful with the S22. Choosing a case with plenty of protection can help you get the most use out of your Samsung, whether you pay for insurance or not.

Of course, you can always buy phone insurance later on. But even if you have insurance, you may not be so eager to go through the hassle of making a claim (or continue using a cracked screen until you find the time to make a claim), paying the deductible, waiting on a replacement, and setting up a completely new phone. And most phone insurance can only be used once per device...

Measure the Phone

Like prior models, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series comes in three different sizes.

You can check out the measurements on the Samsung website to verify how big your model is. That way, you'll be able to choose a case that will fit securely and provide the protection you need.

Most phone cases you find will tell you what models it can fit. But it still helps to know the size of your phone, especially when shopping for cases online, or if the model compatibility is hard to find.

How Do You Use Your Phone

Another important factor in choosing a case for your new Galaxy is to consider where and how you'll use the phone. Maybe you will primarily use it at your desk or around your home.

Or perhaps you're an athlete and plan on using the phone to monitor your vitals as you run. Even if you're not an athlete, if your job keeps you active, you may need a more protective case than someone with a desk job.

Knowing how you'll use the phone can help you search for a case that will protect it well. And if you plan to travel often, you can also get a case that will be easy to recognize in case you drop it at an airport.

Look for Drop Protection

Speaking of dropping your phone, you should consider if a case offers drop protection. You could be the most protective of your phone, but that may not always keep you from dropping it.

Consider if the case uses unique materials to absorb shock. A good case will also have materials that won't bend or break, serving as a reinforced exoskeleton.

Even if you've never dropped a phone, it's better to prepare with a case that offers drop protection. That way, you won't have to worry about damaging the phone if you or someone else drops your device.

Consider Water Resistance

More recent smartphones have some level of water resistance, such as IP67 or IP68. If you don't plan to use your phone around water, you may not need a water-resistant case.

However, you might still want to look for a case with some sort of water resistance. You'll need to be careful when using your phone around water, but the extra protection can't hurt.

As you use your phone, you won't have to be as careful. That way, you can use the phone how you want, and you can make sure it stays in good condition even if water gets on it.

Think About Your Accessories

Another thing that can help you choose the best phone case is compatibility with accessories. Of course, you should choose a case that doesn't cover up the charging port.

If you want to charge the phone wirelessly, you may want a thinner case so that the connection can get through. Business owners who use their phone as a point-of-sale system should also consider if they can connect to the phone.

Consider any other accessories you may want to use with the Samsung Galaxy. Then, you'll be able to find a case that can stay on the phone as you use it with other accessories.

Change Out Attachments

A more specific type of accessory that can affect your phone case choice is non-technical attachments. Some people like to use devices like PopSockets to help support and grip their phones.

Other users like their phone case to double as a wallet. Maybe you want to prop your phone up, so you look for a kickstand.

You might be able to find a case that includes some of these things. However, you might also want to find cases with smooth backs that let you install attachments easily.

Decide How You'll Carry the Phone

You should also think about how you'll carry the phone around. For short distances, it makes sense to carry the phone in your hand, but you may choose to put it in a pocket or holster.

Some people keep their phones in a purse or backpack. But maybe you need your phone to be easy to access, so you look for a case with a wrist strap.

Knowing how you want to carry the phone can help you find a case that makes sense. Then, it won't take up too much space in a pocket, or it will be easy to hold when you have it in your hand.

Don't Forget About Charging Cases

As you shop for the perfect Samsung Galaxy case, you may want to get a case that can charge your phone. If you plan to use your phone on the go, you may not be able to charge it throughout the day.

Having a case that provides power is a good option for when you need to get the most battery life. Not all companies offer charging cases, plus they tend to be more expensive.

Alternatively, you can look for a case that has a generous opening to the charging port. Then, you'll be able to use it with any portable charger, whether the charger is a case or not.

Protect the Camera

A good phone case won't cover the camera, but it should provide some protection. Make sure there's a bit of an opening around the cameras but not too much.

You may also want to choose a case that extends farther out from the phone than the cameras do, what is known as a "raised bezel". That way, you won't scratch the cameras when you set your phone down.

Of course, you'll still need to be careful not to scratch your lenses or break them. But having a good case that extends past the height of the lenses is a great start.

Compare Materials

You should also compare the materials that make up different phone cases. Plastic is a popular option because it's affordable, slim, and lightweight, but plastic alone won't be enough to save your phone from drops and falls.

Rubber cases are also common, and they offer more protection than plastic because they can absorb shock. These cases tend to be thicker, which could mean extra bulk on your device.

Another material to consider is thermoplastic polycarbonate, or TPU. TPU contains small blocks of both hard and soft materials, so it's flexible but also durable, and it's an excellent choice for your next phone case.

Consider the Extra Bulk

Even the thinnest cases will add some level of bulk to your S22. Some people may not mind the bulk, especially if they use a holster or keep their phone in a bag.

However, you may want a slimmer option if you keep your phone in your pockets. If you have really small hands, you also might not want a bulky case that's hard to grip and to keep from dropping.

Fortunately, you can find a phone case that offers plenty of protection without making your phone too bulky. That way, you'll be able to use your phone comfortably while keeping it safe.

Take A Look at Colors

A lot of factors regarding choosing a phone case have to do with protection. However, you can also have fun with your purchase by selecting a case in your favorite color.

You can choose a clear or black case so that it looks good with anything you wear. Or you might want your favorite color that matches most of your wardrobe.

Think about the outfits you wear the most, and base your case color on that. Alternatively, you can get a colorful case that will make it easier to find your phone in your bag or in a pile of other phones.

Colors don't always matter when it comes to cases. But if you have to get your phone in a color you don't like, a good case can cover that up with a color you do like.

Review the Ease of Installation

You may also want to consider how easy or hard it is to get the case on and off of your phone. A case that's easy to install is nice if you like to switch out cases often.

However, those cases may also not be quite as secure on your phone. Most people will only need to install the case once, so it doesn't have to be the easiest.

But if you want the option of exchanging cases, you should consider the ease of installation. That way, you'll know if you will need time to get the case on and off.

Pair It with A Screen Protector

Some cases come with a built-in screen protector, so you can protect the entirety of your device. However, most cases only protect the back and sides of the phone.

If you buy a case that doesn't have a screen protector, you can choose to buy one separately. But you'll need to make sure the screen protector and case won't interfere with each other.

Set A Budget

Most phone cases don't cost nearly as much as the latest Samsung Galaxy. However, you may still need to consider the cost of a good case before you buy one.

Especially if you want to buy a case and phone at the same time, think about your overall budget. Then, you'll be able to choose a case that you can afford along with the price of the Galaxy S22.

A really good case shouldn't cost more than $30. Some of the "ultimate" protective cases can run you over $50 and even upwards of $100. Be aware though that a lot of those costs go right back into marketing. An all-protective case doesn't really need to cost that much, and at the same time a super cheap case is probably not the most protective. 

Why Use A Phone Case

You may know how to find the best phone case for your Samsung Galaxy S22. However, you must also consider why you should get a phone case to go with it.

In the past, phones were very durable and robust, made of hard plastics and metal. These days, most phones are made entirely of glass, and as popular YouTuber JerryRigEverything says glass is glass, and glass breaks.

But using a case still offers a few advantages over using your phone by itself. Here are some reasons you should get a new case to go with your new phone.

Minimize Damage

Even the most protective case in the world can't protect your phone 100% of the time.

You may accidentally drop the phone, or you might drop your bag with the phone inside. A lot of good cases have qualities that help them absorb shock and protect the device.

Without that, you could crack your phone and need to spend a lot to repair it. The best case may also provide a bit of extra protection if you drop your phone in water.

While a case may not protect against everything, it can help reduce your risk of hurting your phone. Any reduction in damage can be a good thing for your phone and your wallet.

Increase Durability

Some phones are quite thin and slippery, so it can be all too easy to drop them without a case. Adding even a slim case to your device may make it less slippery, especially if the case uses the right materials.

You don't need to get the thickest or most expensive case to make your phone a bit more durable. Now, that doesn't mean you can toss your phone around and expect it to be okay.

However, any extra durability can help make your phone last longer. Then, you'll be able to get more use out of it before you have to upgrade to a newer model.

They're Affordable

Because many cases are relatively affordable, you don't need a ton of extra money to protect your phone. Even the cheapest case will provide some sliver of protection, so it can be well worth the cost.

Phone cases that cost a bit more can be even more protective. If you're already spending hundreds of dollars, an extra $25 or $30 for a case doesn't seem bad at all.

Then, you won't waste your money on a phone that you break and have to replace in a few months.

Save Money Overall

It may seem like going without a case can help you save money, even if you don't save a ton. However, consider what would happen if you dropped your phone and broke it.

You would need to either pay for a new phone, or you'd have to pay an insurance deductible. Spending a bit extra now may help you avoid damaging your phone in the future. You could save hundreds of dollars for a repair or replacement.

If you can't afford a case now, consider if you can finance the purchase. That way, you'll be able to pay it off over a few months while enjoying more protection.

Take Your Phone Everywhere

Most people already take their phones everywhere, from work to the store to the gym. But when you use a case, you can take your phone even further.

You can use your phone as you usually would, and you can keep it in a bag or pocket. The phone can bounce around and be safer in a case, especially one that has shock-absorbing features.

Of course, you'll still need to be careful with your phone. However, you won't have to be overly protective to keep from cracking the screen or back.

They Look and Feel Good

Some cases can look ugly and feel rough on your hand as you use your phone. As you shop for the best phone case, look for comfortable materials and an ergonomic design.

Then, you'll be able to enjoy how the case feels as you scroll on your device. You'll also help your phone stand out if you get a case that not everybody has.

If you don't want to cover the phone design, you can search for a clear case. That way you can see the phone's color while still protecting the device inside.

Express Your Style

The Galaxy S22 series comes in more colors than usual for Samsung, but those colors may not be your favorite. Getting a case in a color you like more can help you express yourself, even if you have to wear a uniform to work or school.

Maybe your phone color of choice was out of stock when you bought the device. Or perhaps your style will change after a few months of having the phone.

It will be easier to get a case in a new color than to buy a phone in a different color! The appearance may be a small part in your experience using a Samsung Galaxy, but it's essential.

You can also choose a case with the profile and shape that suits your personality. Think about all of the visual elements when shopping for your ideal phone case to choose the best one.

Be Able to Resell It

Odds are good that you won't use the Samsung Galaxy S22 forever. When you decide to upgrade to a newer phone, you may want to resell the phone yourself or exchange it through your carrier.

In both scenarios, having used a case can help maintain the resale value of the phone. The case can protect against tiny scratches and dents that could reduce the resale value of your device.

A case may help keep water from getting into the phone, which can lower the value. Even if you plan to use the phone for a few years, consider the potential resale value.

Then you'll be able to save money on your next phone, and you can use those savings for a case. You can then protect that device for another potential resale.

Which Phone Case Will You Select?

Choosing a good phone case can make a huge difference in the lifespan of your device. Whether you want something slim and fashionable or something thick and functional, you can find the case for you.

Then you'll be able to use your Samsung Galaxy S22 for a longer time. And you can save money on repairs and other issues by avoiding excess damage.

Are you ready to buy a case for your new Samsung phone? View our selection and purchase your favorite case today.

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