Here’s What Makes the iPhone 13 the Coolest Phone on the Planet

Apple made a whopping amount of 260 billion dollars of revenue in 2019. Because of the insane popularity of Apple iPhones, these sales numbers keep increasing. It can be challenging for tech companies to compete with such brand popularity. 

But it's not just about popularity when it comes to Apple devices. They have game-changing products that flood the market every year with new technologies. The latest model of the iPhone definitely did not disappoint.

You might be wondering what makes the iPhone 13 so exceptional in a world full of smartphone devices. Continue reading to find out why this iPhone model is so special and widely wanted.

Amazing Features

It’s not a secret that Apple boasts unique features that can’t be found anywhere else on the market. Software updates allow the phone to fix bugs and introduce new features. You can even do this well after you buy your phone.

Here are some of the coolest 1Phone 13 features that make the phone so hard to pass up:

Faster Core Processing

The fastest chip in a smartphone is the A15 Bionic and it is part of the newest iPhone model. It is up to 50 times faster than other phones and boasts better power efficiency. This is great for users who might need to work off their phones or those who plan on using their mobile hotspots often.

You can expect the Pro Max to run somewhat faster than the other models. This is because the GPU has a different core so you can see improved performances. 

Model Options

The 13 has many similarities and amazing features. There are a few different things to think about when looking at the new iPhone. With four model options, each has different specs and selling features. Here is a breakdown of the four iPhone 13 phones:

iPhone 13 Mini

iphone 13 supcase

The iPhone Mini option starts out at $699 and is the lowest price. For those looking for a bargain, this is it.

While you do get the bargain price, its battery life is the worst among the newest models. It still has the same core processor which means it operates just as fast.

iPhone 13

supcase iphone 13

Starting at $799, not much changed between these lower models other than size. The real difference between this option and the former is the device weight, improved battery life, and screen resolution. 

iPhone 13 Pro

supcase iphone 13

The higher-price end Pro option starts at $999. The Pro offers adaptive refresh, improved cameras, and optional colors. Expect the Pro models to run faster and have better processing when it comes to streaming videos or playing games. 

iPhone 13 Pro Max

iphone 13 pro max supcase

This is the most expensive of the new iPhone models starting at $1,099. It offers a bigger screen and phone size that is about 6.7 inches large. With this model, you can opt for 1 TB of additional storage, 

Camera Quality

iPhone users have often reported the need for a change in camera and with this update, Apple listened. There are three lenses on the camera, and it has the capacity of 3x optical zoom and 15x digital zoom on videos. When you compare the iPhone 13 vs 12, this is a big upgrade.

The 13 camera offers an aperture that allows for more light and will produce a better-quality image. It can also record video in 4K and take night mode Portraits. This is great for those who are planning on using their phone for professional photography or videography. 

Photographic Style is a new addition to the camera settings that allow people to create the look they want across all of their photos. It allows people to create the look they want across all of their photos. This feature adjusts brightness, contrast, and lighting. You can have this set up on your phone so that you save your photos like this easily.

Advanced Battery Life

iPhone 13 arguably has the best battery life of all other smartphone devices. The Pro Max is at the top of the list with 28 hours of battery life worth of video playback. The mini has the lowest amount of life still with an impressive 17-hour charge. 

MagSafe Compatibility 

iPhone 13 MagSafe compatibility

Another feature that helps with battery life is the MagSafe charger. It connects to your phone wirelessly and charges your iPhone safely. The MagSafe system adapts to your charging conditions to help optimize charging.

They work much faster than the regular corded method. There are phone cases that allow for this type of charging. You can also get an easy-to-install MagSafe car mount so you can use it on the go. 

ProMotion Display Abilities

This feature is available with only the iPhone Pro versions. ProMotion allows your phone to adjust and adapt its display based on what you are viewing. It offers a naturally brighter display and has a refresh rate that ranges from 10Hz to 120 Hz. 

The responsiveness of your phone will be faster if you are watching sports or streaming. It will also slow if you are doing something more simple like scrolling on the web. This will improve your overall experience while saving battery. 

Focus Mode

Focus mode now allows users to adjust the notifications from apps and alerts. Depending on their time and specific location, you can silence and dismiss alerts.

You can customize your settings to reflect exactly what you need so you aren't interrupted. This is really great to stop and increase work productivity.

Self Service Repair

A beautiful new feature allows users to complete their own repairs. This is game-changing because you have access to Apple's genuine parts and tools.

Fixing broken iPhone parts can become pricey, and no one looks forward to it. This is available for all of the iPhone 13 lineup and will soon be followed by the Apple Macbook computers

Live Text

This feature scans text that can be in person, from an image or even a text message. This can cut down the time it takes to type something or use the old copy-paste method. This is really handy when you need to translate another language or look something up fast.

Limit App Tracking and Access

You can now control the apps that track you and even limit access with data sharing. You can customize who and what you want your data to be pulled from in the Settings and Privacy of your new iPhone.

iPhone 13 Build

The iPhone 13 is still pretty similar with its elegant signature Apple logo, but it has a few key differences. The notch on the top of the screen with the front camera is slightly smaller, which is a big deal because Apple rarely ever changes this. 

Each model is also ten grams heavier than its previous iPhone models. The Pro model feels more durable because of its additional weight due to the use of stainless steel edges. The other 13 models use aluminum edges that weigh up to 30 grams less. 

Advanced Sound Quality 

This model has a pair of built-in stereo speakers. They are well balanced, with a pair at the bottom of the phone and one at the top that doubles as an earpiece. This produces exceptional sound quality, but it is still best to use a pair of headphones for the best experience. 


The new model iPhone features a ceramic shield which is different from older models. This provides better resistance against wind, dirt, and water.

While the back screen is the same, you should see that the front is stronger. This phone can withhold up to 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes and still function. Most other devices can’t survive conditions like these. 


Whenever you decide to upgrade your phone, you have a lot of options because the demand for the iPhone is so high. You can choose to sell your old model to a buy-back service, trade it into an accredited store, or sell it yourself. This will help you get some money on your new device. 

If you are looking for the iPhone 13, it is so popular that any major distributor should have them available. If you are out of luck, you can always put in an order directly on the Apple website. 

Color Options

iphone 13 color options

Image credit: Front Page Tech

iPhone has certainly spiced up its color game with this new release. Here are the six different color choices that you can choose from if you are considering the iPhone mini through Pro:

1. Sierra blue

2. Midnight blue

3. Red

4. Starlight

5. Pink

6. Green 

The iPhone Pro Max offers other color options. While there are only four color choices, these options are a bit more timeless and classy: 

1. Alpine Green 

2. Sierra Blue 

3. Gold 

4. Graphite 


People love Apple because of its ease of access. It is composed of very user-friendly software that all ages can manage. You are able to send messages off of your MacBook and receive calls from your iPad. 

One of the most loved features is the Drag and Drop. You can pull over items or text from your iPad and drop them across specific apps. This makes it so easy to switch back and forth between devices for any need.

Why Support Apple?

In today’s day and age, people are becoming more untrusting of big companies. With the climate crisis approaching, people do not want to support companies that are not cutting back or thinking about their carbon footprint. Apple has shown that they are climate-conscious in the following ways:

Using Recycled Materials: Apple is using 98% recycled rare elements that compose of tin and tungsten. The gold used in the logic boards are also recycled materials.

Fewer Use of Toxic Substances

iphone 13 fewer toxic substances

Manufacturing iPhone has become somewhat healthier with the cutting out of toxins. There is no longer arsenic in the screen glass. It also doesn’t have any mercury, BFR, or beryllium which is known to be in other similar products.

Less Distribution Efforts

The iPhone did make a change that left cords and headphones behind. This is an important effort being made for sustainability.

Apple has been able to distribute more on one truckload. It has also improved carbon emissions from larger shipments.

Reduced Use of Plastic

600 metric tons of plastic have been prevented from not plastic wrapping the product boxes. While this may reduce the experience, users can support the environmental gains. The new phone now uses masking tape and up to 35% recycled plastics in the phone’s components.

Packaging Changes

Smaller boxes aren’t the only change Apple has made to its packaging on the iPhone 13. Most of the packaging is fiber-based and recycled from responsible sources. Apple also uses waste products like bamboo or sugar cane to be more eco-friendly. 

Future Commitments

Apple commits to having a net-zero climate impact by 2030. They also have made goals of eliminating plastics by 2025. They also hope to transition their supply chain to 100% renewable sources by 2030. 

These are big promises to make, and customers will hold them to these standards when the time comes. Apple is integrating smarter chemistry techniques to make this goal happen.

Get Your iPhone 13 Today

With improved cameras, faster processing, and so many great features, the iPhone 13 is a powerful tool to have at your disposal. Other smartphones are no match when you consider all of the different features that this model offers. This release certainly made major improvements with its display and most used features. 

If you are planning on purchasing one of the phones from the 13 lineups, you should also consider getting a phone case to protect your investment. Take a look at some of the best cases on the market to match the best phone.



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