Fitbit Bands that Will Survive Your Gym Workout

Did you know that wearing a fitness tracker, such as a Fitbit, can help you increase your daily steps by more than a mile? The key is in goal setting. 

The human mind is goal-oriented and a Fitbit allows you to set more specific goals while tracking your progress. For example, with a Fitbit, you'll be able to set specific step goals, such as reaching 10,000 steps in a day. This makes you more likely to increase your daily steps as opposed to more general goals like resolving to walk more. 

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But, wearable tech can be fragile. Fitbit bands are prone to breaking and tearing and can be damaged by sweat and excessive force. The gym is the best place for you to track your heart rate and exercise statistics, so it's important to find a band that will survive your workouts.

To help you find the right band, we put together this brief guide to the best Fitbit bands for working out! Read on to learn more.

Things to Look For

The Fitbit brand itself has only a few options for bands for each model. They tend to be fairly basic. The most workout-friendly option is a simple black rubber band, which leaves the watch face open and vulnerable.

You can't necessarily go wrong with these options, but there are better bands available for the gym from third-party accessory companies. 

The advantage of buying directly from the Fitbit store is that you know your band is right for your watch and is high quality. Third-party retailers can be more of a mixed bag. For that reason, it's essential to make sure the brand you choose is trustworthy and well-reviewed. 

You don't want to blow money on a band that doesn't work for your device or is cheaply made. So, check for a brand that publishes customer testimony and reviews from real people.

Be sure to read through their reviews and go through their social media to make sure that everything is legit. Some third-party companies use bots to review their products or will include reviews that are not for the correct product. So, keep an eye out for irregularities that are intended to beef up their rating.

In addition, the brand should come with a warranty. This will help ensure that the product you receive is high quality.


Once you've established that a brand is reputable, you can start narrowing down options for your band. While you might be tempted to go for a sleek leather or metal band, this look won't last very long in the gym. Materials like rubber and even plastic will hold up better against sweat and impact in the gym. 

Your band should also make sure your Fitbit is both shockproof and drop-proof. You don't want to break your Fitbit knocking it against a wall or weight! During your time at the gym, you want to focus on your workout, not on coddling your Fitbit. 

Fitbit Bands for the Gym Warrior 

For our pick, these are the criteria we'll be working from: reputable brand, extensive warranty, quality products, and high durability in the gym. In addition, we'll be making sure we select only affordable products. 

The Unicorn Beetle PRO from SUPCASE

The award-winning Unicorn Beetle PRO is a two-in-one Fitbit case and Fitbit band. The wristband features a protected slot for your Fitbit with cutouts for the buttons and touchscreen. This allows you to use all the functionality of your Fitbit while keeping it protected in a shell.

The bands are made of TPU and PC, meaning they're both durable and comfortable. In fact, the UB Pro won CNET's first annual drop test with the highest total feet! Other UB Pro cases have been run over, shot, exploded, thrown out of car windows, and run over by lawnmowers. 

While it's unlikely that your Fitbit will have to survive any of these conditions, it's nice to know that it could if it needed to. The shockproof, scuff-proof, sturdy case can prevent your Fitbit from getting damaged at the gym. You don't have to worry about scratches, scrapes, or bumps ruining your Fitbit's fragile glass face. 

In addition, this protection does not come at the expense of functionality. The UB Pro has a bezeled rim to protect the screen from scratches without preventing access.

There's a model for the Fitbit Inspire, Alta, Sense, Charge, Versa, and more. All models come in black, but a few of them offer other stylish colors. You can get Fitbit Charge bands in cherry red and electric blue as well. In addition, you can get Fitbit Versa bands in cool blue and lavender purple. 


One of SUPCASE's founding principles is making quality products more affordable, so all of these bands are under $25. In addition, they offer a Heroes Discount for hospital staff, military, first responders, and teachers. 

This makes it so affordable that you can pick both a Fitbit band and a phone case for your next gym session.  

Make Sure Your Fitbit Survives the Gym

If you're looking for a band that works just as hard as you do in the gym, look no further than SUPCASE. We might be biased, but we're convinced we've got the best Fitbit bands in the game. And, we put all our products to the test every day to ensure that's true.

Give them a try, and you're sure to be a convert. Check out our selection today! 

Melissa Hau
Melissa Hau is the Brand Manager for i-Blason, SUPCASE's sister company. She was previously the Social Media Manager for multiple brands under the same group of companies.

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