The second most-sold smartwatch globally in 2021 was the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Trailing behind at the number three spot is the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, and at the number four ranking is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

While it may not be at the number one ranking for 2021, the fact is that Samsung has three models holding the prestigious second, third, and fourth ranking. This shows that people around the world love the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

You could still say it is the best smart watch around.

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What makes the Samsung Galaxy Watch so special? For one, it looks amazing, and two, it enhances everyday life for the people who wear it.

Here is how it’s shaping the way people rely on their watches for more than just telling us the time.

A Quick Background on the Samsung Galaxy Watch

Everything You Need to Know About the Samsung Galaxy Watch

While the South Korean Company of Samsung is renowned for their amazing Galaxy smartphones, they also produce the best smart watch. Many years ago, Samsung coined their wearables as “Gear.” However, since its 2017 announcement, it now boasts the proud title of Galaxy Watches.

For all Samsung Galaxy watch models, Samsung produces both the software and the hardware. Going back to the first Galaxy smartwatch, or the Galaxy Gear, it would run with a Google operating system. After the first model, the next models began using their own operating system, called Tizen.

Today, the series of both Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and 4 run with Google’s Wear OS smartwatch operating system. Samsung concluded they would get rid of their in-house OS for the newer versions, which bear the name Wear OS 3. Currently, their watches run with Wear OS 3.5.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Benefits

They help Galaxy Watch users in significant ways. The Galaxy Watch series includes a fitness tracker, runs applications, provides smartphone notifications, and much more. They do have a lot of strengths, but a few weaknesses too, as you will read shortly.

Amazing Health Features

If tracking your fitness and daily activity is a priority, the Galaxy Watch Series 4 and 5 are perfect for you. With a Samsung Galaxy Watch, you get accurate heart rate sensors and a standalone GPS. Not only that, but the Samsung Galaxy Watch provides support for over 90 exercises.

90+ exercise modes include the most common workouts. They also include plenty of individual exercises. It can track exercises such as crunches, leg curls, sit-ups, squats, push-ups, and more.

Do you like to stay healthy by keeping track of your steps? The Samsung Galaxy Watch can do just that. It tracks your step count throughout the day. The default step goal is 10,000, but that could be too high or too low for you, so you can adjust your daily goal if you wish.

Runners love it. The Samsung Galaxy Watch gives them a post-workout analysis. This includes your asymmetry, regularity, flight time, contact time, vertical, and stiffness.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch can even track the distance you travel during the day. If you like to climb stairs for your health, the Galaxy Watch can track floors climbed with barometric altimeters. This provides accurate elevation data.

Why Wear a Samsung Galaxy Watch?

Why Wear a Samsung Galaxy Watch

You get an ECG monitor with each device, too. Samsung Galaxy Watches have a SpO2 sensor. 

This monitors blood oxygen levels daily and nightly. They also give body composition estimates.

It measures your heart rate and will alert you if it is too high or too low, particularly when you are not active. If you want to lose weight, it can track your calorie burn during the day, and base it on your BMR, or basal metabolic rate.

It Tracks Your Sleep Patterns

Are you sleeping enough, or do you lie awake at night too long? The Samsung Galaxy Watch knows because it tracks your sleep. It tracks your stages of sleep too, like light, deep, and REM.

Further, it tracks how much time you are awake throughout the day, too.

Stress Monitoring

Have you been looking at ways to lower stress, like yoga or meditation? A Samsung Galaxy Watch can track your stress level and let you know when you need to relax.

It tracks your stress during a typical day. The Galaxy Watch uses your data from your heart rate variability and tells you how stressed you are on a sliding scale. It slides from green to red, with green meaning you are relaxed and red, showing you are very stressed.

Fall Detection

What happens if you take a nasty fall, and no one is around? How do you get help? 

With a Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, 4, or 3, it can sense if you fall during an activity like running or walking. Then, it sends an emergency text to emergency contacts (up to four). It is a nice safety feature for peace of mind.

Key Features of the Galaxy Watch 5

Key Features of the Galaxy Watch 5

Both the base Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and the Watch 5 Pro have a better battery life than Samsung’s previous Galaxy Watch generations. Plus, they charge faster.

Both the base and Watch 5 Pro feature Sapphire Glass. This gives users additional durability.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has a slightly thick crystal. Further, it has other improvements with its build material, like titanium. The Pro model has advanced features with its navigation, which is great for cyclists and hikers.

Customizable to Fit Your Personality

Samsung Galaxy Watch customers love the fact that these models are some of the most customizable you can find anywhere, another reason it is the best smart watch. First, there are multiple sizes with the base model, so it is easy to find one that fits your wrist how you want it to. The Watch 5 Pro, however, only has one size option.

Second, Samsung provides Galaxy Watch customers with brilliant strap options and colorways. If you are using for the checkout process, customizing your Galaxy Watch is a lot of fun. Don’t forget about the great Samsung accessories you can add on.

Weaknesses of the Samsung Galaxy Watch

There are a few challenges customers should note before purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Watch. To begin, compared to the Garmin and the Fitbit, it does not offer the best battery life.

That said, there is a lot of promise for Wear OS 3.5. Plus, third-party app support is hard to overlook.

Does the Galaxy Smart Watch Function Like the Galaxy Smartphone?

They set the Galaxy Watch like they set the Samsung smartphone. The Samsung smartphone features are all there, however, they do not implement in the same way.

What About the Galaxy Watch 4? Is it Still Relevant?

If you really want a smartwatch but prefer to save a little money on your purchase, the Samsung Galaxy 4 Watch models are still excellent devices for you. They do not have the same battery life as the Watch 5 Pro, but you still get the same tools and features.

Which Samsung Galaxy Watch Is Right for You?

Which Samsung Galaxy Watch Is Right for You

Decide what you want from your Samsung Galaxy Watch. Then, decide what you must have it do. 

For instance, do you want to value, or do you want the best smartwatch as a fitness tracker? Here is a quick breakdown of every model and what it does best.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

This is the best smartwatch model from Samsung. Yes, it’s pricey. However, it is well-rounded too, as it is fantastic for both casual wear and the gym.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Base Model

This is a model that is the latest generation. Therefore, it is the best option for someone looking for a smartwatch that is top-of-the-line and more affordable.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

For a user looking for a physical bezel, this is the best smartwatch. It has a classic look, but it is bulkier compared to the standard Galaxy Watch 4. If you prefer the bulkier design, this is the model for you.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

This is the best to run the Tizen operating system. If you prefer to stay away from Wear OS, then this would be the Samsung Galaxy Watch for you.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

This is the best Galaxy smartwatch for a cheap price. You can search third-party retailers to find it and should be less than $200 for it.

Integration With Your Android

Integration With Your Android Phone for the Samsung Galaxy Watch

Wear OS integrates closely with your phone’s Android operating system. Their underlying platform is based on the same thing.

Because of this, Wear OS allows Android users to have access to their favorite staples, like using the Google Play Store to install a beloved smartphone app to the Samsung Galaxy Watch. You will notice a tight integration with the messaging system. Swiping away a notification using your Samsung Galaxy Watch will then clear it from your Android, too.

Don’t overlook the ease of use with the Google Play Store. In fact, developers often create applications with Wear OS in mind for their users.

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