The buzz over the new Samsung S22 had exploded to the point that Samsung had to delay shipping to try and keep up. The phones are now shipping and are available for you to purchase.

What has been the source of the buzz? The phone has a lot of great features but the biggest thing people are talking about is the new camera on the Samsung Galaxy S22.

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What is the big deal about the camera? 

Read on and find out how Samsung has introduced some game-changing technology in their S series. They have also taken their cameras up to a new level.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Specs

Samsung has three models of the S22 series of phones: S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra. Each model comes with some notable upgrades over the S21 series.

Phone Size

Everything You Need to Know About the S22 Samsung Galaxy Camera size comparison

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The Galaxy S22 weighs 168g and measures out at 146 x 70.6 x 7.6mm. The S22+ weighs 196g and measures 157.4 x 75.8 x 7.6mm. The S22 Ultra weighs 229g and measures 163.3 x 77.9 x 8.9mm.

Screen Size

Everything You Need to Know About the S22 Samsung Galaxy Camera screen

The S22 is the smallest of the three with a 6.1inch screen. The S22+ offers a flat-panel 6.6-inch screen. The S22 Ultra comes with a big 6.8-inch curved screen.

The screen on S22 and S22+ phones supports HDR10+ for crystal clear viewing. The S22 Ultra offers Quad HD resolution on its larger and slightly curved screen.

The S22 Screen offers 1300 nits of light. The S22+ and the S22 Ultra come with a whopping 1750 nits of light per screen. 

The glass on the S22 series features the new Corning Gorilla Glass Victus+. This strengthens the glass on the front and back of your phone.


Everything You Need to Know About the S22 Samsung Galaxy Camera power

The three S22 phones feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor in the US. UK phones will use the Exynos 2200 chipset. The two processors will be featured in different regions of the world.


Everything You Need to Know About the S22 Samsung Galaxy Camera power

The S22 and S22+ will offer 8GB of RAM with optional memory of 128GB or 256GB. The S22 Ultra has RAM options of 8GB or 12GB. The Ultra's 8GB has 128GB of storage.

The 12GB has options for 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB of storage. There will not be an option for microSD cards on any of the phones.


Everything You Need to Know About the S22 Samsung Galaxy Camera battery 2

The S22 contains a 3,700 mAh battery and will support 25W fast charging. The S22+ battery is 4,500 mAh and supports 45W charging. The S22 Ultra battery is 5,000 mAh and will support 45W fast charging.


Everything You Need to Know About the S22 Samsung Galaxy Camera build

The Galaxy frame comes with Samsung's new Armor Aluminum. This is their strongest aluminum frame to date.

The phones are rated IP68 for waterproofing. The S22 Ultra also offers an S Pen like the Galaxy Note.


Everything You Need to Know About the S22 Samsung Galaxy Camera colors

Image credit: Carlos Pedrós via Tech Radar

The S22 and S22+ offer four different color styles: black, phantom green, pink and white. The S22 Ultra color options will include white, green, burgundy, and black. The camera housing on all S series phones will now match the color of the phone's body.

The Camera Upgrades on the Galaxy S22

Everything You Need to Know About the S22 Samsung Galaxy Camera 1

The cameras on all the S22 phones feature different upgrades. Many of the upgrades are built into the camera to bring out Samsung's Advanced Nightography. Their goal was to significantly improve the low-light photo features of their cameras.

They do this by adding a 23% larger sensor than the S21 models. They also added Adaptive Pixel technology so the camera can receive more light. The main cameras are more light-sensitive and capture more light.

The S22 series also adds RAW capabilities for your photos. You can save photos of up to 16bit in RAW format. This gives you a much wider range of editing capabilities.

They also give you DSLR capabilities with the ability to adjust ISO settings, shutter speeds, and white balance.

Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+ Cameras

Everything You Need to Know About the S22 Samsung Galaxy Camera 2

The S22 and S22+ cameras are the same with all of Samsung's Advanced Nightography built-in. The phones feature three different cameras on the rear and a front-facing selfie camera.

The main camera on the rear is a bigger 50MP camera. This is a change from the S21 and gives the phone the ability to shoot large photos in native resolution from the main camera.

Shooting videos in 8K is available on the rear camera for the phones. The front camera can shoot videos in 4K. 

One of the other lenses on the back of the phone is a 10MP telephoto lens. This lens focuses farther and offers 3X optical zoom. The third lens is a 12MP ultra-wide lens for your wide-angle shots. 

The selfie camera offers a 10MP camera. Their video capability has also improved with Samsung's Auto Framing feature. This feature can detect and track up to ten subjects and can adjust its focus to clearly see them.

They stabilize everything with their VDIS technology helping to give you steady shots even when you are moving. They have also added their newest AI technology to the cameras.

Their AI Stereo Depth Map adds a sophisticated AI algorithm that helps your Portrait Mode photos stay crisp. They can frame up your subject's face automatically and keep your pet's hair from blending into the background. 

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Camera

Everything You Need to Know About the S22 Samsung Galaxy Camera 3

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G improves its four-camera offering by adding a 2.4um pixel sensor. This is the largest pixel sensor ever offered by Samsung. It helps the lenses optimize light and detail for photos and videos.

The main camera is a huge 108MP camera to bring clear shots on your main lens. The ultra-wide lens is 12MP for wide-angle shots. There are two telephoto lenses to add more crispness to your shots.

One telephoto lens features a 10x zoom and the other a 3x zoom. The front-facing selfie camera jumps up to a 40MP lens. The rear camera can shoot video up to 8K and the front camera shoots videos in 4K.

The Ultra has a 58% wider optical image stabilization so it looks smoother in different conditions. It also offers the VDIS technology which reduces shaking by 48% over the S21 Ultra.

Samsung has added an advanced Super Clear Glass lens covering for the lens of the Ultra. These covers have an anti-reflective nano-coating that allows more light to reach the sensor.

The nano-coating also reduces reflections and the halo effects that happen while shooting at night.

Protecting Your Galaxy S22 

Everything You Need to Know About the S22 Samsung Galaxy Camera storage

When most people think of protecting their phones, they think of protecting the screen. The screen is important but the rest of the phone needs protecting too and that includes the camera.

The best phone case should leave the lenses open for clear pictures but should not leave too much room around the lenses. You also want a case that can absorb the shock so the internal mechanisms of your phone aren't damaged.

There are many cases available and you want to take the time to think through your needs. Do you take your phone on adventures? Is dropping your phone an issue? Do you want a flip stand for your phone or a built-in power source?

Research cases and what they can do to protect your phone. There are even Youtube channels showing extreme case tests. The right case to protect your phone should be one that fits your every need.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Price

Everything You Need to Know About the S22 Samsung Galaxy Camera price

Samsung has focused on maintaining consistent pricing for the Galaxy S series. The S22 series follows that line. The base price for the S22 is $799. The base price for the S22+ is $999. The base price for the S22 Ultra is $1,199.

These prices do go up as you add memory and other upgrades. One thing to look out for is the specials surrounding the Galaxy S22 release. Many phone carriers will offer special deals and buy-back incentives to consumers. 

The Flagship S22 Series Delivers

Everything You Need to Know About the S22 Samsung Galaxy Camera delivers

Image credit: Samsung

Samsung always seeks to push the boundaries of smartphone technology with their S-series. They accomplish that in many different ways but especially with the Samsung Galaxy camera improvements.

Samsung's Advanced Nightography has been a vast improvement for low-light and night photography. Along with their RAW features and their DSLR-like capabilities, these phones have set the tone for other companies to follow.

Smartphones are part of our life and they can be an expensive part. You want to protect your new phone but not spend a lot of money to do it. offers.

Check out these S22 phone cases that offer top-of-the-line drop protection at budget-friendly prices.
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