What does the new iPhone look like?

Will Touch ID make a comeback? Completely wireless charging? Biggest camera upgrades in years?

We could see a total redesign for the iPhone 14.

Will it be worth the high price tag that is to come with a new and improved model?

Keep reading to see what to expect with the new iPhone 14. 

iPhone 14 Concepts

iphone 14

Wireless charging is widely available in most technology. It would be no surprise if Apple decided to ditch lightning cables for the iPhone 14.

Going portless was a hot topic back in 2021 with the iPhone 13, but the lightning cable remained. But is it expected to stay?

Everything so far points to the lightning cable sticking around for the new iPhone 14 models. They will be capable of wireless charging.

MagSafe charging was originally introduced on the MacBook chargers.

MagSafe wireless charging works on models newer than the iPhone 8. The technology became increasingly popular with the iPhone 12.

It thrilled iPhone users when they found out it could charge phone batteries faster. 

The size of the new iPhone 14 has been all but confirmed by Apple. A tweet by Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, had the specs listed as:

  • • iPhone 14 - 6.1 inch display
  • • iPhone 14 Pro - 6.1 inch display
  • • iPhone 14 Plus - 6.7 inch display
  • • iPhone 14 Pro Max - 6.7 inch display

Colors and Battery Life

iphone 14 colors

As far as the iPhone 14 colors go, the Pro models will be offered in green, purple, black, white, blue, and red. The standard iPhone 14 and the Plus models will reportedly be available in green, purple, silver, gold, and graphite. 

Dark purple and gold colors could be added to the lineup. Announcements have not been made about concrete color options yet.

The new iPhone is also expected to continue Apple's trend of extending battery life. The current iPhone 13 battery capacity stands at:

  • • iPhone 13 Pro Max model has the longest battery at 25 hours
  • • iPhone 13 Pro model at 20 hours
  • • iPhone 13 model with only 15

Apple fans are hopeful that the standard iPhone 14 will take on the iPhone 13 Pro and offer 20 hours or more of battery life.

The Far Out Event will hopefully answer questions about the basic schematics of the model.  

Titanium Edges

Is it possible that the new iPhone 14 could be the most durable yet?

With the rumors of the new model having titanium edges, it would be the toughest iPhone.

The titanium is also rumored to be incorporated into the frame of the iPhone to help protect against internal damage. 

Many believe that the 14 models were marked for a complete redesign. So this could be a very different iPhone compared to the iPhone 13 model. 

Car Crash Detection Software

car crash detection software iphone 14

Apple has been working on a car crash detection feature for both the iPhone and Apple Watch. It will rely on sensors like the accelerometer to help detect spikes in gravitational force. 

When a crash has been detected the upgrade of the iPhone or Apple watch would be capable of automatically dialing emergency services. 

Sources claim that this tech has been tested by Apple over the past year and it's likely that it could make an official depute this September. 

Wall Street Journal's Rolfe Winkler states Apple products have already detected 10 million suspected car crashes. Of these crashes, half of the detections notified emergency services. 

Apple has supposedly been utilizing 911 data to improve the accuracy of the tech, but sources claim the company is confident in its software. 

The Apple Watch Series 4 already utilizes similar software detecting hard falls.

It would be no surprise if the iPhone 14 and IOS 16 software included crash detection capabilities. 

IOS 16 Updates

iphone 14 iOS 16 update

IOS 14 brought a massive update for users in 2020.

It allowed them to re-design phone screens with customizable widgets. But with nothing massive happening in IOS 15, what can users expect from the IOS 16 upgrade?

IOS 16 now allows users to add widgets to their lock screens. Instead of only featuring a time and date and notification functions. Users can now add widgets like battery level, weather, calendar, etc. 

Users can now have multiple lock screens that they can swipe through, like on Macs. The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models are rumored to include an "always-on" display function. That allows users to see information on their screens at all times. 

Another very exciting feature is the horizontal Face ID. iPad models have offered this function for years, so it's no surprise that Apple finally added the function to the IOS 16 upgrade. 

An Undo Send Function

An update coming with IOS 16 is the ability to edit texts after they're sent. This includes an "undo send" feature as well that allows users to delete texts after they've been received by another person.

A feature that users should be aware of is the 15-minute time limit. This allows users to edit text messages during the first 15-minutes after a message sends. The feature also doesn't work when corresponding with Android users. 

This feature will also be available in the mail app when sending an email. An 'Undo Send' button will immediately appear after sending an email.

This allows the user to reopen the mail file and edit the email. It will have the same 15-minute time limit as the messaging upgrade, but there is one major difference users can look forward to.

Unlike in the messaging app, the mail upgrade will allow the user to edit any email. This is regardless of who you are sending it to.

It doesn't matter if it's delivered to an android device, Macbook, or a non-IOS 16 user. 

Biggest Upgrades for the New iPhone 14 Camera

iphone 14 camera

With Apple constantly pushing the limit with each new model that is released, it's no surprise that their new model is going to surpass the last. 

The most notable new feature is going to be the front-facing camera. Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, reports that the new iPhone 14 Pro options will implement a new "pill hole" design. 

The non-pro iPhones are suggested to keep the screen notch design that current iPhones are designed with. 

Unofficial rumors have suggested that the iPhone 14 Pro, Max, and Pro Max models will be equipped with a triple-lens camera. The standard iPhone 14 camera will only feature a dual lens. 

Ming-Chi Kuo also reports that Apple will finally release a 48-megapixel camera in both Pro options. This is a huge upgrade from the current 12-megapixel capabilities that the current iPhone models use. 

If the rumors are true, this will be the biggest upgrade to the iPhone camera in years. With the new pill-hole design, the front-facing camera will have a better quality auto-focusing feature. Front-facing cameras are still catching up to the back camera, but this is a start. 

This enormous leap in camera quality is likely the cause of a rumor. Apple could be planning to create its augmented reality headset later this year.

The improvement will also allow Pro models to shoot in 8K for the first time ever. With some Samsung models already surpassing this quality, Apple is playing catchup. 

Will There Be a Camera Bump?

Early renderings of the iPhone 14 show no outward edges for the back camera. However, Kuo suggests that the camera bump will be even more extended compared to the iPhone 13 model.

This is mostly due to the wide camera lens that the phone will provide and as of right now there's no way around the beveled edge and higher camera quality.

If you're worried about damaging the camera because of the pump, there are cases on the market that help even out the back surface.

This helps avoid a scratched lens. It also creates a point of impact away from the camera if the iPhone gets dropped.

Upgraded Apple Chip?

iphone 14 processor chip

The iPhone 13 Pro models currently use the A15 chip, which is the fastest chip in smartphones to date. 

The A15 delivers faster graphics, immersive gaming, enables cinematic mode, and advanced camera features.  

Apple will likely feature its new A16 in the new iPhone 14. If this is true, get ready for a huge power boost compared to the current model. 

The A16 is likely to be the first 4nm chip released and Apple suppliers are already looking to start working on the 3nm chip

The 4nm chip could be tech that we could see in a future iPhone model as there are global supply issues. 

Production slowed during the pandemic making a chip shortage that has affected everything from smartphones, to gaming systems and cars. 

The worst-case scenario is that Apple upgrades to the A16 chip on the current 5nm model, which would still upgrade the iPhone 14's processing system. 

It's also suspected that the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max models will keep the A15 chip in the iPhone 13. This will help keep the cost down for the two non-pro models.

Will There Be a Touch ID?

Touch ID was first introduced with the iPhone 5s in 2013. At the time, it was the easiest way to unlock an iPhone. 

The launch of Face ID in the iPhone X Touch ID was nearly phased out. It was rumored that Apple was working on an under-the-screen touch id feature, but it's not expected to make a debut with the iPhone 14. 

Ming-Chi Kuo reports that Apple has seen less progress than expected with integrating the under-display touch feature. 

With Face ID now being capable of recognizing a user with a facemask, it's uncertain if Apple will continue to work on the under-display Touch ID feature in the future. 

How Expensive Is the New iPhone 14?

iphone 14 price

The iPhone 13 shocked customers when it debuted for less than the original cost of the iPhone 12 models, so people are hopeful that the downward trend continues. 

No definite answer on the price has been confirmed, but there are rumors as to where each model will fall. 

An analyst warned that will increase each model by at least $100, which would make the iPhone 14 Pro Max the most expensive at $1199. Another predicted that Apple will use the iPhone 13 prices for the new model, making the Standard iPhone 14 cost $799.

Some reporters have even gone as far as saying that Apple could decide to only tack on the $100 extra charge on the Pro models and the standard and Max models would not be affected. If that is the case, this could be the pricing:

  • • iPhone 14 - $799 USD
  • • iPhone 14 Pro - $1099 USD
  • • iPhone 14 Max - $899 USD
  • • iPhone 14 Pro Max - $1199 USD

This is just a prediction of the pricing that we could see on September 7th, but if the rumors are true this could be a very affordable iPhone. 

How to Choose the Best iPhone 14 Case?

iphone 14 phone case

Even though it hasn't been released yet, it's important to think about how to protect your investment. Whether sticking with your current iPhone or opting for the new iPhone 14, this is what you should look for. 

What Do You Want to Protect?

You should think about what you need your case to protect your phone from. 

If you tend to drop your phone frequently, you should look for a case with a thicker layer of padding or one with a built-in screen protector. Hard plastic or metal cases will help avoid adding scuffs and scratches to your iPhone. 

We highly suggest any phone case made out of TPU. It's a flexible polymer that snugly fits around your phone, creating an all-around barrier. It helps absorb shock and protect from any kind of damage. 

If you're worried about how it looks, it's made to be transparent and also deters fingerprints, and is easy to clean. TPU cases are solid protective cases that you should consider when purchasing your new iPhone. 

Where Can You Find a TPU Case?

iphone 14 phone case

We recommend our UB Pro case, which utilizes shock-absorbing TBU. It provides 360-degree protection, great for anyone who wants to avoid damaging their iPhone. 

Our UB Pro case was the winner of CNET's annual drop test. Our case was dropped at over 20 feet, over 26 times, and it was able to withstand every single drop without damaging the phone inside. 

Key features:

  • • Built-in screen protector
  • • Inflexible polycarbonate
  • • Shock-absorbent TPU

Outside its military-grade protection, our SUPCASE UB Pro case also comes with a built-in kickstand and a rotating belt clip. 

Protect your iPhone with our attractive but durable UB Pro case. 

Consider the Style of the Phone Case You Want

If you want something sleeker and slimer, try looking for a lightweight case that's still protective. 

A key feature in slim cases is how they address the raised camera lens. If the new iPhone 14 rumors are true, you'll want to keep this in mind, too. 

Look for a raised bezel for camera protection that can be found in our UB Style case. This is a thin and protective case that offers:

  • • 15 ft drop test certified by MET labs
  • • Scratch resistance with TPU bumpers
  • • Raised bezels to keep camera lenses off of damaging surfaces
  • • Seamless access to charging ports and speakers
  • • Wireless charging compatible
  • • 1-year warranty

Full protection meets sleek design in the UB Style and it retails for a fair price of under $20.

Will the iPhone 14 Be Worth Buying?

If you're in the market for a new iPhone, will the iPhone 14 be the one for you?

Considering all the rumors that have been circulating, this may be the most advanced and affordable iPhone model to be released. 

It seems that the iPhone mini-series will be replaced with iPhone Max models and remain a more affordable option. 

As rumored the lineup will consist of the standard iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Max, and an iPhone 14 Pro Max. 

Titanium edges will make for a design feature Apple has never tried but will reinforce protection around the iPhone 14. 

The Pro models are said to offer 8K video shooting quality with 48-megapixels, which would hold a huge incentive for iPhone users. The non-pro models would feature dual-lens, but it still has outstanding capabilities.

It seems that most of the conversation will revolve around deciding if a Pro model is right for you. The Pro models will have a higher quality camera, "always on" software, and higher processing speeds. 

Will the extra editions you will need to expect a pricing difference, but many predict that it won't be that far off from what the iPhone 13 Pro models sell for. 

Whether you're shopping for a new iPhone already, or want to be an early adopter of the new iPhone 14, this could be a great phone for you.  

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