As an outdoor enthusiast, you probably already know about all of the incredible benefits that an Apple Watch can bring to your adventures. With plenty of apps made for the outdoors, this gadget is the perfect companion for hiking, rock climbing, and other outdoor activities. However, as handy as this device is for the outdoors, it can also be easily damaged while you participate in your favorite adventures. 

So, if you are looking to protect your watch and reap all its benefits, you should consider looking into protective Apple Watch cases. The proper Apple Watch case will look good, add protection, and become a must for getting the most out of this incredible gadget.

Read on to learn more about the best Apple Watch cases. 

Best Apple Watch Cases 

Preparing for your outdoor activities is essential—from picking out the necessary gear to getting weather-appropriate clothes. As an outdoor enthusiast, you probably already know that this process can take some time. This is because you need to ensure that everything is perfect and ready to go when you're ready for your adventure. 

Luckily, picking out the right Apple Watch case from the beginning will ensure that the safety and protection of your watch are always checked off your to-do list. So, if you've been looking for the best Apple Watch case for you, check out these two options: 

The Unicorn Beetle PRO

The award-winning UB Pro wristband case is a fantastic option for anyone who needs a durable Apple Watch case but doesn't want to sacrifice fashion and aesthetics. The UB Pro case comes in many different colors and styles and is available for several watch sizes. 

The UB Pro case features a two-in-one wristband and case design, making it a very convenient option. Furthermore, because it is made out of shock-absorbent TPU and unbending polycarbonate, it is an incredible choice for all your outdoor activities. 

The Unicorn Beetle PRO case also features raised bezels, which will help you avoid damage to your watch's face. 

TPU Clear Case

If you don't plan on participating in extreme outdoor activities and are looking for something a little sleeker, the TPU clear case might be the best option for you. This Apple Watch clear case is a protective sleeve that covers the screen of your watch. This case fits almost every band and is compatible with 44mm Apple Watches. 

Although this product does not come with a wristband, it does include two cases in the pack!

Benefits of Using A Case on Your Apple Watch 

Although Apple Watches are a fantastic gadget to take outdoors, there is always the risk of scratching or damaging them during one of your adventures. That is why protecting it using a case is a great idea. If protection is not a strong enough reason to convince you to get a case for your watch, consider these other benefits: 

1. Increased Durability

Most Apple Watch displays contain sapphire or Ion-X glass, making them pretty durable. However, if you constantly participate in outdoor activities, adding an extra layer of protection to your watch is well worth it. Outdoors, your valuable glass watch is constantly exposed to dangers that could severely impact its usability and durability. 

Adding a protective case to your Apple Watch will increase its durability by limiting the number of scratches and tears your watch would have gotten without protection. Considering that an Apple Watch is not cheap, adding that extra layer of protection will ensure you get to enjoy this gadget without risk of damaging it. 

2. Aesthetic

Installing a case on your Apple Watch is not only about protecting and maintaining. A protective case is also a fantastic way to make your watch fit your aesthetic and express yourself. 

Even if you plan on using your Apple Watch solely for outdoor activities, adding a case will make it look more fashionable and fun! If you choose to go for the UB Pro wristband case from SUPCASE, you'll have plenty of color options, making it easier for you to pick out a case that matches your personality. 

Apple Watches are helpful gadgets for outdoor adventures, but they are also a fun accessory. So, picking out a case that fits your aesthetic will make your outdoor adventures even more fun and exciting. 

3. Comfort 

Adding a case to your Apple Watch will not make it feel as bulky or uncomfortable as you'd think. On the contrary, it will make you feel freer to do all of your activities without having to worry about damaging your watch. And you get used to it fairly quickly.

When you are enjoying your time outdoors, the last thing you want to think about is if the activity will ruin your $300 or more watch. With a case, you can comfortably move and focus on your activities. 

All of SUPCASE's watch cases are comfortable and look great, making them the best choice for you if you love the outdoors. 

Get An Apple Watch Protective Case Today! 

If you are an outdoor lover, adding a case to your Apple Watch comes with many benefits. From protecting it to enhancing its aesthetic, Apple Watch cases are the best way to ensure that your watch remains free of damage while participating in outdoor activities. 

Whether you decide to get the UB Pro wristband case or the TPU clear case, our products will make it easy to reap all the benefits of adding a case to your watch. 

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Gary Zeng
Gary was previously the Brand Manager of i-Blason, and now the head of the marketing department for both Supcase and i-Blason.

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