Apple iPhone 13 Mini: Small But Mighty

The (somewhat) new iPhone 13 mini is one powerful little phone. And, it’s quite popular. Apple Insider has rated it so high that it has a 4.5 rating overall. That puts it right on par with other similar iPhone minis, but with a lot of great new features.

Yep, the iPhone 13 mini may be small in size, but it's packed with features that make it perfect for anyone looking for a phone that can do it all. 

Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast or just like to stay active, the iPhone 13 mini has you covered as the mini size makes it easy to carry around with you wherever you go. Plus, with its cutting-edge technology and military-grade protection, this phone is practically invincible.

So if you're in the market for a new phone and don't want to sacrifice power or durability, the iPhone 13 mini is definitely worth considering. Here’s what to know about this mini iPhone.

When Was the iPhone 13 Mini Released?

The iPhone 13 mini was released on October 23, 2020, alongside the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, just in time for the holidays. The mini was the smallest and cheapest of the three new iPhones, with a 5.4-inch display. 

Compared to the iPhone 12 mini, it has a slightly larger display, upgraded cameras, and a faster processor. It also supports Apple's new MagSafe accessories, which can be used to wirelessly charge the device or attach accessories like cases and wallets. 

While the iPhone 13 mini is a solid upgrade over its predecessor, its small size means it may not be the best option for everyone. Those who are looking for a more powerful iPhone or one with a larger display may want to consider the iPhone 13 or Pro instead.

What’s the difference? We’ll break them down more in-depth below, but the biggest difference is obviously the size. While the iPhone 13 mini has a 5.4-inch display, the iPhone 13 has a 6.1-inch display and the iPhone 13 Pro comes with an impressive 6.7-inch display.

All About the iPhone 13 Mini Price

iphone 13 mini price

As mentioned, the iPhone 13 mini was the smallest and most affordable member of Apple's new iPhone 13 family. It features a 5.4-inch OLED display, dual rear cameras, and Apple's A14 processor. 

What do you get when opting for a smaller phone?

The iPhone 13 mini starts at $699 for 64GB of storage, making it $100 cheaper than the iPhone 13. And if you need more storage, you can get the 128GB or 256GB models for $749 and $849, respectively. 

So what do you get for that lower price tag? Well, the iPhone 13 mini does have a slightly smaller display than the standard iPhone 13. But it's still a beautiful OLED panel with great color reproduction and contrast. 

The camera system is also mostly unchanged from the standard iPhone 13. You still get two rear cameras (wide and ultrawide), Night Mode, and Deep Fusion. The only difference is that the telephoto camera has been replaced by an optical image stabilization (OIS) system. 

So while you’re compromising on the screen size, there’s not much else you’re going to miss when buying an iPhone 13 mini vs. iPhone 13. However, for gamers, YouTube lovers, and parents with video-hungry little ones, that screen size can make a big difference.

iPhone 13 Mini Features

iphone 13 features

At a glance, there are quite a few fun features included in the overall iPhone 13 update from Apple. Here are just a few of them, all of which you can enjoy in the iPhone 13 mini.

One of the most notable new features was the updated camera system. The iPhone 13 mini boasts a triple-camera setup, with an Ultra-Wide, Wide, and Telephoto lens. 

This will allow for much more versatile photography, and users will be able to zoom in and out without losing any quality. If you don’t believe us, then just check out this iPhone 13 mini camera review.

Another big change was the addition of an always-on display. This has been a feature on Android phones for a while now, and it’s great to see Apple finally catching up. 

The always-on display shows the time, date, and battery life, as well as any notifications you might have. It’s a small change, but it’s one that seems to have been super appreciated by users. 

Additionally, the iPhone 13 mini came with 5G connectivity. As a user, this means faster data speeds and improved performance all around.

Throw that in with the fact that it’s super pocket-friendly due to its size and you can see why this phone has been popular with active users.

And finally, with an iPhone 13 mini, you can enjoy an OLED display. OLED displays offer better contrast and color reproduction than traditional LCDs, and they're said to be more energy-efficient too.

iPhone 13 Mini Design

The iPhone 13 mini is a trim, pocket-friendly device with the same squared-off edges and small size that made its predecessor so alluring. The new addition of annotated screens makes for easier reading on your phone in various lighting conditions. 

iPhone 13 Mini Display

The iPhone 13 mini has a 5.4-inch OLED display with punchy colors and deep blacks. Thanks to its IP68 certification, you can take this device into depths up to six meters underwater or 30 minutes before it starts losing functionality, so go ahead.

iPhone 13 Mini Cameras

iphone 13 mini

The iPhone 13 mini features three camera sensors on the back of the phone, including a wide-angle sensor, an ultra-wide-angle sensor, and a telephoto sensor. 

The wide-angle sensor has a ƒ/1.8 aperture and can capture up to 125 percent more light than the ƒ/2.4 sensor on the iPhone 12 mini. 

The ultra-wide-angle sensor has a ƒ/2.4 aperture and can capture up to 120 degrees of field of view. The telephoto sensor has an ƒ/2.0 aperture and can zoom in up to four times with optical image stabilization. 

The iPhone 13 mini also has a new Night Mode feature that allows you to take low-light photos without using a flash. So, if you’re into iPhone photography, you won’t feel like you’re missing too much with this powerful yet budget-friendly phone.

iPhone 13 Mini Video

iphone 13 mini screen

Image credit: Tech Street Labs

With the iPhone 13 series, Apple continues to lead in video recording on smartphones. With the release of the iPhone 13 series, they implemented a new feature that gives you bokeh-the best kind of background blur. 

How? You can adjust its intensity and where it will be applied across different areas depending on whether your subject is centered or off-center.

Plus, you can even change up how much focus there should actually have during playback by manipulating both distance between herself/himself as well as angle and degrees from the horizontal plane.

This provides artists using an iPhone 13 mini one more tool at their disposal when capturing memories through still images.

And, finally, the Cinematic mode was a really cool new addition to the phone that can change how you record videos and chat via FaceTime.

It has bokeh effects and can shift focus based on where your subject's face or camera lens happens to be when recording. Do keep in mind that in order to activate this feature, you need to be running the latest version of iOS, though.

iPhone 13 Mini Performance

The iPhone 13 mini is a very powerful little phone that demolishes the best Android has to offer, even in gaming. The fastest chip an Android can use now seems sluggish compared to the ones used in the iPhone 13 series, at least when compared at the same or similar price range.

The A15 Bionic system-on-chip includes a quad-core graphics processing unit (GPU) which makes this generation more capable than any before it when playing games or using other applications requiring heavy graphics demands, such as photo editing software.

Don't quite understand how impressive this is?

Apple stated that this chip delivers 50% faster graphics performance than any smartphone chip ever made. And overall, it's a 27% increase from its predecessor.

iPhone 13 Mini Battery Life and Charging

iPhone 13 Mini Battery Life and Charging

When it comes to battery life, the iPhone 13 mini was given a boost in this area. Compared to the iPhone 12 series, it has an increase of up to one and a half hours of battery life over its predecessor.

How much sharing time is that in total? One recent real-world test showed that the iPhone 13 mini had nearly 20-30% of the juice left after 24 hours of use. So, expect to be able to use it all day long without any issues (including playing a few games and spending some time watching videos on YouTube).

On top of that, the MagSafe charging abilities are a great feature as well. The ability to easily and wirelessly charge the device is quite an upgrade. Once you get used to it, it's hard to go back to charging with a wire (think about going back from AirPods to wired headphones).

iPhone 13 Mini Software

The iPhone 13 mini is powered by iOS 15, which brings a bag of new features to the table.

While some users reported issues with iOS 15 when the iPhone 13 mini was first released in October of 2021, it definitely seems like those issues have been fixed. If you're worried about functionality, we suggest that you stay up to date with iPhone 13 mini software updates.

Benefits of an iPhone 13 Mini

There are plenty of benefits that come along with owning an iPhone 13 mini. 

For starters, the compact size means that it’s much easier to carry around in your pocket or purse. And because it has a smaller screen, it also requires less power to run, which can help save you money on your monthly cell phone bill. 

Additionally, the iPhone 13 mini is packed with all the same features as its larger counterpart, including a powerful processor, making it ideal for those who want to use their phone for gaming or other high-powered activities.

And, to top it all off, the battery life on the iPhone 13 mini is exceptional. Just refer back to the study we mentioned above. This means that you can use your phone for long periods of time without having to worry about recharging.  

iPhone 13 Mini vs. iPhone 12 Mini

iphone 13 mini

The iPhone 13 mini is similar in size and design to the iPhone 12 mini, but with a few key upgrades. But, is it worth the upgrade? 

We think so. Overall, the camera system updates, the faster processor, and the fact that the OLED display is also brighter and more vivid make it well worth the investment.

However, if you’re still not convinced, then here's a quick comparison of the two phones. 

Ultimately, the iPhone 13 mini has a better camera system, with an updated sensor and with a new Ultra-Wide lens, and an improved Night mode. It also has a faster processor, which means better performance overall. 

The OLED display is now brighter and more vibrant and extends to the edges of the phone for a truly immersive experience. 

The design is sleeker and more modern, with a flat stainless steel frame and a textured matte glass back. However, it's worth noting that the differences between the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 12 mini are relatively minor. 

If you're happy with your iPhone 12 mini, there's no need to rush out and upgrade. But if you're in the market for a new phone, the iPhone 13 mini is definitely worth considering.

How to Choose the Best iPhone 13 Mini Case

How to Choose the Best iPhone 13 Mini Case

If you think that an iPhone 13 mini is right for you then you’re definitely going to want to protect your investment, right? 

After all, the iPhone 13 mini is the perfect phone for anyone who wants the features of the latest iPhone but doesn't want to carry around a bulky device.  

Here’s what to look for when looking for an iPhone case, whether you opt for the iPhone 13 mini or not.

What Do You Want to Protect?

First, think about what you want the case to protect your phone from. 

If you're worried about dropping your phone, look for a case with a thick layer of padding or a built-in screen protector. If you're worried about scratches or scuffs, look for a case made of hard plastic or metal.

One material that we definitely do suggest for a solid, protective case is TPU. TPU in phone cases is a material that is designed to absorb shock and protect your phone from damage.

It is made of a soft, flexible polymer that is able to mold around your phone and provide a snug fit. TPU in phone cases is also transparent, so it will not obstruct your view of the phone's screen. In addition, this material is usually resistant to fingerprints and is easy to clean.

Think About the Style of Phone Case

Second, consider the style of the case. Some people prefer cases that are sleek and minimalist, while others like cases that are fun and colorful. 

There are also cases available with built-in stands or wallets, which can be handy if you use your iPhone for watching videos or browsing the web.

One unique style feature we love? Phone cases with kickstands. While a built-in kickstand can help to prop up your phone so that you can easily see the screen while you are working on something, it can also help to keep your phone from getting scratched up when you are putting it down on a surface.

Additionally, a kickstand can also help to prevent your phone from sliding off of a surface, which can help to protect it from getting damaged. 

Read Reviews of Phone Cases

Finally, make sure to check the reviews before buying an iPhone case. 

Even if a case looks good on paper, it might not actually be very durable or well-made. Reading reviews will help you avoid spending money on a case that's not worth it.

The Most Protective iPhone 13 Mini Cases

Depending on the factors mentioned above, which are the most protective iPhone 13 mini cases?

Here are two top options when it comes to phone cases for the Apple iPhone 13 mini.

The UB Pro


iphone 13 mini unicorn beetle pro supcase

Looking for 360-degree total protection? The UB Pro is your best bet. In fact, it's so protective that it was the winner of CNET'S annual drop test for most feet dropped.

The phone was drop tested at over 20 feet, over 26 times, and withstood every single drop. 

This is due to:

  • • Built-in screen protector
  • • Unbending polycarbonate
  • • Shock-absorbing TPU

However, if you're looking for a protective phone case and one that comes with additional features, the UB Pro is also a great option for you. Outside of the military-grade protection, it comes with a rotating belt clip holster and a built-in kickstand.

Plus, the bright, almost futuristic colors definitely do make it more attractive, too. Protect your iPhone 13 mini in metallic red, metallic blue, or black. 

The UB Style

iphone 13 mini unicorn beetle style supcase

The UB Style iPhone 13 mini phone case offers full protection in a thin and lightweight case. This makes it the most lightweight option while still offering premium protection (including the ability to be dropped at 15 feet and survive unscratched).

Outside of its lightweight nature, though, here are some other top features you can expect from this case:

  • • Military-grade drop protection
  • • 15 ft drop test certified by MET Labs
  • • TPU bumpers
  • • Scratch-resistant
  • • Raised bezel for camera protection
  • • A raised bezel on the front for increased screen protection
  • • Easy and seamless access to all ports
  • • Wireless charging friendly

And, you get all of that for a fair price. The UB Style phone case from SUPCASE, for example, is well under $20!

Is the iPhone 13 Mini Worth It?

iphone 13 mini

Okay, we've walked you through a pretty comprehensive iPhone 13 mini review. We've explored some of the best iPhone 13 mini cases. So, is the iPhone 13 mini really worth it?

The entire iPhone 13 series came with a lot of features that were really appealing, including an upgraded camera system, better battery life, and a more powerful processor.

However, there were also a few downsides to the device, such as its smaller size and lack of certain features that are available on other iPhones. Ultimately, the answer will depend on their individual needs and preferences.

If you're looking for a powerful and feature-rich iPhone that's still relatively compact, then the 13 mini could be a great option. However, if you need a larger screen or prefer having certain features like Touch ID or Face ID, then you might want to opt for another model. Ultimately, the decision comes down to what you value most in a smartphone.

And, do keep in mind that the iPhone 14 series is going to be released soon. The features are reportedly quite different. One change, in fact, might push all iPhone users to eventually have to switch back to the Dock Connector charging.

If that's the case, you'd want to wait until you know what kinds of changes are coming. After all, you wouldn't want to go out and buy an iPhone 13 mini now only to have the entire iPhone brand update their charging for the future.

Protect Your iPhone

Whether you're going to go ahead and invest in an iPhone 13 mini or you have an already pretty great iPhone you don't need to upgrade, it's important to protect your smartphone.

With SUPCASE, that's pretty easy to do. We have a wide variety of smartphone cases that offer high-quality and military-grade protection without sacrificing style. From simplistic, modern case designs to thicker designs that offer high-level protection, we've got something for everybody with every budget.

To find the right case for you, view our entire collection of smartphone cases.

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